May. 8th, 2017

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Having a Starbucks right by my work has been awesome! The place is really cool inside and I've gotten iced coffee enough times to have already earned my first free one, which I got today. The gift shop part has a lot of really nice stuff, too. They also have more than normal Starbucks do, like more food, because they are actually Northstar Cafe. They just happen to have a Starbucks inside. The whole place is called Northstar Gardens. They have a fountain outside with tables to sit by and the inside is nice, too. I want to take Don there when I can so we can sit down and relax and have coffee. The only reason I even had coffee money this week, though, was because I didn't give this paycheck to Gary Price, so Don could get the parts to fix the Stratus and we can switch it over since my LeSabre is now in HORRIBLE shape. Everyday it's worse! I'm hoping today was the last day I had to take it to work. Don said we will just park it and save it for an absolute emergency spare. Anywhere, here's some pics:

Luckily I haven't received any more threats from Marshall Scoon or his family since the last time the cops talked to him about it. Justin did see him in the Indian River branch of Awakon Credit Union last week, though, which is only 2 doors down from my work. Blech! I still didn't take my post down off Facebook, though. That's public information and this guy can't control himself, so women need to be warned.

Christine remembered to drop off the phone case she ordered for me in exchange for my setting up her boyfriend Tommy's iPhone. It's the same one Cathy got for me last year or so, the red and black one, but the one Cathy got me went into the Cheboygan River with my last iPhone. Now it's replaced, thankfully. I didn't trust the cheap piece of shit case I had on there because that's the one that was on my first iPhone when it fell off the table and broke.

Justin gave us lots of lots of eggs because his chickens lay 23 eggs a day and nobody likes eggs. We'll eat them. Our chickens are barely laying, some days not at all.

I'm just waiting for the vlog to export so I can start it uploading overnight, as usual. Don already went to bed, as usual. He has to work for Dan tomorrow and pick up the rest of his parts for the Stratus that he ordered from Carquest. I have the next 3 days off and it's SUPPOSED to be sunny finally, so maybe the dogs and I can go for a walk.

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I took Don out to lunch for the last time until after the balloon payment is paid. I wanted him to see the new Starbucks by where I work, so I got him to take a break from fixing the Stratus and we went there and had iced coffee and gyros. His was chicken and mine was veggie. They were very good! Other Starbucks don't have gyros. That's from the Northstar Cafe part, even though it's all done from the Starbucks counter. Then we went through the gift shop and looked around and I picked out a bracelet, the only thing I will buy myself this whole summer. It has an arrow on it and says, "Go your own way." Basically meaning, be yourself. Then we went to Ken's Market, which is so close we just walked, and picked up some groceries. That earned us a coupon for 10 cents a gallon off at their gas station, so we went there for gas instead of my gas station. Then we came home and Don resumed fixing the car and now he's making dinner. It was a nice day out. Now the rest of my paycheck from Friday goes to Gary Price and so does the rest of my money for the entire summer minus gas and bills, same with Don's money.

Now Don is making us turkey burgers, a baked potato, and we're having the broccoli cauliflower salad I got from the deli at Ken's Market for dinner. Then I'm riding the exercise bike and relaxing for the night.

It's been sunny and the leaves are coming out, but the air has been chilly. It needs to warm up for real.


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