May. 31st, 2017

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So I'm still getting a daily thumbs-down on all my YouTube vlogs from Vlogga Palooza, that weird old woman who is pissed off at me for disagreeing with a comment she made back in January or February. She called me disrespectful and said she was moving on and unsubbed, but she did not move on. She has disliked every video ever since then. There may be a couple she missed, maybe she was busy those days, but otherwise, she's been vigilant. How do I know? I just do. It's pretty easy to figure out. There has been at least 1 thumbs-down on every video since that day. I don't get many thumbs-up or thumbs-down, so I know one of them every day is from her. She foolishly thinks that disliking every video will hurt my channel (that used to be the old way of thinking before it was disproven). Even if it was true, I can't be monetized, so it wouldn't matter anyway. It has since been found out that ANY interaction with a video, whether it's views, subs, comments, thumbs-up OR thumbs-down, helps the channel. So even though she doesn't know I'm not monetized and it doesn't really count, she would actually be HELPING my channel if I WAS monetized. So she's doing the exact opposite of what she thinks she's doing, lol. It's just so pathetic that a woman in her 50's has nothing else to do but stalk and try to damage a YouTube channel every day, just because I didn't agree with her stupid comment 5 or 6 freakin' months ago. Oh well, whatever the hell makes her happy.

Today the tattoo ink and the fireproof welder's apron for Don to use at work so he stops starting his shirts on fire are supposed to come by UPS, so that will be cool. However, here it is Wednesday and I made the complaint Saturday and I have not heard from that Tammy woman who sent the package of work shirts for Don to an address in New York even though my address was clearly on the order. I know I never will. So that means she doesn't care about customer satisfaction, she only cares about pocketing the money and running. It's a good thing it was only $10.05 all total, but still, that's like taking a 10 dollar bill and flushing it down the toilet for no reason. I'd request a refund, but Amazon doesn't have this particular situation listed as a choice on their reason list, and I'm sure she'd fight it, and even if Amazon told her she has to give me my money back, I bet she wouldn't, because she's just that crooked. Oh well. I will just always watch out for that name and make sure I never order anything from her again.

Oh wow! I just went and checked her feedback again and she has sent ALL the packages to that same address in Pleasant Valley, NY! People are PISSED! She is 100% a scammer! Here, avoid this person at ALL COSTS! Wow, just WOW!!!

So anyway, today is soup kitchen day if Don gets out of work in time for it. I'm also doing laundry and I have to do the dishes. I go back to work tomorrow. I have to take a break from giving money to Gary Price for the balloon payment and pay my back taxes. I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying they are now adding a monthly penalty fee to it, so it's just going up and up and up. *sigh* I looked into making payments on it and they charge an extra $150 just to set up a monthly payment plan! WTF?! So I'd have that $272.00 paid off and I'd STILL have to keep going to make $150.00 worth of extra payments. No thanks. I'll just have to give them what I would have given Gary Price. I have to pay off Frontier on Friday and then I can start putting money away for taxes. I've already paid car insurance and paid the bill on our cell phones. The rest of the bills I had are gone because I had everything shut off.

I'm just waiting for Don to come home and waiting for the UPS truck and the normal mailman (if we even get any normal mail). It's cold and cloudy today. Blech.



May. 31st, 2017 08:06 pm
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My friend Nikki told me I could contact Amazon through their live chat and that they'd refund the money taken from me by the scammer. It worked great, I get my money back in 3 to 5 days! Yeah, it may have only been $10, but it was MY money. I hope Amazon shuts this asshole down.

My tattoo ink and Don's fireproof work apron came today, so that's a good thing. I was bad and bought another fidget spinner today. The Onaway Shell station got in 3 boxes and I found a galaxy one, so I grabbed it. Oh well, lol. I will have a total of 3 after the one from Amazon comes, but that may not be until the middle of July. That's stupidly slow, but oh well. It's the same thing with the galaxy spinner I ordered for Cathy for her birthday and the size 6 plugs I ordered. I won't see any of that until July.

Well, time to get back to washing the millions of dishes.


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