May. 29th, 2017

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So I was informed over the phone by Justin last night that he said we are not allowed to work together anymore because when we do work together I do absolutely NOTHING, that I don't clean the coffee bar, I don't take out the garbages, clean the bathrooms, or do ANY of the closing cleaning jobs. He said Erin and Dar said this to him and that they doing this so Stacy doesn't get fired because she doesn't have time in the morning to do her work AND my work. WHAT........THE...................FUCK?????!!!!!! I do everything I have to do! When Justin is there I know he won't do anything, so I put him on register and I do it ALL! I just can't believe this! They are listening to Stacy, who comes in only 2 days a week to open, and is alone there for 3 hours before anybody else shows up. She is telling them she has to do all the closing cleaning jobs because I don't do ANYTHING and they're believing her! So, I guess if it's Stacy they want, it's Stacy they can have. I left Rich a short note about it and then I left Dar this note:

I suppose she's going to pull a Brenda and say it's mean, but that wasn't the intention. I just never see Dar and have no way to ask her about anything other than in a note. This morning before I woke up either Rich or Dar called and left a voicemail that's almost 2 minutes long. Nope, I don't want to listen to that, I'm scared of what it says. So I will wait for Don to get home from work and have him listen to it first and let me know if it's a chew-out.

So if I have to get a new job I guess I'll have to. I let McDonald's walk all over me for 6 years. Should I let these people do it, too? I thought this was a good job with good people. Obviously I was wrong. Don keeps saying I'm going to get this at every job I work. Well, no, I have never had a job where they say I never did things I DID do. There was always other stupidity, but not this particular bunch of bullshit. At McD's all the lower managers wanted to work with me because I did what needed to be done. Now I'm getting told I do nothing when I DID do it, so what the fuck? What's the point? What do they want me to do, spend the night there cleaning all night so when Stacy walks in at 4:45 a.m. she sees me still cleaning? Should I take photos of all the clean things every night before I leave so I have proof? It all just sucks. I was ready to just completely quit last night, but now I guess I better stay. *sigh* I tried to fill out the online application for Family Dollar in Onaway, but just like last time I tried, when you get to the end, the submit button is missing. Great.

So my depression has been back for awhile now, getting worse every day. I feel like everything is just horrible, and now this thing with work is just making it worse. If I could lose all the extra weight I'd be okay again, but I don't even feel like moving.

It's Memorial Day, but it doesn't matter because Don has to work. Dan is being an asshole lately, making Don do ALL of the work. I know today Dan is probably doing shit with his family for the holiday and not helping Don at all. Don says he's always alone in that garage doing all the work. Dan does a little welding SOMETIMES, and the rest of the work is all on Don. SO I think Don deserves ALL the money that's made from these spades, not just a little bit of it, but oh well, it's none of my business. Don said Dan has had many businesses fail over the years and that if it wasn't for Don doing everything, this trenching spade business would have failed a long time ago, too.

I guess that's all. I feel so down I just want to go back to sleep.



May. 29th, 2017 11:36 pm
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So it turns out everything Justin said was a complete lie. I talked to Rich. None of it ever happened. What the hell is wrong with that asshole? He claims to be a friend, but tells me a bunch of shit. He needs to go the hell away.

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