May. 2nd, 2017

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This morning the VoxBox came. It's the Daisy VoxBox. It had healthy popcorn, pads, probiotic gummies, shampoo and conditioner, a charcoal face mask, and some coupons. I have already tried and reviewed the gummies and the popcorn. Both were good. The gummies taste like gummy bears, even though they smell like medicine. If I complete all the tasks they want done and earn all the badges (I have 1 month to do it all) I will have a better likelihood of getting more VoxBoxes in the future. Free is always good!

Christine came and picked up Tommy's new iPhone today. I got it all set up. She is going to buy a better phone case in exchange for my doing that for them, which is fine by me. I don't trust the case my iPhone is in now. That's the one that was on my first iPhone when it fell off the table and broke. My good case that Cathy got me went in the Cheboygan River with the second iPhone. Christine is getting me that same case again.

Today Don went to work at Dan's, but there was basically nothing to do. I'm not even sure WHAT he did. So he came home and he had gotten part of his monthly check out and said he wanted to go to Subway for lunch because he wanted something different, so he bought us lunch. That was very nice of him. It's a very rare thing for us now, so when we DO do it, we appreciate it even more. Subway will make a salad out of any sub they have and I didn't feel like having all the calories from that big sub bun, so I had them make a salad out of the turkey breast sub with all the veggies except jalapenos. It was really good. I was thankful to Don for taking us to lunch.

After that we went around to all the Pokestops in Pokemon Go and then came home and relaxed. We had dinner and watched The Secret Life of Pets, which I really liked, but Don didn't pay any attention to, lol.

It's been rainy and really cold, which sucks. I also blew out ANOTHER damn headlight in my car on the way home from work last night, so we got the bulb for that today at Carquest. I don't know why this car likes to go through headlights so much.

Well, Don's in bed and I'm just waiting for the vlog to export so I can start it uploading before bed so it's not uploading all day tomorrow. Uploads hog all the internet, so I won't be able to watch anything on the Roku while I'm riding the exercise bike tomorrow if I don't have the vlog upload overnight. Frontier STILL sucks, 2 1/2 years later.


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