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I thought Don didn't want to marry me. I thought his ex-wife wrecked it and made him hate the idea. That was the signal he kept sending me. The last time it came up, when Becky was saying he should marry me, that night in bed I asked him about it and he said, "I told you I didn't want to get married." So I said screw it and went to sleep and never brought it up again. I had resigned myself to the fact that it would never happen, that I would forever pay for all the bad things Ami did to him.

Then yesterday he went to Cheboygan to meet up with Gary Price and his wife Judy and their lawyer to pay off the property, and then he went to work at Dan's. He came home while I was in the shower and he braided my hair like usual. (He's better at it because he can see it. It always comes out sloppy for me because I'm trying to do it behind my head.)

I got dressed and came out and sat down at the table with him to relax for a few minutes before leaving for work. He said, "I'm going to do this unromantic." And I was like, "Huh?" He said, "I wish I had some money." I said, "For what?" He said, "To get rings so you can have that piece of paper you want so bad." I just sat there for a few seconds staring at him speechless. Then I said, "Really?!" We talked about it a little more and then he said, "So is the answer yes?" Lol, I had forgotten to actually answer him. Of course the answer is yes!

Turns out he had this planned all along. He was tricking me. He planned on asking me to marry him after the property was paid off. I'm really happy! I thought for sure he didn't love me THAT much to want to marry me, but I was wrong.

It won't be too far into the future. We're just going to do it at the courthouse, which is fine with me. Who can afford a humongous $30,000.00 wedding? He just wants us to have rings first, which surprised me, too. I've been married twice before and never had a wedding ring. Chris and I bought cheap sterling silver rings on Mackinac Island back in 1996 before we foolishly got married, but they weren't really wedding rings. There was nothing with Marty. Don said we can get them from Walmart. He still has his wedding rings from Ami, but of course we don't want to use those. That would definitely bring back bad memories for him. I told him he should sell them, but he said they won't be worth anything even though they're white gold with diamonds. Maybe he should have them appraised to make sure.

He said we'll wait on having my name added to the deed so it's the right last name, lol.

He did slip up twice, and the first time was way back right after I moved here with him, so he's had this planned for a long time. One night he called me Wife, then said he was just kidding. Then sometime this winter he made another wife reference, and then said he was kidding. No, he wasn't, he just wanted me to think he was, lol!

But anyway, I'm really happy, and I can't wait to be a Wilton!

Last night at work an old guy fell walking out the door and the 2 people with him thought he broke his arm. The ambulance came and got him and I had to call Rich and fill out an accident report. Ugh, always something crazy at that job!

Well, that's the big news. Now it's time to get ready for work again.


Paid Off!

Jun. 22nd, 2017 12:24 pm
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Gary Price made Don wait to give him the money until this morning at 9:30 at the Cheboygan courthouse in front of a lawyer. Well, fine, it's done now. Don is now working at Dan's, but he texted me saying we finally own our home and he's very happy and relieved. He also said thank you. Well, no, thank MA, but he knows that. He already plans on thanking her next time we go there, but not in front of Dad, of course. It's an even huger load off Don's shoulders than it is off mine. Don has been paying this guy every month for the past 10 years. He said he was, "over it." I'm happy to be able to help him be less stressed out. It's a good feeling to see him relieved.

Now the things I wanted to happen this summer might actually be able to. I might be able to get us supplies for Don to build screens to put over the windows and I can order that screen door thing that closes with magnets for the sliding door that I have had saved on my Amazon wishlist for months. The bugs here suck. I don't want the house filled with flies, mosquitoes, moths, junebugs and every other damn bug known to man anymore. It would be nice to be able to get an air conditioner from Walmart, but I don't know about that one. Don should sell that older air conditioner on one of the Facebook buy/sell groups since he never wants to use it again. It's been sitting on the bedroom floor for a long time, just waiting for us to stub our toes on. Also, a trip to Mackinac Island with Don may actually be able to happen as long as he gets a day off sometime this summer. It's not really that expensive to go there. The worst is the ferry tickets, $28 a person. Then after that it's just lunch and a souvenir or 2. We can very easily enjoy ourselves there just walking around and taking it all in. :) And I'll get those HIM tickets after July's bills are paid and save gas, food and motel money over the next few months so I can see them before they break up and to get Christine away from all those assholes who use her and treat her like shit. She is stuck in a situation like I was in Rogers City and Alpena. I got out of it and I'd love to see her escape all that kind of shit, too. Her boyfriend is a big part of the problem. He is the one bringing all the trailer trash people around. He also accuses her of cheating. She's worried he's going to say she's fucking people while we're in Detroit for the concert. That's ridiculous! We're going to the show, staying in a motel, then leaving the next morning and stopping at the Saginaw mall to have lunch and look around (that's something else she never gets to do) and then coming home. We are NOT going to be talking to guys, let alone fucking them. Every time I go to a concert, all those people standing around me, I don't talk to them. I'm not going to put her in a situation where she will be having sex with people. Tommy needs to chill out. Plus, they can text each other. They can call each other. AND I film everything. It will all be on YouTube. He can go watch it! She needs somebody better than him. AND if he insists on pulling a Marty and coming with us to watch her, which as far as I know he hasn't mentioned yet, but who knows, he's buying his own ticket. Also, I invited Christine, it's all my idea, so I don't expect her to pay for anything. I told her she can bring her own spending money if she wants to, but that she doesn't have to worry about anything else. I just want to be nice and get her out for something fun. She likes concerts, too. And I think it would be fun to go with her. Cathy can't go because she's working now. Don doesn't really like going because his back and hips hurt. He WILL go to a concert if he really likes the band, but he said he isn't a HIM fan.

I can also turn my Sirius back on, but not quite yet. They sent me offer to turn it back on for $30 for 6 months, which equals $5 a month. Sure, I'll take the sale, but I don't have the $30 yet. They're pretty desperate. You leave and they really want you back, lol. I also eventually need a new radio. This Stratus (yes, Don was surprised by that, lol) is 10 years old and sometimes it says, "acquiring signal" and won't come back until I turn it off and back on. It's just wearing out. I want the Stratus 7, which is pretty well the same radio, but the display is blue instead of orange. And I will have mounting hardware again. Ever since the frame broke on the Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight way the fuck back when and I had to pull the mounting bracket off the dash, I haven't had mounting hardware and the radio just sits on the seat. I tried remounting the bracket, but nothing I tried would stick, and then somehow I lost the bracket, so there. The new radio will come with all new mounting parts.

The one I have:

The one I'll get later:

And I can get my dragon tattoo finished by professionals and pay my stupid back taxes.

One piece of bad news that really has Dan and Don pissed off, though, is that after working on the job for 2 days, the asshole who owns the Onaway trailer park decided to fire them and have a backhoe finish laying the waterlines. He's only paying them $1000.00 and that's it. He was supposed to pay them a whole lot more, like $10,000.00. Don was supposed to get $1000.00, now he's only getting $200.00. Dan was going to be able to pay off the Case 560 and now he can't. I don't think it's anything they did wrong, I think this asshole is just cheap. They even spent a lot of money building a special blade for the Case 560 just for this job, and now they got fucked over.

Next week I work the same days, but I come in earlier every day, anywhere from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours early. Then the next week I have an extra day added on and I go in early one of the days. And I picked up an extra day this past Monday working to cover for Erin and tomorrow I go in at 4 instead of 5. So not tomorrow's check, but the next 3, should be bigger than usual, which will help.

We finished season 5 of Orange in the New Black last night. No spoilers of course, but as always, it was very good. I also found out Ma and Dad DID watch Anne with an E and liked it. I think Ma read the first Anne of Green Gables book, but it was many years ago, and I know Dad didn't read any of them, so they didn't know what was supposed to happen and what wasn't.

I have realized sugar gives me leg cramps at night when I try to go to bed, so no more sugar. I don't need it anyway, I'm a cow. Not only does it make that happen, but it makes me feel physically like shit, and causes digestive problems. And MAKES ME FAT! So that's enough. I'm drinking a cup of coffee with no sugar in it now. I can get used to it. It's not that bad.

Well, it's time to ride the exercise bike, then take a shower, then go to work. Don will get the car back here on time. He always does. Oh yeah, yesterday the size 6 plugs I ordered for my ears from came and I have them in. It was a little rough changing them this time, but it's almost over. I just have size 4 to go, then I'll be at size 2, which is where I'm stopping. I'm not stretching my ears enough to be able to put a little Jaegermeister bottle though them like Toxsick Tripp from Blue Felix, lol!

I looked and looked and can't find the photo of him with the bottle through his ear, but this will give you an idea, lol! Yes, I've seen him in concert.



Jun. 20th, 2017 07:20 pm
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So this is the only place I'll talk about this. It's the only place I talk about a lot of things. Some things in my life don't even go in the vlogs.

We weren't going to make it with the balloon payment on the land contract. There was just no way. Don is not getting the 40 hours a week working for Dan that he needed, in combination with his SSD checks and my work paychecks, to be able to make it by August 16th. I posted on Facebook saying so, saying I didn't know what we would do. Ma saw that post. First she decided to lend us the money. It was her idea. Don is going to make $1,000.00 on a job he's doing with Dan laying waterlines for the Onaway trailer park. He was going to give her all of that to start paying her back. Then we were going to pay her $250.00 a month, $125.00 from me and $125.00 from Don. So Don had to work today as always, but Ma and I had it arranged where I'd go over there and the 2 of us would sneak off and get a cashier's check for $5,000.00 from her credit union, made out in Judy Price's name. (Don had the rest of it, $154.21, put aside.) She's the wife of Gary Price, and for some reason, all the money orders for the past 10 years have gone in her name. So as soon as we got in the car to go to the credit union today, Ma told me she decided to have the money be a gift, like an early inheritance! WOW! We're both VERY thankful! It's a huge weight off our shoulders! Now we don't have to worry about it anymore. Don is going to put my name on the deed, so I'll own it, too, just like he put my name on the title to the Stratus so I own that, too. That means he definitely loves and trusts me if he's letting me own his stuff, too. Don called Gary Price and Gary Price called his lawyer and all the final paperwork will be drawn up tomorrow and Don will meet up with him and pay him and get it all done. Then on another day we will go up to the Cheboygan courthouse and have my name put on the deed. Then it will be all done and over with. Now our lives will be a little easier without that monthly payment to Gary Price. No more stress and worrying about if we will be homeless after August 16th or not because of that $4,000.00 balloon payment. No more going without and giving all our money that doesn't have to go to bills to Gary Price. And Gary Price can't come here and yell at us anymore like he has in the past. This was an incredibly nice thing of Ma to do and we are very thankful!

Thing is, it has to be a secret. If Dad finds out, even though it's Ma's money and not his, he will FREAK THE FUCK OUT. So I can't say anything on Facebook, or in the vlogs, or to any of my family members. Don can tell his family because they don't know Dad, but anybody who does know Dad can't know in case somebody can't keep their mouth shut.

But things will be better now. Now I can turn my Sirius Satellite Radio back on in the not too distant future. I asked Christine if she wants to go to The Fillmore in Detroit to see HIM on their final tour and she said yes. So I will get the tickets after July's bills are paid and then I'll save up for the trip. Christine is always around a bunch of fucking dicks who use her and she needs to get out and do something good. And this is the last time to see HIM, they're breaking up, that's it. I saw them in 2010, but I better take this last chance to see them because I can't just say, "I'll see them next time." There is no next time. It will also be easier to save up to get my tattoo finished, too.

Don kept saying he felt like he was working just to give all his money away, and I was feeling that way, too. Now that's over, though, thankfully. Yeah, we still have bills, but the biggest one is gone.

So back to the rest of the story, I visited with Ma and Dad and we went to Rogers City so Ma could pick up her new glasses. Then we went back to their house and ate sandwiches and then I went and picked Don up from Dan's. Now we're home and Don is BBQ'ing on the grill. Oh yeah, we stopped at Family Dollar and got a few groceries, like charcoal. Ma also gave us lots of food and we had to put all that away. My fidget spinner that I ordered from Amazon almost a month ago finally came. Dad gave us a couple fountains, which I set up on the table in the living room, and I brought out my dragon fountain, too, to go along with them, so there are 3 fountains in the living room. I like the sound of fountains.

I had to work last night to cover for Erin because her dad died. That'll make up for one of the days I lost last week.

I'm still dizzy on and off. Some days I am and some days I'm not. I was yesterday, but not today. I just wish it would completely go away.

I guess that's all my news for now.

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Today Don turned 40! I got him a present, and one of our YouTube subscribers got him something off our Amazon wishlist. I can always tell Don is not used to being treated good because he never knows what to do or say on Christmas and his birthday when I get him presents, lol. I got him a stepping stone from work with a deer on it, plus a birthday card with a deer on it and I put a scratch off Lotto ticket in it. He got a cool-looking Walking Dead jackknife from one of our subscribers. He says it's too nice to use, lol. I had to drop him off at work this morning, so I had him open his presents before that so I could film it for the vlog, because when I get home from work tonight he'll be sleeping. After I dropped him off at Dan's for work I stopped at Tom's Market and got him cake and ice cream for when he gets home. He doesn't know about that yet, lol.

Yesterday the plugs I ordered for my ears came, but they're the wrong kind and I can't use them. That was a waste of money. I got them off Amazon and the description wasn't very good. I'll stick with instead. I'm looking on there now for a pair. I need size 6 to keep progressing to get to size 2. There, I found a pair and ordered them. I waited for close to a month for those other plugs and then they were the wrong thing. These will come in just a few days from Bodycandy.

A couple days ago I tried to give Tug a haircut. That was a failure because the clippers aren't sharp enough, so now he just looks goofy. Oh well, hair grows. He needs short hair for the summer because the ticks are really bad and we need to be able to find them, but that plan failed. He always wants to run around in the tall grass and woods and he always has them on him and his hair is so long and thick it makes it hard to find them and remove them.

As for the dizziness, I still had it yesterday when I first got up, but so far today I don't have it, which is good. I don't need to lose any more days of work. Today's check was only half of what they usually are. Blah.

I guess that's all for now. It looks like it could rain. It definitely feels cooler than it was yesterday, but that's good since it gets very hot here in the house and because for some stupid reason, this year, the air conditioning at work only works in the bathrooms. O_o

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I just got done cleaning the bathroom. Ugh, I hate that, especially the toilet! Blech! Once the floor dries from mopping I have to remember the clean the mirrors and then it will be all done. Last night we took all those empty aquariums out to the shed and took the wood box outside for the summer and I vacuumed. The wood box stained up the carpet, and Eevee completely destroyed the carpet, so we have to pull all the carpet out of the house and throw it away and give up on having carpet. The only 2 rooms that have carpet are the living room and bedroom anyway. We don't have the money to have new carpet installed, so I will see if I can find an area rug for the living room and that's that. We have found a way to keep Eevee confined to the kitchen only where it's easier to clean up her messes, so she shouldn't wreck a rug.

Last night I decided to have us eat dinner at Woodwind's so we didn't have to cook in this hot house and we could enjoy some air conditioning. I saw they added a new meal with a chicken breast with cheese, mushrooms and onions on it, so I got that with mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli. I'm sure it was still plenty fattening enough, but it had to be better than the fried chicken I usually go after at restaurants.

After that we came home and did all the dishes and did all that with the living room, then went to bed. Don is at Dan's now getting the Case 560 ready for a big waterline job they might be doing for somebody. Dan is supposed to pay Don $1,000.00 for that if they get the job, so that will help us out.

Skip forward: I took a break from this for awhile and did some more cleaning. Then Don texted me and said he and Dan DID get that big waterline job, so that's great! That's $1000.00 towards getting this place paid off.

Otherwise nothing else is going on. I want to watch some more Orange is the New Black, but I'm waiting for Don to get home so he can see it, too. I'll be making dinner when I find out when Don is coming home.

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Today it's not too bad, but yesterday it sucked. Brad said when I worked Saturday that he would have closed for me, so I asked him if he'd close yesterday and he said yes, so I called Rich and let him know and he said okay. Now I have 3 days off. It's not too bad today, but I'm going to wait on taking the Antivert pill I would have taken tonight at about 8 and see if it comes back. If it does I will go to the walk-in clinic at Thunderbay tomorrow. I missed 2 days of work and we're too poor for me to miss a ton. My ears still don't hurt, so I don't know. Ma called yesterday and said it might not even BE an ear infection, but permanent vertigo like she has. She has to be on meds for it for the rest of her life. Well, I'll find out.

Yesterday afternoon a really big thunderstorm hit northern Michigan. It was especially bad over the Mackinaw City/Mackinac Bridge/Mackinac Island/St. Ignace area, but hit pretty hard here, too. We were without power for about 5 hours. Today we went up to Cheboygan because I wanted some capris for work and Don needed new blades for the lawn mower, and on the way home, through the Black Lake area, we saw lots of big downed trees. There are a couple of downed trees not far from here, too, that we saw last night. It was pretty crazy. Here's one of many photos taken by people. This one is from Mackinac Island:

I did work Saturday and Don had to drive me and then Christine took me home. She needed to stop at Shell for gas, so I got us each a skull bracelet and a fidget spinner. She didn't have any yet and she saw one with skulls on it and loved it, so I got it for her. I found one that lights up. I'm STILL am waiting for the silver one to come off Amazon, then that will make 4. I think that will be enough...EXCEPT, eventually, I DO want this one, lol:

That one I probably wouldn't even spin very much. I'd just want to look at it, lol!

Don worked for a while this morning and then, besides our little trip to Cheboygan, has been mowing lawn all day. It's really hot out, so he needs to be careful.

So at the ER I weighed in at 273 lbs. :( That's an 88 lb. gain since I moved here on Feb. 3, 2015! UGH! As I've said a million times, it's nobody's fault but my own. I'm the one who can't stop shoving food in my mouth. And it's not even the taste I want, it's the action of putting something in my mouth, chewing it up and swallowing it. That's fucked up. I'm sure it's an oral fixation. Food doesn't even taste good anymore. Now I mainly just taste the salt and and the sugar. That's bad. I don't get pleasure out of eating anymore, I just end up feeling sick to my stomach and run down after I eat.......but what do I constantly want to do? Eat some more! Everything is so fucked up!

We started watching season 5 of Orange is the New Black last night. Of course, it's very good. The power outage interrupted us, but we were able to make more progress after that. I did end up finishing Anne with an E and once I firmly convinced myself it is NOT the same story as the one in the books and the old movies, I was able to enjoy it. They only threw in a tiny little bit from the books here and there. Otherwise it was all stuff they made up.

Something good has happened regarding the land contract payments and the balloon payment, but I can't say what (don't worry, it's legal, lol). The person helping doesn't want anything said, but I can say the problem is over, solved, all good, thankfully!

I guess that's all for now. Oh! I got rid of Nate Raymond off my Facebook and that's that. I felt so guilty about not letting him finish the dragon tattoo, so I WAS going to let him, but I have to think about myself. All he'd do is collect the money and walk away. I am the one who has to live with a mangled piece of shit on my arm for life! So I'm going to have Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan fix and finish it. I'll save the money for it, I just hope it's not too expensive. I've seen their work, it's amazing! I was keeping an eye on all of Nate's work as it popped up on his Facebook and it was all absolute shit, so sloppy! The people he was tattooing on kept saying it all, "rocked." No! Are you all blind? It's all pure shit! It's early enough to salvage this tattoo, but NOT if I let Nate Raymond continue to mangle it!

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I've been dizzy since Sunday for no reason. Thursday it was gone, that was the only day it was, but it came back with a vengeance yesterday. I had to call into work and have Don take me to the ER in Cheboygan. It wasn't just feeling dizzy, it was feeling REALLY dizzy and losing my balance and almost falling. I DID fall on Sunday, the first time it happened. I went into the dresser to reach for a shirt and it was suddenly like my whole body was being thrown to the left and I fell down on my left knee. I had to just stay that way for awhile until the room stopped spinning. But then it stopped, so I stopped thinking about it. Then the next day it was back, and Tuesday it made me sick as a dog. I worked Thursday and was fine, but I woke up yesterday with it back and it's still here. The ER drew blood and did a CT scan, all of which came back normal. The doctor said maybe it's a viral infection of the ear and that I'll just have to ride it out. He prescribed Antivert pills, which we had filled at Walmart. They don't really do anything, though. This morning I woke up really dizzy and I foolishly bent down to get Sammy's cat food and I almost fell. I missed work last night, I can't call in again, so that will be interesting. I also can't drive on these pills because they cause drowsiness, so Don has to drive to and from work for the next 2 days. Ma called today and said she has vertigo, a permanent problem. I knew that, though. But she said maybe that's what I had too, and not an ear infection. She could be right, since my ears don't hurt. Well, who knows?

That biopsy came back okay, I don't have cancer, so that's one good thing at least.

Christine keeps texting me telling me it's not safe for my to work this way and that I need to call in for the rest of the weekend. I can't though. Yeah. Brad will be there until 7:30, but what about 7:30 to midnight? I'll be all alone and I'm the only one who can be there. We don't have enough employees to cover for people. Luckily Christine was off yesterday and was willing to go in and close for me, or that wouldn't have worked, either. This is just the way life is. I'm the only one there is. There is nobody else. I'll have to have Brad do things like change garbages, which would require me to bend down. Blah!

I guess that's all for now. It's really hot today. It's supposed to be in the 90's I guess. The AC at work is the only thing to look forward to.



Jun. 7th, 2017 06:19 pm
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No, he doesn't want to. I should have known better.


Jun. 6th, 2017 11:29 pm
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Today Becky and Troy came over and Becky ended up telling Don I'm NOT going to be Ami #2 if he marries me and that he SHOULD marry me. She said she'd even pay for the marriage license from the courthouse ($20). Don just kept laughing and cracking jokes, but didn't say no, so MAYBE he'll marry me someday. We would just have it done at the courthouse because we'll never have money for a huge wedding. I feel like he doesn't want to marry me because of what Ami did to him and it pisses me off because here I am paying for what SHE did and she's off scott-free. Grrrr! Don is definitely the one I want to marry. He IS the one, I don't want anybody else, so why shouldn't we get married? But we'll see; who knows?

Today Don worked for a little while and then came home and put his big stereo system back in the Stratus where it was before he had to park the car in 2013. Now that the car is back on the road he was able to put it back. It's all bassy now.

Today Cathy and Tony turned 20. Of course, Tony still hates me and I don't even have an address for him, so I didn't say anything to him or try to send him anything, but I told Cathy happy birthday and I ordered her present off Amazon awhile back. I hope it won't take too long for it to actually be delivered to her.

Don's birthday is the 16th, so I said something about it in our last YouTube vlog and directed anybody who wants to get him anything to our Amazon wishlist. I added some things to it just for Don. He doesn't know what I added. Today John Burke got him one of the items, a cool Walking Dead-themed jack knife I put on the list. I know, it's JOHN, but oh well. I still look at it this way, he took SO MUCH of my money for those 6 years. If he feels like getting us presents and donating money to help us with our channel, I'm not going to say no. So Don will be getting that stepping stone with a deer on it I got him from work and that jack knife for his birthday so far.

Yesterday I went to the the doctor and had a biopsy. He removed that stupid little growth on my arm to see if it's cancer. He doesn't think it is, but wants to make sure. He put a yucky little hole in my arm. I have to keep it covered and keep triple antibiotic ointment on it for at least 2 weeks. No more work on the tattoo until that's healed. My doctor said that then the tattoo can go right over it to help hide the scar. Hopefully the stupid thing doesn't grow back again. He cut in pretty deep so I think it might all be gone.

After the doctor's appointment I went to Starbucks in Indian River and had lunch, an iced coffee and a veggie gyro. Then I looked around in the Northstar Gardens giftshop part of the building and then went next door to Ken's Market and found sandwich stuff on sale. Then I came home and went and got Don and we went and picked up free food in Onaway and came home.

Tomorrow Don doesn't have to work and he wants to fix on the Stratus some more. Even though it's driveable, it's not done yet. I will do laundry and vacuum and stuff. Then it's back to work Thursday as always.



Jun. 5th, 2017 11:08 am
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This morning I got up and got ready for the day and when I was getting dressed I suddenly got VERY dizzy and ended up on my left knee on the floor. I felt like I was suddenly being thrown to the left. It was very weird. Hopefully it's nothing, but was definitely unexpected.

I had to take Don to work so I could have the car for my doctor's appointment at 1. They're going to cut that little thing off my right arm and see if it's cancer. The doctor said he doesn't think it is, but he wants to make sure.

Then I want to go to Indian River to the Starbucks and have lunch. I'll get the veggie gyro and an iced coffee and eat it outside by the fountain and not have to worry about rushing to work. I tried the chicken gyro yesterday, but I like the veggie one better. Then I'll go to Ken's Market and see if there's anything on sale. Then I'll come home and wait for Don to text me to say he needs to be picked up.

As for Dan, things are getting really fucked up. First off, he never sent out any of the spades that have been ordered in the past week, so that will lead to some pissed off customers. Don has to do it now. Also, he took Don's pay that he was supposed to get Friday and spent it on a guitar amp for himself and made Don wait to get paid. Now that's some real bullshit! Yeah, it may be under the table, but it's not professional at all! That would be like if Shawn Gray, the owner of Blarney Castle, took our paychecks and bought himself something personal and said, "Oh, now you have to wait." Things don't work that way. Dan is so unprofessional! Don said he's started many businesses and failed at them over the years. The only reason this one is still going is because DON is running it by himself. He definitely deserves more pay than he gets. Even Dan admitted that if it wasn't for Don, the business would have failed a long time ago. Don deserves a raise!

I'm tried. I don't like getting up at 9 after I close at work. Blah. But I needed to so Don could get to work and I could still get to the doctor.

I'm hoping Nate can finish the tattoo during this stretch of days off, but I don't know.

I just found out our bikes are all fucked up from being left outside all winter. That pisses me off. I hope I don't have to buy new ones, which I can't right now. I asked Don many times to move them into the shed. I guess I have to make sure if I want something done, I do it.



Jun. 2nd, 2017 02:22 pm
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"Nate Raymond-Well I'm glad you like it. I wanted to do it my way but it's your tat so I did it how you wanted it."

This mentality needs to stop. He made that Facebook comment on a picture of somebody's else's tattoo he recently did. He keeps saying he's the artist and it all needs to be HIS way. NO! His PAYING CUSTOMERS call the shots. They want their tattoos they want their tattoos. THEY are the ones who have to live with them on their bodies for the rest of their lives, not him. He needs to watch some tattoo reality shows and pay attention to how the tattoo artists treat their customers. He better listen to me on finishing up on mine. There is no NATE'S WAY, there is only TENNILLE'S WAY, because it's MY arm, not his! He has a lot of learning to do about how to run a tattoo business. He already messaged me on Facebook last night while I was work and said he doesn't want to use the ink I bought. GRRRRR!!!!!

Well, time to ride the exercise bike before I have to take a shower for work. I have fucked up for about 3 weeks, maybe a month now, and I've gained back 14 lbs! UGH! It's so easy to gain and so hard to lose! Why can't I get my head straightened back up and get back into the mentality I had going so strong in 2014?! UGH!



Jun. 2nd, 2017 12:23 am
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I got to work tonight and Dar said Justin quit today! YES YES YES!! He was doing nothing but causing trouble, telling everybody lies about everybody else just to make us all fight with each other. That was bullshit! He claimed to be my friend, but he was just a prick. He never would do any work while he was at work. Now we don't have to worry about him. YAY!



May. 31st, 2017 08:06 pm
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My friend Nikki told me I could contact Amazon through their live chat and that they'd refund the money taken from me by the scammer. It worked great, I get my money back in 3 to 5 days! Yeah, it may have only been $10, but it was MY money. I hope Amazon shuts this asshole down.

My tattoo ink and Don's fireproof work apron came today, so that's a good thing. I was bad and bought another fidget spinner today. The Onaway Shell station got in 3 boxes and I found a galaxy one, so I grabbed it. Oh well, lol. I will have a total of 3 after the one from Amazon comes, but that may not be until the middle of July. That's stupidly slow, but oh well. It's the same thing with the galaxy spinner I ordered for Cathy for her birthday and the size 6 plugs I ordered. I won't see any of that until July.

Well, time to get back to washing the millions of dishes.

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So I'm still getting a daily thumbs-down on all my YouTube vlogs from Vlogga Palooza, that weird old woman who is pissed off at me for disagreeing with a comment she made back in January or February. She called me disrespectful and said she was moving on and unsubbed, but she did not move on. She has disliked every video ever since then. There may be a couple she missed, maybe she was busy those days, but otherwise, she's been vigilant. How do I know? I just do. It's pretty easy to figure out. There has been at least 1 thumbs-down on every video since that day. I don't get many thumbs-up or thumbs-down, so I know one of them every day is from her. She foolishly thinks that disliking every video will hurt my channel (that used to be the old way of thinking before it was disproven). Even if it was true, I can't be monetized, so it wouldn't matter anyway. It has since been found out that ANY interaction with a video, whether it's views, subs, comments, thumbs-up OR thumbs-down, helps the channel. So even though she doesn't know I'm not monetized and it doesn't really count, she would actually be HELPING my channel if I WAS monetized. So she's doing the exact opposite of what she thinks she's doing, lol. It's just so pathetic that a woman in her 50's has nothing else to do but stalk and try to damage a YouTube channel every day, just because I didn't agree with her stupid comment 5 or 6 freakin' months ago. Oh well, whatever the hell makes her happy.

Today the tattoo ink and the fireproof welder's apron for Don to use at work so he stops starting his shirts on fire are supposed to come by UPS, so that will be cool. However, here it is Wednesday and I made the complaint Saturday and I have not heard from that Tammy woman who sent the package of work shirts for Don to an address in New York even though my address was clearly on the order. I know I never will. So that means she doesn't care about customer satisfaction, she only cares about pocketing the money and running. It's a good thing it was only $10.05 all total, but still, that's like taking a 10 dollar bill and flushing it down the toilet for no reason. I'd request a refund, but Amazon doesn't have this particular situation listed as a choice on their reason list, and I'm sure she'd fight it, and even if Amazon told her she has to give me my money back, I bet she wouldn't, because she's just that crooked. Oh well. I will just always watch out for that name and make sure I never order anything from her again.

Oh wow! I just went and checked her feedback again and she has sent ALL the packages to that same address in Pleasant Valley, NY! People are PISSED! She is 100% a scammer! Here, avoid this person at ALL COSTS! Wow, just WOW!!!

So anyway, today is soup kitchen day if Don gets out of work in time for it. I'm also doing laundry and I have to do the dishes. I go back to work tomorrow. I have to take a break from giving money to Gary Price for the balloon payment and pay my back taxes. I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying they are now adding a monthly penalty fee to it, so it's just going up and up and up. *sigh* I looked into making payments on it and they charge an extra $150 just to set up a monthly payment plan! WTF?! So I'd have that $272.00 paid off and I'd STILL have to keep going to make $150.00 worth of extra payments. No thanks. I'll just have to give them what I would have given Gary Price. I have to pay off Frontier on Friday and then I can start putting money away for taxes. I've already paid car insurance and paid the bill on our cell phones. The rest of the bills I had are gone because I had everything shut off.

I'm just waiting for Don to come home and waiting for the UPS truck and the normal mailman (if we even get any normal mail). It's cold and cloudy today. Blech.


No Trust

May. 30th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Justin acted like a friend for almost a year now, but he is not. He's a little fucker who likes to fuck with your head and play with your emotions. He can't be trusted. Stacy wrote that note that one day about dirty bathrooms, so I cleaned them extra well the next night, and Justin told me she said it was still a filthy mess the next day. I believed him and got pissed off at Stacy and freaked the fuck out. Now I know he lied. I told him not to tell me anything anybody said about me because it makes me really upset, but that was a mistake because he just used my weakness as more ammo. He decided to pull the last bunch of bullshit, telling me Dar and Erin say I suck at my job, and again I believed it and freaked out. Rich told me none of it ever happened and to not listen to Justin. So Justin is no longer my friend. Fuck him. I blocked him on Facebook and blocked his phone number on my phone and I hope we never work together again and I hope he quits really soon like he keeps saying he's going to. What a fucking asshole!

So today Don worked as always. I hung around on the computer and finally took a shower. He came home shortly before I got in the shower. Then I got my lightbox out of the shed and used it to redesign the coloring of the dragon tattoo so it won't be so hard for Nate to finish. He keeps thinking he needs to try to imitate watercolor. No! He can't do that. He's nowhere near good enough and he will just keep fucking it up if he follows that route. So I recolored it with all solid colors and solid shadows, no blending, since he said he doesn't know how to shade. He should be able to follow it, I HOPE. I didn't color the tip of the tail because he's done plenty enough on that area, it's done. It's the rest he needs to finish. Those 20 bottles of tattoo ink I ordered for $15 off Amazon will be here Thursday, so I hope he can finish it on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week when I'm off work. I hope he can make it come out good with this new plan. And I do not want him to anything more than what's on the paper, no adding anything. It's bad enough he already screwed up the tail adding that extra, stupid-looking part. Of course, the body needs to be very, very dark to hide the old tattoo.

IF ONLY I was rich, though! I could go to Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan and have Ben Dratnol from The Darwin Project finish it. I was looking at his work on the shop's Facebook and it's amazing! Here's a cover-up he did. He was even able to use lighter colors and still pulled it off!

And then he did fuckin' HOGWARTS on somebody's back!

I'm never going to get anything like that out of Nate Raymond, but oh well. Too bad I can't just do it myself, but I don't know how to use a tattoo machine, and I'm right-handed.

Don managed to get a meat box from Tom's Market today. Those are really hard to get and it's been about a year since we last bought one. We just had dinner, Italian-breaded pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn and a little leftover fried cabbage.

And here's a nice pic of Don and Dan:



May. 29th, 2017 11:36 pm
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So it turns out everything Justin said was a complete lie. I talked to Rich. None of it ever happened. What the hell is wrong with that asshole? He claims to be a friend, but tells me a bunch of shit. He needs to go the hell away.
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So I was informed over the phone by Justin last night that he said we are not allowed to work together anymore because when we do work together I do absolutely NOTHING, that I don't clean the coffee bar, I don't take out the garbages, clean the bathrooms, or do ANY of the closing cleaning jobs. He said Erin and Dar said this to him and that they doing this so Stacy doesn't get fired because she doesn't have time in the morning to do her work AND my work. WHAT........THE...................FUCK?????!!!!!! I do everything I have to do! When Justin is there I know he won't do anything, so I put him on register and I do it ALL! I just can't believe this! They are listening to Stacy, who comes in only 2 days a week to open, and is alone there for 3 hours before anybody else shows up. She is telling them she has to do all the closing cleaning jobs because I don't do ANYTHING and they're believing her! So, I guess if it's Stacy they want, it's Stacy they can have. I left Rich a short note about it and then I left Dar this note:

I suppose she's going to pull a Brenda and say it's mean, but that wasn't the intention. I just never see Dar and have no way to ask her about anything other than in a note. This morning before I woke up either Rich or Dar called and left a voicemail that's almost 2 minutes long. Nope, I don't want to listen to that, I'm scared of what it says. So I will wait for Don to get home from work and have him listen to it first and let me know if it's a chew-out.

So if I have to get a new job I guess I'll have to. I let McDonald's walk all over me for 6 years. Should I let these people do it, too? I thought this was a good job with good people. Obviously I was wrong. Don keeps saying I'm going to get this at every job I work. Well, no, I have never had a job where they say I never did things I DID do. There was always other stupidity, but not this particular bunch of bullshit. At McD's all the lower managers wanted to work with me because I did what needed to be done. Now I'm getting told I do nothing when I DID do it, so what the fuck? What's the point? What do they want me to do, spend the night there cleaning all night so when Stacy walks in at 4:45 a.m. she sees me still cleaning? Should I take photos of all the clean things every night before I leave so I have proof? It all just sucks. I was ready to just completely quit last night, but now I guess I better stay. *sigh* I tried to fill out the online application for Family Dollar in Onaway, but just like last time I tried, when you get to the end, the submit button is missing. Great.

So my depression has been back for awhile now, getting worse every day. I feel like everything is just horrible, and now this thing with work is just making it worse. If I could lose all the extra weight I'd be okay again, but I don't even feel like moving.

It's Memorial Day, but it doesn't matter because Don has to work. Dan is being an asshole lately, making Don do ALL of the work. I know today Dan is probably doing shit with his family for the holiday and not helping Don at all. Don says he's always alone in that garage doing all the work. Dan does a little welding SOMETIMES, and the rest of the work is all on Don. SO I think Don deserves ALL the money that's made from these spades, not just a little bit of it, but oh well, it's none of my business. Don said Dan has had many businesses fail over the years and that if it wasn't for Don doing everything, this trenching spade business would have failed a long time ago, too.

I guess that's all. I feel so down I just want to go back to sleep.



May. 27th, 2017 12:49 pm
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I got fucked over on Amazon for the first time. I ordered a pack of 10 T-shirts for Don to use at work. I checked the tracking number and it said it was delivered yesterday. WTF? No it wasn't. So I looked and even though MY address is clearly listed on the order, she sent it to some place in Pleasant Valley, NY! Great! Now I'm out money and Don doesn't have the work shirts! I left the woman bad feedback and messaged her with a screencap showing the proof and asking just what she plans to do about this? I suppose I won't hear back. At least it wasn't hundreds of dollars lost, but still, I don't have money to throw around and Don has no work shirts and he's wrecking the good shirts I paid lots of money for since we got together. Ugh! And now I see the ONLY feedback she has is the ONE I left her. Oh great! I left my guard down and forget to check the sellers' feedbacks every single time. I know for sure I won't hear from her now. Well, that's $10.05 down the toilet. Now I have to try to find another way to get Don work shirts, because he can't work standing in those hot sparks all day every day with no shirt on at all.

I'm also never posting on Facebook again because people are too fucking snotty. All I will do is post our vlog every day, no real posts. That's what Ma has done for years, so I will, too. She reads Facebook to see what people are saying, but never posts anything herself. I posted yesterday that I was having trouble with Eevee. She cannot be trained AT ALL. So Jason Straube, a guy who used to be on YouTube, posted that he'd make me a YouTube video with some steps on how to help train her. Then before I could read either of them he made another reply acting really snotty biting my head off. So I replied and said yes, a video from him would help. So he snapped back, "Look training videos up on YouTube!" Well, fuck you too, then! I'm just so sick of all the bullshit. No surprise that Jason and Jessica Hatch are friends. She is the snottiest fucking bitch on YouTube. I stopped talking to her in Alpena back before she even got on YouTube. She was always snotting off to me, talking down to me. So I've had her filtered out of all my facebook posts for quite awhile now, her and Alicia Wallace both. Alicia I went to school with in Onaway and oh my god did she ever grow up to be a bitch, just like Jessica! I do not welcome snotty asshole comments on my Facebook wall from people talking to me like I'm a 5-year-old being bad. So not posting on Facebook AT ALL will stop their comments, ALL of them. I'd fucking delete Facebook completely, but then I'd lose our YouTube fanpage, too, and it's the only way left to be in contact with most of my friends, since I don't have any real life friends except Christine. I need to make sure I unlink Instagram from Facebook, too. Nobody on Facebook gets anything.

Don bought me another fidget spinner from Woodwinds like I asked him to. He's not home from work yet, but I see the money's been taken off my card. This time nobody gets to touch it but me. I mean, Don can, because he's not stupid and careless, but nobody else can.

Yes, I'm crabby. I have been for 3 days now. It doesn't help that summer has officially kicked in at work and it's SO FUCKING BUSY! Ugh!



May. 27th, 2017 01:16 am
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Justin broke my fidget spinner! I only had it for 2 days! I took it to work so I could spin it while waiting for wandering, slow motion customers to come to the counter to be waited on. It really did relieve stress. Well, I'd put it down and walk away to do something and Justin would pick it up and start playing with it. He kept dropping it on the hard floor, and damn sure enough, he broke it! I brought it home and tried to superglue it, but the glue went into the bearings and froze them up and now that's that. It's in the garbage now. I gave my card to Don so he can stop at Woodwinds and buy me another one tomorrow because I really want one, but nobody can touch it. Dammit! It's not like they only cost a buck or two!

I'm also not posting on Facebook ever again except for sharing the links to my YouTube vlogs. I'm sick of snotty comments. Enough is enough of that shit! I'll read and that's it. That's what Ma does. She's had Facebook for years and has never made any posts on it. She just shares recipes once in a while. Don also never makes any actual posts. He just shares funny memes. So that's how it will be with me. I'm sick of snotty comments. If people want to know what's going on with me they can either find this journal or watch my vlogs.

Well, time for bed.


I Guess...

May. 26th, 2017 01:31 pm
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Well, we decided to let Nate Raymond finish the tattoo, but he needs me to basically take him by the hand and walk him through it. I can't tattoo, but I can draw and shade, so I can guide him along. Like I said before, he needs to calm down and take his time. He also needs to shut up and listen. He just did this tattoo on some guy:

There was absolutely no reason he couldn't have calmed down, taken his time, and filled that tattoo in completely like it was supposed to be. He took a lot on his plate when he stepped up to Don that one day and offered to do this tattoo on me. I'm an artist, I KNOW things, I SEE things. These other people know nothing about art and don't see the mistakes.

BUT Don already paid Nate and I don't think Donny Root knows how to do color, so we will let Nate finish it, but with heavy guidance and hopefully NO vodka. I know I can't expect tattoo shop quality without paying like $1000.00, so I need to shut up and take what I can get.

I ordered a set of 20 bottles of tattoo ink today off Amazon for only $15.00. It includes a ton more shades of colors than Nate has, so hopefully he can work with them and get the body dark enough to color the old one and get some shading in there, which I will have to teach him how to shade. The ink is mine, though, nobody can have it. It will be there for the future. It's supposed to come Thursday, so maybe Monday we can get Nate back over here. The tattoo is still slightly sore, but it should be okay by then. And I have to make sure he knows NO scales (they look like crap, he needs to cover over what he did), no stars, no clouds, and no goofy-looking flying lines. And by flying lines I mean this silly shit:

I used to do that crap when I was a kid. It's fine for comic strips, but this is not a comic strip. So no.
He also wants to fully sleeve my right arm, which IS something I've wanted done for the last few years, BUT no, not yet. If he gets a good few years of practice in and gets good, fine, go for it, but not yet. I do see potential in his work, but he needs to keep practicing and he needs to stop spazzing.

So on Wednesday we were in town after Don had to do an emergency fix on the Stratus because the low pressure gas line he used ruptured and he needed to put high pressure line on, and we saw Christine and her boyfriend Tommy, so we stopped to talk to them. While we were talking an old classmate tagged me on Facebook letting me know Woodwinds Restaurant is selling fidget spinners in their little gift section, so we went right over and I got one. Good grief, are those things hard to find! They're sold out all over. People just don't know Woodwinds has them. I got a red and black one and it's been fun to play with. The day before I did order a silver one off Amazon for just a couple bucks, but it says it might not be here until the middle of July. So I'll have 2, no big deal. I like playing with it and it does relieve stress. I think this is the only time I've jumped onto a big fad. I was never allowed when I was a kid. Dad also said it was all a, "big rip off," like glitter bracelets, slap bracelets, charm necklaces, Trapper Keepers, etc. This is the only time I've gone after something that was a fad, but that's because it looked interesting and it IS fun to play with.

So I found out when I got to work last night that there are no more work meetings until August. Good! Those are such a waste of gas and time! We go there and listen to Rich say the EXACT same thing for an hour (and the last 3 meetings have only been a 1/2 hour) and leave. Yeah, we get paid, but I don't think Blarney Castle wants to pay everybody for an extra hour a month so they can listen to the exact same thing they've heard again and again and again. I hope this means they will phase them out completely. I could see if I lived in Indian River, but I don't, and neither does pretty much anybody else. Erin lives in Wolverine, Rich lives in Black Lake, Christine and I live in Tower, Brad lives in Cheboygan, DeLynn was coming all the way from Alpena. It's all a waste of time and gas. We're also finally supposed to have the new touch screen register system by September. I hope so. I'm used to touch screen, after using them at both McDonald's and Walmart. It'll be nice to be rid of that shrill screaming these old registers do when a pump needs to be approved and when somebody finishes pumping. The new system sounds more like a bell, a more gentle one than the shrill screaming that even the customers cringe at and complain about.

So the chain broke and Eevee is on the run again. She won't come back for anything. Fine, fuck it.


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