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I received the Daisy VoxBox from Influester awhile back. It was filled with free products for me to test and review. I have tried out all the products and I really like them.

The Nature's Bounty Probiotic gummies taste really good and I've been eating them every day to help with my health. They're something I'd keep using and they did provide a coupon to save money on another bottle.

The Live Clean coconut shampoo and conditioner works really well on my very difficult-to-brush-after-a-shower hair and smells really good. I can smell coconut all day after I take my shower!

The Skinny Pop Popcorn was good. It's nice that somebody is finally making healthy microwave popcorn that's not loaded with fat and calories!

Even though I'm no longer a pad person, the Always pads worked well for me. I recommend them to all pad users because they seem to work good.

The Yes To face mask was nice. I've never used a face mask before and it did make my skin feel really nice. It may make me want to use masks more often.

The Light & Fit yogurt was hard to find in my area (they sent a coupon to get one for free). I had to go to another town to find it, but I was finally able to locate it. I picked the banana flavor. It tasted really good and had a nice consistency and I'll get it more often.

Overall I was very pleased with my very first VoxBox ever and I hope to be chosen to receive more of them in the future. It's fun to test and review products. Thank you Influenster!

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