May. 9th, 2017

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Of course, I knew hummus was good, but yesterday at Ken's Market, after we went to Starbucks for lunch, we did a little shopping and they had hummus on sale 2 for $6.00. I got one roasted red pepper and one garlic. I tried both today. I put a half a serving of the roasted red pepper on my sandwich at lunch (a whole serving is 2 tablespoons and that much would have just squished out all over). Then later I tried a full serving of the garlic with some baby carrots as a snack. There are other flavors, too. It's funny that hummus is ground up chick peas and when I was a kid I HATED chick peas, lol!

We had boiled dinner tonight for supper with a beef roast in it. There was cabbage, potatoes, red onions, carrots and rutabagas. We have a TON left over. It's fairly healthy, mostly vegetables.

I took both dogs for a walk today. That's not easy with Eevee pulling on the leash like crazy and Tug lunging at every car that passes, but oh well. I should make them take turns, but it makes me sad when one dog is left home sitting there all sad while the other one gets to go. Then awhile ago I rode the exercise bike, too.

Don is still working on the Stratus, but it's still not ready. I was hoping this past work week was the last one I'd have to drive the broken LeSabre to, but I was wrong. There will be at least one more work week. Blah!

The other day Sirius finally shut me off. Now I have to wait until after August to turn it back on. I do miss it, but oh well. Having a place to live comes first.

Tomorrow I have to get dog and cat food and then give the rest of my money to Gary Price. I'm pretty sure that besides gas, this whole next paycheck can go to him in full. Then the payday after that I will be paying Frontier, the one after that paying our cell phone bill, and then the one after that car insurance. Don is getting absolute shit for hours from Dan. I should have known that's the way it would work, so we still might not make the balloon payment after all, and forget all about completely paying the loan off. *sigh*

I did dishes today and tomorrow is laundry, dusting and vacuuming. Then Thursday it's back to work. I think I will take some change out of the Pikachu bank (I've been throwing all kinds of change in there for a long time now) and getting an iced coffee from Starbucks before work Thursday, and that will make 4, which earns me another free one that I can go get before work on Friday, and then that's it for a long time because I can't spend any more money. The only way I can get any more iced coffees is if I get lucky and get a tip from the lotto-addicted woman at work or somebody else tips me, like an old man did last week because I helped him get his decaf coffee out of the broken thermos that wouldn't pump for him, lol. I'd LOVE to be able to get either a veggie gyro from Starbucks or a side salad with grilled chicken from McD's once in a while for my lunches at work, but that can't happen until summer's over. Oh well, I won't die. It'll be nice when all this crap is over and things go back to normal and we don't have to constantly deprive ourselves of every damn thing.

I guess that's all. I should go to bed, even though I just finished a cup of coffee, so I'll toss and turn for a long time. Oh well, at least I don't have to work tomorrow.


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