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goldensnitch10 is successfully and completely imported from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth. It took like 3 or 4 days, but I expected that because of the huge queue. I just started the import for avonleadragon. I'm just bringing in the entries and comments from that one, not the icons or profile info or anything else. It will be cool to have the entries from both journals together in the same place instead of signing in and out of the 2 accounts to see them all. I'm sure you all remember that the reason I had to make a second Livejournal account in the first damn place was because Laurel Watch had made an account pretending to be somebody else so she could be on my friends' list so she could read my entries and make fun of me, her usual game in life. I finally caught on and I didn't delete avonleadragon, but I stopped posting in it and continued on with my entries in goldensnitch10 instead, which Laurel never seemed to have found. Now it's been so many years, and I'm much more mature and secure with my life that I don't care if she finds this Dreamwidth journal and reads it. Have at it. Laugh your fat ass off, I don't care. I don't plan on making these entries all friends only. That was just a move against her. I haven't seen her in 11 years now, so I'm pretty sure it's finally all over and she will never come around again. If she's watching my daily vlogs and reading this Dreamwidth journal, I don't care anymore.

So there's a lot of drama going on with the new girl at work, Kirsten. First off, 3 years ago, her then-boyfriend killed her 3 week old baby in Alpena! It was all over the news. She sat in jail in Alpena for 7 1/2 months while the courts and cops did their thing to find out if she had anything to do with it. Turns out she didn't, and the guy is in prison for first degree murder, but she was pregnant while she was in jail and CPS automatically took the baby from the delivery room and adopted her out and they will always take all her babies away and adopt them out. CPS doesn't care that Kirsten was found innocent. So fast forward to now, she was working at one of the Blarney Castle gas stations in Alpena and ended up dating a guy in Afton, so DeLynn transferred her to our 2 stores. She seems like a nice girl, but she added me to her Facebook Thursday night and it's been nothing but HOLY HELL DRAMA on there! Apparently yesterday she broke up with her boyfriend, who is abusive, but she's still living with him and today she sent me a message on Facebook saying he won't give her a ride to work today. So she may or may not be there when I get there tonight. Just like Christine, Kirsten needs to get out of there and get her own place. I gave both of them the info for the based on income apartments in Indian River (which I didn't know existed until recently). Both say they'll fill out an app., but both don't. Grrrrrr! Christine is getting used for every penny she makes by her "boyfriend" and all his friends who all live in that house over on Brady Rd. The guy has been in jail all damn winter. He serves his time in one county and gets transferred to another, first Cheboygan, then Presque Isle, now Alpena County. He apparently has lots of warrants. He's a real winner. But I can't do anything for either Kristen or Christine. You can only give so much advice, but if they won't act on it, there's nothing you can do about it.

Speaking of Christine, her ex, who was abusive but wants her back (*sigh*), first bought her an iPhone 5s just like mine, which I set up for her, and is now giving her $2,000.00. She has no PayPal account and no bank or credit union account to link it to even if she made one, so I let her use my PayPal account. The guy is sending $500.00 at a time and he's sent $1000.00 so far. I went to get the first $500 out yesterday, but dumbass Awaken Federal Credit Union in Onaway was closed for Good Friday from noon to 3 and their ATM stopped me at $300.00, saying I reached the daily limit. It was may payday, too, so after I got my check out I only ended up with $80.00 of Christine's money in my pocket. Then the guy sent the second $500 after I got home, so Monday I have to go and withdraw $920.00 for Christine and give it to her. Hopefully the damn credit union is open Monday and doesn't decide to take the day off for Easter or something.

We have a nasty sex offender bothering us at work. He's an older guy and he keeps coming in hitting on all the female employees, including me, and yesterday he brought in this, "helped wanted ad," and gave it to Renee. It said he wanted women to come clean his yard, saying women are more reliable than men. Yeah, the reality of that is he is trying to trick women into coming to his house so he can rape them. YUCK! So Renee looked him up and sure enough, he's on the sex offender's list for raping teenagers between the age of 13 and 15. Oh yay. So I submitted a tip last night on his sex offender page, which goes straight to the Michigan State Police, explaining what he's been coming into our store and doing, and hopefully they will do something about it. I work alone every night, I don't need this ugly old fucker dragging me behind the building and raping me!

Last night two of the regular Chebeoygan County cops who come in for free drinks came in and one of them said he saw me on YouTube. Lol, well of course you did. That's pretty cool, though.

The weather has been better, thankfully, sunny and fairly warm. I notice the grass is getting a little green. There's finally some buds on the trees, but we won't see actual leaves for a long time yet. I hope there won't be anymore snow, but I don't know.


Date: 2017-04-15 09:52 pm (UTC)
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I'm still waiting on my migration, which makes sense, because I didn't start it that long ago. . . I'm confused because there's a just-laura that is starting to get my entries, but a just_laura that has my profile pic and tags and stuff. . . maybe it's going to merge. It will be a relief to be off these servers, though.

All that crazy shit going on at the gas station is horrible. . . it is so sad that Kristen lost a baby and is still going through hell. . . but the sex offender guy is even scarier, in a way!!! It sounds like a missing persons case waiting to happen. . . that woman who was found chained in the shipping container was cleaning houses for the guy who put her there; what the guy wants sounds too close to an attempt at that kind of situation. It worries me even more that he specifies yard work, because what if he won't let them in the house because he already has someone?? I'm glad you sent a tip; I hope they follow up. That's so creepy.

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