Jun. 16th, 2017

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Today Don turned 40! I got him a present, and one of our YouTube subscribers got him something off our Amazon wishlist. I can always tell Don is not used to being treated good because he never knows what to do or say on Christmas and his birthday when I get him presents, lol. I got him a stepping stone from work with a deer on it, plus a birthday card with a deer on it and I put a scratch off Lotto ticket in it. He got a cool-looking Walking Dead jackknife from one of our subscribers. He says it's too nice to use, lol. I had to drop him off at work this morning, so I had him open his presents before that so I could film it for the vlog, because when I get home from work tonight he'll be sleeping. After I dropped him off at Dan's for work I stopped at Tom's Market and got him cake and ice cream for when he gets home. He doesn't know about that yet, lol.

Yesterday the plugs I ordered for my ears came, but they're the wrong kind and I can't use them. That was a waste of money. I got them off Amazon and the description wasn't very good. I'll stick with Bodycandy.com instead. I'm looking on there now for a pair. I need size 6 to keep progressing to get to size 2. There, I found a pair and ordered them. I waited for close to a month for those other plugs and then they were the wrong thing. These will come in just a few days from Bodycandy.

A couple days ago I tried to give Tug a haircut. That was a failure because the clippers aren't sharp enough, so now he just looks goofy. Oh well, hair grows. He needs short hair for the summer because the ticks are really bad and we need to be able to find them, but that plan failed. He always wants to run around in the tall grass and woods and he always has them on him and his hair is so long and thick it makes it hard to find them and remove them.

As for the dizziness, I still had it yesterday when I first got up, but so far today I don't have it, which is good. I don't need to lose any more days of work. Today's check was only half of what they usually are. Blah.

I guess that's all for now. It looks like it could rain. It definitely feels cooler than it was yesterday, but that's good since it gets very hot here in the house and because for some stupid reason, this year, the air conditioning at work only works in the bathrooms. O_o


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