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Today I dropped Don off at work and Eevee and I went to Ma and Dad's in Posen. Ma gave us lots of food. We had a small lunch and then Ma wanted to go to Seconds on Third, the thrift store in Rogers City, so we went in my car, just the 2 of us. Dad stayed home and played on his computer like always.

We tried to find the geocaches in Metz on the way to Rogers City, but my iPhone couldn't get signal, so we couldn't. We went on to Rogers City and went to the thrift store first. Ma bought me a pair of jeans for work and a coffee mug with a howling coyote that says Arizona.

Then we went to the boat harbor to try to find a geocache there, but couldn't, so went to The Painted Lady on Main Street and found that one right away. So I found my first geocache of the year and Ma found her first one ever.

Then we went to Save-A-Lot because Ma wanted hamburger and buns for dinner and she asked what I wanted with the burgers and I said tater tots, so she got a bag of those.

Then we went back to their house and she made dinner. We ate and watched old shows like The Waltons and Home Improvement and by then it was 5 p.m., so I came home. I stopped for gas in Millersburg and the cashier saw Eevee in the car and gave me a dog biscuit to give her, so that was nice.

I went to Dan's and got Don and we came home and put away all the food. Don didn't have dinner, so we made some spaghetti. Now Don's in bed and I'm waiting for the vlog to finish exporting so I can start it uploading overnight and then I'll go to bed, too. I go back to work tomorrow and Don continues to work.

Those jeans are a size 22. I was wearing size 20. The 22's are too small! Ugh! That means I'm doing REALLY bad and should probably have 24's or even 26's again! And just think, I used to be in size 14/16! I HAVE to crack down on myself. This is ridiculous! I do not want to get back to 335 lbs. and have to wear 4X men's shirts and not even be able to FIND pants big enough to wear! :(

Oh yeah, Monday they pull my first 2 wisdom teeth, the ones on the right side, so that will be fun. I want them out, though. They should have all come out way back in 1995 when they first tore through my gums, but I never had insurance to get them taken out. They definitely won't be missed.

This morning at 9:02, right after I got in the shower, Tony called. He didn't leave a message and has not tried to call back. I didn't see it on my phone until later in the day. I don't know what he wanted, to be civil...or to tell yell at me. No, I don't want to call him back. Too much bad shit has happened. Plus, all he can seem to do is tell lies.


Date: 2017-04-20 03:27 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] stefanina
Yay for parents, right? I know that the food situation will be a lot of things you are given, so portion control will be the key there, I think. I'm confident you'll be able to keep things at least at an even keel until you get out from under this balloon payment.
Once I confirm my student loans have gone into deferment, I'll be able to scrape the funds together to mail you the stuff I promised. I'll need to get your current addy.

Date: 2017-04-20 06:17 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] aien_hime
Good luck with the Wisdom Teeth. I still have all 4 as well, but they don't give me much trouble. I do bite my gums sometimes though, lol... I hope the procedure is quick and that you'll recover soon!

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