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Jun. 20th, 2017 07:20 pm
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So this is the only place I'll talk about this. It's the only place I talk about a lot of things. Some things in my life don't even go in the vlogs.

We weren't going to make it with the balloon payment on the land contract. There was just no way. Don is not getting the 40 hours a week working for Dan that he needed, in combination with his SSD checks and my work paychecks, to be able to make it by August 16th. I posted on Facebook saying so, saying I didn't know what we would do. Ma saw that post. First she decided to lend us the money. It was her idea. Don is going to make $1,000.00 on a job he's doing with Dan laying waterlines for the Onaway trailer park. He was going to give her all of that to start paying her back. Then we were going to pay her $250.00 a month, $125.00 from me and $125.00 from Don. So Don had to work today as always, but Ma and I had it arranged where I'd go over there and the 2 of us would sneak off and get a cashier's check for $5,000.00 from her credit union, made out in Judy Price's name. (Don had the rest of it, $154.21, put aside.) She's the wife of Gary Price, and for some reason, all the money orders for the past 10 years have gone in her name. So as soon as we got in the car to go to the credit union today, Ma told me she decided to have the money be a gift, like an early inheritance! WOW! We're both VERY thankful! It's a huge weight off our shoulders! Now we don't have to worry about it anymore. Don is going to put my name on the deed, so I'll own it, too, just like he put my name on the title to the Stratus so I own that, too. That means he definitely loves and trusts me if he's letting me own his stuff, too. Don called Gary Price and Gary Price called his lawyer and all the final paperwork will be drawn up tomorrow and Don will meet up with him and pay him and get it all done. Then on another day we will go up to the Cheboygan courthouse and have my name put on the deed. Then it will be all done and over with. Now our lives will be a little easier without that monthly payment to Gary Price. No more stress and worrying about if we will be homeless after August 16th or not because of that $4,000.00 balloon payment. No more going without and giving all our money that doesn't have to go to bills to Gary Price. And Gary Price can't come here and yell at us anymore like he has in the past. This was an incredibly nice thing of Ma to do and we are very thankful!

Thing is, it has to be a secret. If Dad finds out, even though it's Ma's money and not his, he will FREAK THE FUCK OUT. So I can't say anything on Facebook, or in the vlogs, or to any of my family members. Don can tell his family because they don't know Dad, but anybody who does know Dad can't know in case somebody can't keep their mouth shut.

But things will be better now. Now I can turn my Sirius Satellite Radio back on in the not too distant future. I asked Christine if she wants to go to The Fillmore in Detroit to see HIM on their final tour and she said yes. So I will get the tickets after July's bills are paid and then I'll save up for the trip. Christine is always around a bunch of fucking dicks who use her and she needs to get out and do something good. And this is the last time to see HIM, they're breaking up, that's it. I saw them in 2010, but I better take this last chance to see them because I can't just say, "I'll see them next time." There is no next time. It will also be easier to save up to get my tattoo finished, too.

Don kept saying he felt like he was working just to give all his money away, and I was feeling that way, too. Now that's over, though, thankfully. Yeah, we still have bills, but the biggest one is gone.

So back to the rest of the story, I visited with Ma and Dad and we went to Rogers City so Ma could pick up her new glasses. Then we went back to their house and ate sandwiches and then I went and picked Don up from Dan's. Now we're home and Don is BBQ'ing on the grill. Oh yeah, we stopped at Family Dollar and got a few groceries, like charcoal. Ma also gave us lots of food and we had to put all that away. My fidget spinner that I ordered from Amazon almost a month ago finally came. Dad gave us a couple fountains, which I set up on the table in the living room, and I brought out my dragon fountain, too, to go along with them, so there are 3 fountains in the living room. I like the sound of fountains.

I had to work last night to cover for Erin because her dad died. That'll make up for one of the days I lost last week.

I'm still dizzy on and off. Some days I am and some days I'm not. I was yesterday, but not today. I just wish it would completely go away.

I guess that's all my news for now.


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