May. 16th, 2017

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So Don worked yesterday and then went and picked Nate Raymond and brought him here to do the tattoo cover up on my arm. The guy is hyper as all hell and just talked and talked and talked and TALKED! But anyway, he did the first session and then he will finish it in a second session after it heals. It still needs more coloring and blending and some line touch ups. He still needs to make it dark enough to cover the letters of the old tattoo. I'm sure it'll be fine in the end, though. It hurt like hell, though. That's a really sensitive area.

I took a shower today and I'm keeping aquafore (or however it's spelled) on it.

So Don just got home and I want us to go to Cheboygan to Walmart and get the oil changed in the Stratus because the oil is like 4 years old. Yuck!

So bye for now.


May. 16th, 2017 11:41 pm
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What I didn't write about earlier was the bullshit with Stacy at work. She's not a manager, she hasn't been there as long as me, she only works 2 days a week, BUT every day she works she tells everybody I suck at my job and I do nothing at night when I close. Thanks a lot. I'm getting sick of it and very stressed out about it. I finally said something Sunday, but that just pissed Rich and Dar off, so I will keep my mouth shut, but I will never speak to or acknowledge the existence of Stacy ever again. She ratted me out to Rich and Dar about what's on my Facebook, so I blocked her and blocked almost everybody else I work with, too. I left Christine on there because she's my friend, and I left Kirsten because she is quitting and moving away in 4 days, BUT if Rich and Dar keep "mysteriously" knowing about my Facebook posts after Kirsten is gone, I'll delete Justin because it will have to be him. I also told Justin to never tell me about the shit Stacy talks about me anymore. That's why I got so upset, because on Saturday and Sunday I came in to work and even though Stacy was long gone (she opens) Justin HAD to tell me all about what she spent all day both days saying about me. So I took it straight to heart and it ate away at me and stressed me all out and I ended up writing Stacy a note about it, which she apparently whined to Rich and Dar about and now they're pissed at me. All it said was that I cleaned both bathrooms from top to bottom with straight bleach, no water and that I hoped it was finally clean enough. That was her main bitch, that the bathrooms were, "trashed." Saturday she left a note saying all the garbage cans in both bathrooms were filled up with human feces. WHAT?! I cleaned the bathrooms and double-checked them before I left. I would have know that if it was true. I think she's nuts! She is an alcoholic. She comes to work at 4:45 a.m. still drunk and says all kinds of weird things in notes. It makes me wonder if she hallucinates. She is apparently sobered up by 8 when Rich and Dar show up, but it's really early when she leaves stupid notes saying stupid things. She's also unable to accurately count the cigarettes or the lotto tickets and her drawer is always way off. BUT, despite all of this, I am the one Rich and Dar are mad at. Whatever. I will just ignore Stacy forever. I'm 41, I don't need this childish shit. Oh yeah. and she is 2-faced. She went on my Facebook Sunday morning and commented that I'm beautiful...WHILE spending the whole morning complaining to Justin that I'm no good at my job. Go fuck yourself!

So when Don came home from work at Dan's he changed the oil in the Stratus himself. I was going to take us to the Cheboygan Wal-Mart and have it done, but he wanted to do it. After Becky, Troy and John left we still went to Cheboygan, though. We did what food shopping we could and Don bought a tank of freon to recharge the air conditioner in the Stratus. He also bought me a pair of black jeans for work, insisted on it. He knows I'm having trouble with my jeans either not fitting or ripping apart. That's the second time he's done something really nice because he wants to make sure I get the things I need! He's just so sweet!

We came home and had dinner and I watched the first episode of Anne with An E, the new Anne of Green Gables series on Netflix. I think they did a good job so far, but Don hated it. All of Anne's talking drove him nuts, lol. I read all the books and watched the old movies and the Road to Avonlea series. It's something I really like, but not Don's thing, I guess, lol.

One more day off. Tomorrow is laundry day. I need to do the dishes, but I don't know if I want to stick my arm in the hot, soapy water yet, lol. I took a shower today and the hot water didn't feel too great on the new tattoo.

Oh yeah, I bought Eevee, Tug and Sammy the biggest metal water bowl in the world at Wal-Mart because they were always drinking up their water within like 2 minutes, lol. I was also able to finally use that free coupon for the Light & Fit yogurt I need to review for the Influenster VoxBox. Either nobody had it or they wanted more than the 99 cents the coupon covered, but Wal-Mart had it for 97 cents, so good.


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