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(I wonder how many journal entries I have with this title. Must be hundreds in the last 14 years! LOL!)

So I was being harassed and threatened by Marshall Scoon and his family on Facebook because I shared his sex offender page on Facebook to warn the women in the area that they might be approached by him and he is not safe. The Michigan Sex Offender Registry is PUBLIC information. It was shared by about 2,100 people. I got 2 stupid messages from people who know him saying it was "personal" and to remove the post. No, that is public information. Another one said, "You need to worry about your own damn self," and then some other crap. I just deleted all the messages and blocked the people. But then I got these 3. I also blocked them, but did not delete them. The last one was from Marshall Scoon himself 2 nights ago while I was at work. So I reported him again through his sex offender page and yesterday morning printed these 3 at the Indian River library and took them to the cops. They said Marshall Scoon can be on the internet if he reports all his usernames, which is bullshit. I have dealt with this kind of thing enough to know that a sex offender on parole CANNOT use the internet, but I have no one else to report him to, so if the Indian River cops says it's okay, it has to be okay. It pisses me off, though! They were nice about it, but said don't make any more reports unless I get messages saying they're going to kill me. Well, okay then. I won't bother. But I won't delete my warning post. The cops didn't tell me to, but Marshall Scoon and his family are trying to scare me into deleting it. No, women need to know how dangerous he is, especially since we don't have the protection of the police. I also highly doubt he's reported all his online accounts. I know for a fact the cops think he only has 1 Facebook because they said so, but in reality he has 6. He's also on Plenty of Fish and Meet Me, which I'm sure he doesn't tell anybody because he's supposed to be married and wouldn't want his severely naive wife to know he's cheating on her. But anyway, I'm done with it. I've done my part by warning everyone and that's that. The cops don't give a shit, so at least now women know not to talk to him so he can't lure them off and rape and kill them, since the cops don't give any kind of flying fuck.

Yesterday was the work meeting and Christine wanted to come pick me up and take me since her car now has insurance for real and can be driven, since I've given her so many rides, so that's what we did. We went to the meeting, went to the credit union because it was payday, went to the library and police station, went to Family Dollar, and then came back here. I showed her the new camera and she met Eevee. She ended up being given the dachshund mix puppy named Lucy that the one woman kept bringing into work and having me hold while she got fountain pop. I wanted her originally, but then I got Eevee, so Christine took her. At least I know she's in good hands and I'll see her. Lucy was not housetrained or really properly taken care of either, just the Eevee. What's with people getting puppies and not bothering to do anything with them? WTF?

So I've lost 3 lbs. I'm still doing good with everything. I had a couple slip-ups on my days off foodwise and didn't ride the bike, but that was because the dentist said don't exercise, so I took those 3 days off from the bike so I wouldn't do anything bad to myself. Apparently the food slip-ups I had earlier in the week got burned off since I started riding the bike again. Good!

Eevee needs a crate because she eats the drywall at night and doesn't ask to go outside when she needs to when we're sleeping. I advertised for a used one on Facebook. I hope somebody has one really cheap. There's one on there, but it's too small, like for a little chihuahua.

Well, time to ride the bike, then take a shower, then go to work. At least Brad is there this weekend. He's funny and will actually do work.


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