May. 1st, 2017

tkdw_vlogs2017: (Really Happy)
When I was at work Christine had my cousin Mike drop off a new iPhone 5S, Straight Talk card, and a couple phone cases that she had him go to Cheboygan and buy with her money. She needed me to set it up for her boyfriend Tommy like I set hers up. I am now done with it. It gave me some problems for some reason, like telling me the Apple ID password was wrong 3 times. Grrrrr! I kept resetting it and it kept saying that. Finally I got pissed off and set it to Insanity2017 and now it works, lol. I also had to make Tommy a whole new Straight Talk account and a new Gmail because the usernames and passwords they gave me didn't work. But it's all set up now and she's picking it up before she goes to work tomorrow. I seem to be the one who always sets up people's iPhones lately because I'm the only one who knows how, lol!

I found a pedometer that somebody dropped and didn't come back for, so that's cool. I still want a FitBit someday, though. I think that would be better.

It's cold outside now. It sucks. It was 74 degrees last week, this week it's shit.

Yesterday the scale said I lost 3 lbs., which is good. I hope I can lose enough to start wearing more than one pair of jeans. I have so many jeans and I can't wear any of them but one, and that one pair is falling apart. I now have to wear yoga pants under them to work because of the holes in them.

Well, I have the next 3 days off and Don works tomorrow. He's already in bed. I've just been sitting up talking to Cathy on Facebook and Christine by text, listening to Jimmy Urine's new CD. I guess I should go to bed.


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