May. 26th, 2017

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May. 26th, 2017 01:31 pm
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Well, we decided to let Nate Raymond finish the tattoo, but he needs me to basically take him by the hand and walk him through it. I can't tattoo, but I can draw and shade, so I can guide him along. Like I said before, he needs to calm down and take his time. He also needs to shut up and listen. He just did this tattoo on some guy:

There was absolutely no reason he couldn't have calmed down, taken his time, and filled that tattoo in completely like it was supposed to be. He took a lot on his plate when he stepped up to Don that one day and offered to do this tattoo on me. I'm an artist, I KNOW things, I SEE things. These other people know nothing about art and don't see the mistakes.

BUT Don already paid Nate and I don't think Donny Root knows how to do color, so we will let Nate finish it, but with heavy guidance and hopefully NO vodka. I know I can't expect tattoo shop quality without paying like $1000.00, so I need to shut up and take what I can get.

I ordered a set of 20 bottles of tattoo ink today off Amazon for only $15.00. It includes a ton more shades of colors than Nate has, so hopefully he can work with them and get the body dark enough to color the old one and get some shading in there, which I will have to teach him how to shade. The ink is mine, though, nobody can have it. It will be there for the future. It's supposed to come Thursday, so maybe Monday we can get Nate back over here. The tattoo is still slightly sore, but it should be okay by then. And I have to make sure he knows NO scales (they look like crap, he needs to cover over what he did), no stars, no clouds, and no goofy-looking flying lines. And by flying lines I mean this silly shit:

I used to do that crap when I was a kid. It's fine for comic strips, but this is not a comic strip. So no.
He also wants to fully sleeve my right arm, which IS something I've wanted done for the last few years, BUT no, not yet. If he gets a good few years of practice in and gets good, fine, go for it, but not yet. I do see potential in his work, but he needs to keep practicing and he needs to stop spazzing.

So on Wednesday we were in town after Don had to do an emergency fix on the Stratus because the low pressure gas line he used ruptured and he needed to put high pressure line on, and we saw Christine and her boyfriend Tommy, so we stopped to talk to them. While we were talking an old classmate tagged me on Facebook letting me know Woodwinds Restaurant is selling fidget spinners in their little gift section, so we went right over and I got one. Good grief, are those things hard to find! They're sold out all over. People just don't know Woodwinds has them. I got a red and black one and it's been fun to play with. The day before I did order a silver one off Amazon for just a couple bucks, but it says it might not be here until the middle of July. So I'll have 2, no big deal. I like playing with it and it does relieve stress. I think this is the only time I've jumped onto a big fad. I was never allowed when I was a kid. Dad also said it was all a, "big rip off," like glitter bracelets, slap bracelets, charm necklaces, Trapper Keepers, etc. This is the only time I've gone after something that was a fad, but that's because it looked interesting and it IS fun to play with.

So I found out when I got to work last night that there are no more work meetings until August. Good! Those are such a waste of gas and time! We go there and listen to Rich say the EXACT same thing for an hour (and the last 3 meetings have only been a 1/2 hour) and leave. Yeah, we get paid, but I don't think Blarney Castle wants to pay everybody for an extra hour a month so they can listen to the exact same thing they've heard again and again and again. I hope this means they will phase them out completely. I could see if I lived in Indian River, but I don't, and neither does pretty much anybody else. Erin lives in Wolverine, Rich lives in Black Lake, Christine and I live in Tower, Brad lives in Cheboygan, DeLynn was coming all the way from Alpena. It's all a waste of time and gas. We're also finally supposed to have the new touch screen register system by September. I hope so. I'm used to touch screen, after using them at both McDonald's and Walmart. It'll be nice to be rid of that shrill screaming these old registers do when a pump needs to be approved and when somebody finishes pumping. The new system sounds more like a bell, a more gentle one than the shrill screaming that even the customers cringe at and complain about.

So the chain broke and Eevee is on the run again. She won't come back for anything. Fine, fuck it.


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