May. 12th, 2017

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Our last pregnant mouse, Medusa, had a miscarriage and died 2 days later. That's enough! I don't remember if I posted about it here or not, but Cheeto escaped probably more than a month ago now, so we don't even need mice anymore. The mice that come from Tropic Cove in Petoskey are too weak and sickly to survive pregnancy because all they do there is mass breed them like crazy, even babies to parents and brothers to sisters. Blah! We had one mother and her litter make it, and we still have those babies. I have the males and females separated and it's staying that way. Don wanted to breed them a lot to avoid going back to Tropic Cove to buy more feeder mice, to save gas, but no, I'd rather drive to Petoskey and back to get more mice than have constant dead mothers and babies. After the property is paid off Don wants another snake. I wouldn't mind a baby cornsnake. They're the only snake I want, but he'd rather have a ball python...and we're not getting 2 snakes, they cost a fortune. But anyway, I'm also sick of how bad these mice reek. I can change the bedding everyday and it doesn't matter. Mice have the nastiest piss ever! Even my rats are nowhere near like that! I'd rather just have the rats.

So anyway, yesterday morning we got up early and I called and had my car insurance transferred from the LeSabre to the Stratus and then we went to the Secretary of State in Rogers City and had my plate transferred. In order to do that, my name had to go on the title, too, so by law we both own the car now...and it's all in my name, too (plates and insurance), but Don paid for that car, so as far as I'm concerned it's his. But it did great going to Rogers City and back (a 44 mile round trip). Then I had to drop Don off at Dan's so he could work and I took it to the car wash and went to Family Dollar and got an air freshener for it. The night before I washed everything inside it and washed the windows. Now all it needs is to be vacuumed. It made it just fine to work and back last night. Don was saying on our way to Rogers City yesterday morning that he's still constantly nervous in it because it kept breaking down before, but he found out why that was happening. The gas spout and gas cap were rusted out and full of holes and he was getting dirt and other crap in his gas. He has since fixed all of that, so it won't do it anymore. He just needs to relax.

Well, apparently, somehow, I'm getting a tattoo on Monday. O_o Don just texted and asked if I still want one. I'm assuming he means getting Marty's name covered up. I said yes and he said pick a day and I said Monday and he said, "You got it." I'm trying to get out of him now how this can happen, lol. He must be talking to somebody who can do it. Well, we will see what happens. It would be really nice to get Marty's name off my arm and get rid of that damn Marilyn Manson antichrist symbol underneath it that looks like it was done by a kindergartner with an ink pen. It's been there since 2001!

I started a little flower garden in the tire out by the road on Wednesday. I bought 2 different boxes of wildflower seeds for a dollar each at Family Dollar, 4 solar lights at a dollar each, a cardinal and a ladybug to put in there, also a dollar, and a garden flag, which I put on the tree, also for a dollar. I also bought 2 garden tools, ALSO a dollar each. Don put black dirt in the tire and I planted the seeds. I also put the fox garden decoration thing Dar gave me last year in there. We'll see what happens.

So apparently I'm getting this tattoo here at home on Monday at 1. Don knows people who are professional tattoo artists with all the right equipment and everything, so it must be one of them, but now he won't say. It's supposed to be a surprise I guess, lol.

Well, I have to take a shower, then I go to Indian River and pick up the free iced coffee I earned from Starbucks (you can get free ones so much faster there than you can at our gas station!), then go to work. Justin will be there, so I'm sure he'll have lots of comments on the Stratus, lol.

Okay, so the tattoo is already paid for, Don did that somehow, and it's a guy he knows and is apparently working with at Dan's right now, and the guy is good and professional. So Monday around 1. Cool, finally! I'm sick of customers saying, "What is THAT on your arm?"


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