May. 30th, 2017

No Trust

May. 30th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Justin acted like a friend for almost a year now, but he is not. He's a little fucker who likes to fuck with your head and play with your emotions. He can't be trusted. Stacy wrote that note that one day about dirty bathrooms, so I cleaned them extra well the next night, and Justin told me she said it was still a filthy mess the next day. I believed him and got pissed off at Stacy and freaked the fuck out. Now I know he lied. I told him not to tell me anything anybody said about me because it makes me really upset, but that was a mistake because he just used my weakness as more ammo. He decided to pull the last bunch of bullshit, telling me Dar and Erin say I suck at my job, and again I believed it and freaked out. Rich told me none of it ever happened and to not listen to Justin. So Justin is no longer my friend. Fuck him. I blocked him on Facebook and blocked his phone number on my phone and I hope we never work together again and I hope he quits really soon like he keeps saying he's going to. What a fucking asshole!

So today Don worked as always. I hung around on the computer and finally took a shower. He came home shortly before I got in the shower. Then I got my lightbox out of the shed and used it to redesign the coloring of the dragon tattoo so it won't be so hard for Nate to finish. He keeps thinking he needs to try to imitate watercolor. No! He can't do that. He's nowhere near good enough and he will just keep fucking it up if he follows that route. So I recolored it with all solid colors and solid shadows, no blending, since he said he doesn't know how to shade. He should be able to follow it, I HOPE. I didn't color the tip of the tail because he's done plenty enough on that area, it's done. It's the rest he needs to finish. Those 20 bottles of tattoo ink I ordered for $15 off Amazon will be here Thursday, so I hope he can finish it on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week when I'm off work. I hope he can make it come out good with this new plan. And I do not want him to anything more than what's on the paper, no adding anything. It's bad enough he already screwed up the tail adding that extra, stupid-looking part. Of course, the body needs to be very, very dark to hide the old tattoo.

IF ONLY I was rich, though! I could go to Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan and have Ben Dratnol from The Darwin Project finish it. I was looking at his work on the shop's Facebook and it's amazing! Here's a cover-up he did. He was even able to use lighter colors and still pulled it off!

And then he did fuckin' HOGWARTS on somebody's back!

I'm never going to get anything like that out of Nate Raymond, but oh well. Too bad I can't just do it myself, but I don't know how to use a tattoo machine, and I'm right-handed.

Don managed to get a meat box from Tom's Market today. Those are really hard to get and it's been about a year since we last bought one. We just had dinner, Italian-breaded pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn and a little leftover fried cabbage.

And here's a nice pic of Don and Dan:


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