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May. 19th, 2017 01:43 pm
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So the tattoo is peeling and it's itchy now. I have to remember to not scratch it. It's not really scabbing over, which scabbing doesn't usually happen with me with tattoos. Once it's healed Nate has to come back and finish it. I already know what I want done. For one, the body must be made much, much darker to cover Marty's name. You can still see it plain as day right now. He has lines to go back over and darken. I don't want him doing anything else to the tip of the tail, that's done. It really hurts there and I bruised all around it, so that part is good enough, it looks fine. He wants to add stars, which is fine, but only if he can promise he can make them straight and not all crooked. I don't want him putting clouds or flying lines like he was talking about. He needs to change the color of the wing sections next to the body from orange to dark blue because the orange is not covering the letters. No biggie, I wouldn't think. And then he has coloring to finish. He doesn't know how to shade, with isn't cool, but oh well. Hopefully it'll still come out okay. He said I could teach him, but no, not without knowing how to tattoo myself. Sure, I could show him on paper with a colored pencil, but will he really learn from that? I doubt it. I was surprised to hear he's only been tattooing for 3 or 4 months, though. He's very good for being so inexperienced. If he keeps practicing he'll be fine. He keeps saying he wants to teach me to tattoo because I'm artistic. Eh, no thanks. I'd rather stick to paper. He keeps calling me T.J. He asked if he could because he didn't even want to try to tackle saying my real name. Oh well, whatever you want, lol. It'll be good when the tattoo is completely done because damn, that area hurts SO MUCH! He wants to sleeve my whole arm, which is fine. I've wanted that done for a couple years now, BUT he needs to get really good first. I want him to get a lot more practice in first. I see potential, but he needs to develop it.

Work went fine yesterday because there were no managers. There also should not be any tonight or tomorrow night, but I'll probably see Rich for a short time Sunday. I do not want to hear about Stacy from him. She left me an asshole note last Saturday saying all the garbage cans were filled up with human shit (???) and that I made her have a, "shitty day." I threw it away and ignored it and made sure the bathrooms were clean before I left that night. Then I find out she did it again on Sunday, told Justin over and over and over for hours how horrible the bathrooms were AGAIN and that I suck at my job and bullshit like that. Meanwhile, she posted on my Facebook that I was beautiful, for Mother's Day, at the exact same time she was talking shit about me to Justin. O_o 2-faced much? So I cleaned the bathrooms ridiculously well and left Stacy a note telling her so and that I hoped it was good enough. Well, of course, she cried to Rich and Dar about it and made me look like a real asshole, and now Rich and Dar are pissed at me. She also told them about stuff that was on my Facebook. so I blocked her ass. I had enough of that kind of shit at McDonald's. I also blocked almost everybody else I work with. I'm not letting that bullshit start again. Yes, my Facebook is, "against policy," BUT it's against MY POLICY for you to intrude in my private life. That would be like if they walked into my house and said, "You can't have this and you can have that and you can't do this and you can't do that!" No thanks! That's one of the main reasons my Facebook is locked up. Dar told Christine the customers see what's on my Facebook. No, they absolutely DO NOT. Everything is friends' only and I don't have any customers on my friends' list. Dar doesn't have Facebook (or the internet at all) and doesn't understand it. Neither does Rich. I found DeLynn on Facebook and instantly blocked her. I also blocked Erin because she is now a manager. No more fucking around.

Anyway, in about an hour I get in the shower and then I go to work. Don is at work at Dan's as always, but hopefully he makes it back on time for me to take the car. I haven't been going to Starbucks, even though I'd love to. We spent some money on things we needed and a little on things we wanted, and now that's it for the summer, back to 100% strict. I can't even get a 3 dollar and some cent iced coffee. I had to pay our phone bill today and the rest goes to Gary Price. Next payday it's car insurance and then everything else to Gary Price...well, I'll probably pay Frontier, too, and THEN the rest to Gary Price. I'll have to keep gas in the car, too. Otherwise, until the property is paid off, this is the way it is.

For the past week I have completely fucked up on the diet and exercise. I have done nothing right. I'm sure I gained back the 6 lbs. I lost. Well, it's nobody's fault but my own. Don bought me a new pair of jeans from Walmart for work and they are size 26. They're a little big, but they fit. They should be falling off me. I shouldn't even be able to DREAM of wearing something that big! And that's it, stores don't sell any sizes above 26, so if I keep getting fatter I will again be completely screwed! I look and feel like complete shit. I saw myself in the vlog from the other day when I was showing the camera the old steering wheel cover that won't fit in the car anymore and I wanted to puke. EW! When Don has the camera and there are full-body shots of me I can't stand to see it, but I have to edit the videos, so I can't just ignore it.

The flower seeds I planted are starting to sprout, which is good. Yesterday it rained, so now it's cold, though. Nothing new with Michigan. The customers were crying like little babies about it last night, though. A lot of them were regulars, which means they live here. How can they not know this always happens when it rains? Weird.


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