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I'm working on importing my 2 LJ's to Dreamwidth. I'll still crosspost from Dreamwidth to LJ until Russia gets mad at me for violating their laws and deletes my 2 accounts with them. I'm very thankful Dreamwidth is here to be able to import my entries to or I would be losing 2 LJ's worth of entries spanning across 14 years! I'm importing in this LJ now (it takes a few days because there's such a long queue) and then I will import in my avonleadragon journal. They have already imported in the icons for goldensnitch10 (well, only 1, apparently I can't have 15 icons here, but oh well). Apparently what happened is Russia bought LJ and is making everybody obey Russian law in what they post about, so nobody wants to deal with that. We're not Russians, so their laws should not effect us. So we're all leaving. Someday my 2 LJ's will be deleted by Russia because they won't like something I said, so my suggestion to you all is to make a Dreamwidth account (it's just like LJ and pretty cool) and add me, tkdw_vlogs2017. Then you can still read my entries, especially those of you have been with me for years upon years, pretty much since the beginning.

So anyway, on to the normal entry:

Today is payday, but I don't get a penny of it, as usual. I have to go into town after I eat my breakfast, withdraw it, put gas in my car so I can get to work, come home and put the rest in the hiding place we have for the money for Gary Price, the land contract loan holder guy. It's weird to think I won't have a penny to my name EVER until after August 16th. Oh well, I would just buy crap I don't need anyway. I've gone back to the old way of life I lived before I started dating Don of soup kitchens, food pantries, collecting bottles to return, scrounging pennies out of the penny cups at work, etc.

Don is now working 40 hours a week for Dan making Wilton Thinline Trenching Spades and that's where he is now. He's borrowing Dan's truck so I don't always have to be without transportation and so we don't have to juggle one car between our jobs.

I'm still waiting for Sirius to shut me off. I have to keep all money out of my credit union accounts or they will auto-take the payment. You can't just call and have them shut it off. They won't. They just beg you to take a lower price. But I can't even afford a lower price, so I'm going to just not pay and let them cut me off. It clearly says on their website that they don't want you to leave and they want you to call them and they will offer you a lower price. I have also read many reviews stating the same thing, where people tried to call and cancel and weren't allowed to and their cards kept getting charged. That sucks. I just want to shut it off until after August 16th. Ugh! So I have to keep my money out of the credit union and be nervous until I can go withdraw it that they will pull some of it out on me. I keep moving it from checking to savings every payday, where Sirius should not be able to touch it, but asshole Besser Credit Union likes to take my money out of savings and put it in checking without my authorization so people like Sirius can take it. I wish we just got paper checks and then I wouldn't even put any money in my accounts at all, but no, Blarney Castle does direct deposit only.

*A little later:
So I went to town to try to take out my paycheck and the $500 Christine's ex sent her through my PayPal since she doesn't have one. I couldn't. They're closed from noon until 3 for Good Friday. That's a good sign you're in Redneckville when the town boards itself up for 3 hours on Good Friday! Rogers City does that shit, too! So I tried to use the ATM and it would only let me take out $300, saying I exceeded the daily limit. Grrrrrrrrrr!!! So I will have to get out the rest of Christine's money on Monday. I put $11 in my car, which filled it, and the rest is for Gary Price, just like every payday. I mean, some paydays I have to pay bills out of, but never will I have any money for ME. Oh well, that's life.

Eevee was bad last night and got into the dog food bag and ate herself back into diarrhea, so she's outside for the day. Yay. She also somehow lost her ID tag. Again...yay.

I created Instagrams for Eevee and Tug and I want to do one for Sammy, but there was an error. Eevee's is shortyjackeevee and Tug's is bordercollietug. So if you got follow requests from them, it IS me.

So I guess that's all. Hopefully I got the settings for crossposting right and this actually goes to LJ. If not, I'll copy and paste it by hand.


Date: 2017-04-15 06:33 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] aien_hime
Hi! It's me! Well, I have the same username as @ LJ so you should be able to figure out who I am. I guess I should do an intro, too. It would be nice to meet some new people here. Thanks for pointing this out on LJ, I never realized about the Russian law thing.

Date: 2017-04-15 03:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I should migrate my journal. . . I've had a DreamWidth for a long time, but have never used it, and obviously I've been uninspired to use LJ for a long time, except for my private migraine-tracking entries. I have stayed here through a lot of panics over different issues, and I'm not sure anyone in Russia has the time or interest to sit around reading my LJ, but I definitely want a backup. I have gay rights content right in my userinfo, and that's one thing that's supposed to be forbidden.

Think how extravagant it will feel to spend money after the balloon payment! When life returns to normal, it will feel better than ever. ^_^ And you and Don are going to stick this out together; I think that is worth a lot in itself.
This is always my suggestion, LOL, but have you thought about reading a lot all summer? That's what I would do for "cheap thrills"! ^_^

Date: 2017-04-15 11:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'll have to say, I'm impressed with how simple Dreamwidth has made it to import LJ content over.

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