Apr. 25th, 2017

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So I exported the vlog in 1080p because I knew the footage from the new camera in the second half of the video would need that setting for our subscribers to be able to watch it at its best quality. This morning I got up and checked the settings on the video to see if it uploaded in 1080...and was very surprised to see it uploaded in 1080p60! Wow! That's the quality Charles Trippy and Danny Duncan get from their Mark 10 XL's! I guess I should have known since this Fujifilm Finepix HS50 EXR retails for over $200.00 more than Mark 10 XL. I have a BETTER camera than Charles Trippy? Just...WOW!

So if you're on a computer, go down to the lower right corner of the video and click the gear icon and pick 1080p60. Later in the video, when I start using the new camera, you will see a HUGE difference. I always thought 1080p60 footage looked so realistic it made me feel like I was standing right there with Charles and Danny in real life, and I get the same effect off our footage now. It's pretty cool and exciting!

The camera also takes beautiful photos, so it's making me want to take photography a little more seriously, too. I finally have a really good piece of equipment to create great videos and photos. It better not ever get broken or anything!

And before Carrie sent it to us, she took a big trip around the southwest US with her husband Chad and took this photo and many more like it with it. WOW!

Today I woke up slightly sore, but not much at all. I took more Ibuprofen and it went away completely. This whole wisdom-tooth-pulling thing has been no big deal at all, unlike the many horror stories I was told. Good! Hopefully pulling out the other 2 in July goes exactly the same.

Don is at work and the weather is nice enough for the all the windows to be open. Don told me not to give the $70 left out of my paycheck after I paid our phone bill to Gary Price this time and get things we needed instead, so yesterday I got some food, dish soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, conditioner, etc. The only 2 extra things I got were a chew rope for Eevee and a new solar dancing flower. Each thing was only $1.00 at Family Dollar. Eevee likes her rope. Last night we had baked fish, rice, and bread for dinner. I liked having something healthy. I got some Special K cereal, stuff for sandwiches, including raw spinach, and 5 boxes of Crystal Light type stuff. None of them are actually Crystal Light, they are other brands, but I don't care about the name. They have the same nutritional values as the Crystal Light and now I have lots of variety. I'll be trying one shortly. They are the little packets like the Crystal Light ones I was buying at work, but they only cost $1.00 a box and there's 6 in each box. At work they want $.49 per packet. That's $.16 a packet compared to work's $.49! Damn, gas station prices suck!

I guess from what I can tell by the email I'm getting Influenster's new VoxBox. It's supposed to have snacks and facial care products and things like that in it. They sent me an email to have me sign up for it and agree to review everything that's in it. Then they drew names. I haven't had my name drawn before, but I did this time, so that's cool. My friend Nikki has been doing this for years and that's how I found out about it.

As of right now, 1,577 people have shared my warning post about Marshall Scoon. The thing is, his victims keep messaging ME to tell me what he's done to them. No, call the cops! I'm not the cops! Also, I must have gotten around 30 friend requests from complete strangers already, women and men. Just because I posted that does not mean I want to be your friend! I just keep deleting them. I don't want a bunch of people I don't know all over my newsfeed! My goal with that post is to make sure everybody knows who this guy is and what he's capable of. I'm just the messenger, so leave me alone and just share the post!

Well, I just made a packet of my new...I call it juice, but it's just water flavoring, lol. This one is Strawberry Crush flavored. It's good! It's nice to have something to drink that's not loaded with sugar and calories besides water and coffee. I'm going to make a sandwich shortly and just relax for the day. I do feel slightly run down, probably because of the tooth-pulling. I didn't ride the exercise bike yesterday and I won't today, either, to give my body some rest, but I'll try to ride it again tomorrow.


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