May. 22nd, 2017


May. 22nd, 2017 12:04 pm
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The other night Don's sister Becky posted on Facebook, "Could be better I pray for my family." It said she was at the Petoskey hospital. Well, I didn't think a lot of it because I thought it was their drug addict sister Julie and her bleeding stomach again. Turns out Don thought the same thing. Then last night she posted, "I'm a happy wife my husband made it." Well, then I was like WTF?! So I commented and told her to call Don and let him know what happened, so she did. Turns out Troy had 2 heart attacks and they had to open him up and put stints in. Half his heart was blocked off. Now, why she didn't call Don (or anybody) right away, I don't know. Luckily Troy lived and hopefully he'll be okay now. Troy is skinny as a rail, so it definitely wasn't a weight-related thing. But Becky has bad luck. I'm wondering if it's a curse. Two of her previous husbands have died. Hopefully Troy won't be the third.

So anyway, the whole Stacy thing didn't matter, I guess. The other night Brad went home sick, so Rich stayed late to help out. He never said a word about Stacy or any of that crap. I'm still ignoring Stacy's existence, though. She's 2-faced, nice to your face and on your Facebook, but talking shit about you behind your back. Nope, I'm over that kind of shit in my life. Luckily the only time I ever see her is the monthly meeting and I won't have to even look at her then. Eventually she'll get the point.

Don is at work and I'm doing nothing. It's cold outside, so blah. I had breakfast and I'm drinking coffee and listening to music on Spotify. Later I will start playing Final Fantasy 13 on the PS3. My friend Nikki surprised me by getting me 3 of the FF games off my Amazon wishlist. :)

Cathy changed her YouTube channel from scary stories to vlogging, if you want to check it out. I think she's funny, all the faces she makes and stuff.

The Stratus is doing fine, but the Onaway Carquest sold him a bad brake caliper. It rubs when you make a left turn, so he has the receipt and he has to do an exchange.

Ma called the other day and said Tony called her and wanted her to come to Jasmine's graduation party. Of course, she doesn't want to, and neither does anybody else. Nobody has ever met Jasmine, and all we know about her is she's on heroin and fucked Tony's life all up. Nobody wants anything to do with her. Cathy doesn't want to go, either. Now I'm thinking that might be why he tried to call me on Mother's Day, but I was at work and I'm not answering my phone when I'm working. He didn't text or leave a voicemail. I'm still afraid to try to call him in case he starts more shit.

The tattoo is healing well. It didn't scab over, but my tattoos usually never do. Probably next Monday we'll see if we can get Nate over here to finish it up. There's a lot I want him to do, and some things he wanted to do that I DON'T want him to do. He needs to calm down, stop spazzing, and be quiet long enough for me to tell him, and then he needs to stay calm and be careful when he's doing the tattoo so he doesn't make any more mistakes. There are some places where he went back over the lines, but they don't match up, and he messed up the back feet, and he went too far with one line. He needs to take a deep breath, calm down, take his time and be careful. And DON'T drink vodka! I'm not trying to be a picky asshole, but I had pure garbage on my arm for 16 years and I don't want any more garbage.

Here's that vlog where we find the underground river. That was pretty cool.

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Don and I had a long talk and we are not going to let Nate Raymond continue with my dragon tattoo. He just sucks too bad! Over the past week I have seen nothing but mistakes on it. He screwed the line work all up, he tried to go over some of the lines a second time, but couldn't follow the same line, so it's a sloppy mess. His coloring is a sloppy mess, too. He couldn't even follow the stencil he made and make the line work the same as the stencil. There are places where he way overshot with the lines and screwed things all up. He mangled the feet. He wrecked the ridges on the back. He added junk that shouldn't be there. The head is messed up. He didn't fill in the colors completely on the wings and said it looked cool. It looks like a kindergartner scribbled on me. If I let him do anything more he will just continue to destroy what could have been a really nice tattoo. Right now I'm getting comments like, "Well, THAT looks like shit." Yeah, I had shit on my arm for 16 years. I don't need it replaced with more shit. Plus, Nate insisted on drinking 2 bottles of vodka while he was doing the tattoo and that's why it sucks so much. And he can't shut up and let anybody else talk and he drove me nuts! So Don is going to see if Donny Root will finish it. It's too bad Don already paid this asshole $70.00, though. He can't be trusted to do a good job. I'm very disappointed. I wrestled all week with the guilt of not liking the tattoo because Don was trying to help me, so I didn't want to say anything. I also didn't want Nate to think I'm an asshole, but he's just all kinds of fucked up, so whatever. Hopefully Donny Root can fix it. If not, I'm doomed to have shit on my arm forever.


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