Jul. 3rd, 2017


Jul. 3rd, 2017 12:34 pm
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It's been an awful weekend at work! Of course, we don't have enough employees, but Rich's bullshit scheduling didn't help, either. DeLynn had this guy named Rick come all the way from Alpena to work at our store for a few days. She also had Patty from the Cheboygan store come a couple times. She hired a girl named Amy, too. I've been trying to train Amy, but when the place is constantly mobbed and we're the only 2, I can't get her away from the register to show her how to do any of the cleaning things. I did manage to show her how to change garbages, fill ice and sweep and mop. At least she's getting lots of register practice, I guess. Most of the customers have been nice, but there was this one woman Friday who was a complete asshole. Her lotto ticket wouldn't scan, so she was going to call corporate and have me fired, as if my getting fired from this job would be the end of my life. Like it would be SO DAMAGING to me and I'd end up living in a ditch somewhere. No, I really don't care if I lose this job. I can find another job, even if it means driving to Cheboygan. Customers always think they're going to basically kill me by getting me fired. Nope, I wouldn't care. This woman had this stupid smug look on her face like, "Ooooooh, I'm going get you good!" Whatever. I have to work today, which I don't normally work Mondays, and then I can get the hell out of there for 2 days. Fuck that place for awhile!

I haven't even been able to put up a vlog since Thursday. I've been filming when I can, but I can't stay up late to edit, export and upload every night. Rich scheduled me to go in at 3 every day all week, which is 2 hours earlier than usual, so I need my sleep after I come home and wolf down dinner.

The exercise bike broke, so that's the end of that. I guess it's no surprise. It's really old, maybe from the 80's, possibly 90's. Oh well. It was free, so whatever.

Tomorrow we both have off work, so we're going to go to the parade and fireworks. We will BBQ and try to have a nice day. Then I have my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled out Wednesday. Yay. Then I go right back to work Thursday. I'll just have Ibuprofen with me.

Part of me no longer wants to vlog on days I work because absolutely NOTHING can happen those days. I feel like it's worthless material. "Hey, it's whatever day now, here's Eevee and Tug, I have to go work, bye." Day after day. Yay. That's quality content all right. :/ BUT if I do that it will mess up the day count and I've stayed consistent with that for over 900 days. Ugh!

Don is in town getting his monthly check and paying bills. He's going to pick up hot dogs, buns and brats for the grill for tomorrow. We have Lay's chips on sale 2 for $3.00, so I'll get those when I'm at work tonight. I have to get in the shower at 1:30 and be to work at 3:30. Amy is supposed to be there again, so I won't be 100% alone. I've already resigned myself to the fact that when I do get left alone I can't do ANYTHING but run register. I will wait until after close, throw the popcorn in the garbage, dump coffees, wipe the coffee bar real quick and leave. If I get fired, I don't care anymore. It would be nice to work somewhere where I will have coworkers. This being alone all the time bullshit sucks. I mean really, I'm expected to clean the whole place from top to bottom every night, and count lotto and cigarettes, when the place is packed tight like a sardine can all night and I can't walk away from the register? I'm not a damn superhero! It can't happen! This is all beyond ridiculous. If they don't have enough employees to run the place, they need to shut it down until they do...or the managers need to stop leaving early and saying fuck you to us all. They need to stay and help us as long as it takes! And Rich going on vacation for a week and a half during the busiest time of the whole year and leaving us in the dust, after making a VERY shitty schedule that had each of us working completely alone every day, is BULLSHIT! All the other gas stations I ever go into have 2, sometimes even 3 employees working ALL THE TIME! So what the fuck is going on with Blarney Castle?!

I'm also sick of getting treated like I'm not a human being by the customers and that I'm the most worthless scum on earth. Just because I ring you up and take your money and give you change does not mean I'm a piece of shit whose 5,000 levels below you in quality! I wish I could work somewhere where I never saw the public. How would they like to be treated like they are not worthy human beings? I thought the days of slavery were long over?

Well, enough ranting. I'm just so beat to hell from this weekend at work! Ugh!


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