Apr. 27th, 2017

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Yesterday we went to Ocqueoc Falls (Ock-ee-ock) to do some vlogging and take some photos. I was worried we wouldn't be able to get in because they now consider it a state park and you either need to have a recreational sticker on your license plate or pay a fee in the parking lot. (That sucks because up until last year it was always free!) We were going to ask if we could park on the road and walk in because I saw people doing that last summer, but when we got there the little office building was closed with the door padlocked and the windows boarded over. Apparently you can get in free in the winter. I have a feeling really soon, like maybe the 1st, it will become pay-to-get-in again. But anyway, the weather was amazing, 74 degrees and sunny, so we just walked around and enjoyed ourselves. After that we stopped at the lookout on 68 that overlooks the Ocqueoc River. The only problem there was Don left the trail and ended up with 4 ticks on him. Blech! They're out already! Then we stopped at the Pokestops in Onaway and checked out the new sign they put up on the trail here in Tower and went to the train bridge we jumped off of last summer. I filmed there, but didn't use it because the wind was so bad and the vlog was already at 30 minutes with what I filmed before. This camera has 2 microphones in the front, which makes for great sound in the videos, but I can't cover them with my finger to keep out the wind like I could with the Sony Cybershot. There's a plugin for an external microphone, so when I can I will have to order one of the fur-covered microphones they sell to plug in there and block out the wind. Hopefully they don't cost too much.

The vlog is really nice and hopefully people will want to watch it, outside of our normal subscribers, BUT it's still uploading. It should have been up overnight, but Eevee brushed against the power cord to the modem/router and made it fall out of the wall again, so Don had to plug it back in when he left for work this morning. Luckily YouTube uploads pick up right where they left off, but it's still going slow. We need to figure out something to keep that plugged in. She loves to sleep under the table and when she goes in and out she sometimes rubs against the power outlet, unplugging the power strip. Ugh! And the internet is running so slow because of the YouTube upload I can't upload the 2 photos I want to put in this entry to Flickr, so I will have to add them later.

The wisdom-tooth-pulling recovery is going well. Through the whole thing I was barely sore at all. I have taken Ibuprofen here and there just to keep the inflammation down. I'm pretty amazed how easy it all was. Even the dentist thanked me for having teeth so easy to pull, lol! I don't want to have to work the 4th of July, so I'm not going to ask for any days off for the next one since this one went so well. It's on July 5th, which is a Wednesday, which means I'll go back to work the next day, but I know I can handle it. I want to be able to go to the parade and fireworks with Don and the 4th falls during my 3 days off, but it won't if I mess with the schedule asking for other days off.

Last night we had a little bonfire. Don was burning up those old wire spools Dan threw in our yard everyday they worked laying phone lines for Frontier in 2015 and 2016. We had a radio on in the shed and just sat out there and relaxed. It was nice.

I haven't ridden the exercise bike since Sunday. The dentist said no exercise, so I took those 3 days off, but now I feel fine, so I'm doing it again today. It's not STRENUOUS exercise anyway, which is what he said not to do. I look like a cow in the photos from the falls, so I need to fix that!

I still have assholes trying to add me to Facebook that I don't know and friends and relatives of Marshall Scoon sending me threatening messages. Fuck all of them! I just block the ones who send me messages (but I don't delete the messages in case I need to give them to the cops) and I deny all the friend requests. I am NOT going to back down and delete that warning post, not after all the horrible things I've learned he's done! Women need to be safe! Fuck his family if they can't see what he really is and would rather allow him to go around and do what he does! They're just as bad as he is then! I had his asshole uncle, who lives in Arizona, send me a message yesterday threatening to send somebody to hurt me. Good luck on that. Unless a person is on my friends' list, which he of course is not, my home location and work location are not visible. Have fun with your wild goose chase looking for me. Yes, if they wanted to Google my name they could find my home address, but I doubt this Grizzly Adams-looking old motherfucker in Arizona is that smart, and even if he is, Don would kick the ass of anybody who shows up here. If I'm alone, I'll just call 911. I don't think anybody is THAT stupid to land themselves a trip to jail over this. They're all just trying to scare me into deleting the post. It's not going to happen. It's been shared by 2,081 people already! Fuck them! If they figure out where I work I have the 2 buttons under the counter that call the cops.

Well, time to ride the bike, then take a shower, then go to work, same old routine. Don is at work at Dan's, but will get the car back to me on time. I still can't upload the photos, so I guess I'll post them in their own entry along with a link to the Ocqueoc Falls vlog.


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