Jul. 16th, 2017


Jul. 16th, 2017 01:49 pm
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So Thursday we got up really early to pick up our marriage license and to meet a guy outside the Cheboygan courthouse to buy that tattoo ink. Don needed to work at Dan's, so we left here at 7:26 a.m. to get up there right when the courthouse opened at 8. I think we were the first people in there. Then I took Don to work and came home and took a nap, but it didn't matter because I was still super tired at work. Oh well.

So tomorrow we get married! Yay! Don has to meet up with some people at 8 a.m. to buy 3 windows off the Facebook Onaway Buy Sell Trade group, though. Then we get married at 2:30. Ma and Dad are going to come, but I don't think anybody else is. Then we are meeting up with a girl to take photos of us at the beach. I hope it doesn't rain. It's not supposed to.

Things are going to shit fast at work. First they accused Brad of stealing a whole package of lotto tickets, then found out it was just delivered to to the wrong store. Now they've accused him of stealing $100.00. Do they not like him or something? And Christine went to jail for giving somebody methadone. She denies it, but I don't know what to think since she did mention this winter something about her friend wanting her to fill her prescription and give it to her to get high. She said she didn't do it, but maybe she did. Well anyway, she got out on bail and now has lots of court. But in the meantime, Blarney Castle has suspended her from work and is investigating what's going on. She will most likely be fired since it's drug related. So they have Amy, the new girl, working all her own hours and all of Christine's hours, too. We're not supposed to get more than 28 hours a week, but Amy has well over 40. This week Rich has been working his own shifts AND then going up to the little store to close for Christine. And then, once summer hit, I was too busy to go around the whole store and check for updates. BUT I am NOT the only person who works there. There are usually 2 people working during the day. One of them could check. But no, apparently everybody thinks it's ONLY MY job to do that. I had a woman come up to me last night complaining that all the milk expired on July 5th! That's 10 days expired! WTF? So I said fuck it and left it right where it is. Let's see just how old it gets! That's not JUST MY job! I'm not the only one working there. All the daytime people think everything is up to the closers except running register and making coffee (and sometimes they don't even make coffee and I get there and it's gone, like last night!). I'm sick of it. I will be so glad when this is all over with!

Well, Don just said that now that we have all the little extra bills paid (my back taxes, both phones paid off, paying Dad back) that after tonight I don't have to go back anymore! Thank God for that! I don't want to go to jail! Now that DeLynn keeps coming over from Alpena she's throwing accusations at people about stealing. I don't want to be next! I'd rather not even go tonight, but Don said I should, so one more time and that's enough.

Well, time to take a shower and go deal with that crap one last time.


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