May. 24th, 2017


May. 24th, 2017 03:11 pm
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Yesterday after Don got out of work we went up to see Becky and Troy and eat Becky's bean soup. It was good. Troy is doing well. They didn't have to crack his chest open to put stints in, they just went in through his arm. He and Becky both quit smoking and Becky is trying to sell their electric cigarette roller, box of tubes and partial bag of tobacco on Facebook, but she wants $100.00 and nobody is going to pay that. But it was good to see them and we're glad Troy is okay. He needs to be really careful now. Becky says she wishes Don would quit smoking, too. Yeah, good luck with that one.

Don just came home from work pissed off because the neopreum hose (or however that's spelled, neoprene?) that he used to fix the gas line in the Stratus ruptured and he had to hurry up and buy more and it was expensive and he's out there fixing it now. He used the low pressure hose when he did the repair and should have used the high pressure. We were going to go to the soup kitchen, but we can't now because he has to do that. Oh well, next week.

Not much else is going on. It's STILL cold outside. It will be for a long time. I go back to work tomorrow and I don't know who, if anybody, I'm working with. It's not Justin because now that Kirsten quit to move to Posen, Justin has to always close the little store. So it will be either Brad or nobody.


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