Apr. 22nd, 2017


Apr. 22nd, 2017 12:38 pm
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So on Thursday at work one of the registers wasn't working. There was no power to it, or to anything on that side of the counter, for that matter, including the little machine for people to check their lotto tickets. Kirsten just ran register while I cleaned until it was time for her to go and then I put a drawer in and took over the one working register. No big deal. Dar called and said she sent a maintenance request to see why there was no power on that side of the counter.

Well, I get there last night and as soon as I walk through the door Justin said, "Hurry up and clock in!" I said, "why?" and he said Rich wanted me to call Ruby and have the register fixed. (Ruby is the 1-800 service number for the registers. They're called Ruby's, therefore, we say we're "calling Ruby.") I was like, WTF?, because I have never called Ruby. It's always Christine who does that.

So I called them and I got this woman with such a horrible accent I couldn't understand what she was saying. She kept saying, "Stick a phone line in the blah blah blah blah box." I didn't know what the hell she was talking about. I kept describing what boxes were under the register and she kept snapping, "No not THAT!" at me really snotty and I was getting more and more pissed off. Finally I just ended the call. I was getting nowhere. Why can't they have Americans on the phones? Dammit!

So I had an idea then. Christine always does it, always calls them and gets the registers fixed. She must have way more patience than me, lol. However, she was closing the other store. I don't know how to work that new register system they have up there now, so I couldn't switch with her. So I called her and proposed the idea that Justin take my car up there and watch her register while she comes down and deals with Ruby and I watch Justin's register. I said to use my car because Christine doesn't have a car. I don't think Christine wanted to drive Justin's yellow Sunfire with the ridiculously loud muffler. She called Rich to okay it and then called back and said yes, let's do that. Immediately Justin whined, "I don't want to go work at that store!" and I said, 'Don't you want to help? You won't be there very long!" He ended up doing it, but grumbled a lot. He is no good at working at all, but you already know that, lol.

So Christine came down and sat on the phone with somebody from Ruby for 1 1/2 hours while they told her over and over and over to unplug the register and plug it back in. It took so long she was able to change outside garbages, fill cups, fill ice in the Pepsi machine and stand outside and have a couple cigarettes while she was on the phone waiting. I was waiting on customers listening to her get more and more pissed off at them because every time it was restarted it just did the exact same thing. (Oh, I forgot to say that Rich ran an extension cord from another outlet to get the register back on, but it wouldn't start up.) FINALLY the person at Ruby gave up and called to have a repairman come from Gaylord to fix it. It was about time!

So Christine and Justin switched back and then the guy showed up about an hour later. Thank God he was American and we could understand him, lol! He said the back up battery was dead in the register, so when it lost power it lost all its memory. He replaced the battery and hooked his laptop up to it and reloaded everything back into it and now it's working fine. The fact that there's no power on that side of the counter is a problem for Rob the Blarney Castle maintenance guy to fix, so for now the register will stay plugged into the extension cord.

That was a long, crazy, drawn-out ordeal, but we got it done. Christine was really mad at Justin because she asked him to PLEASE do some closing stuff at the other store since she wasn't there to do it and didn't want to fall behind, but he wouldn't. He also didn't do anything at all at the big store. I expected that, though, he never does, so I always plant him right at the register while I go and do EVERYTHING because I know he will do NOTHING. Everybody is really confused as to why he hasn't been let go yet. I did see that next weekend Rich scheduled Brad to be back at my store. Thank God! Brad actually works!

So for the past 2 nights I've come into money, like I said in the last entry. Christine wanted a ride home last night, so she gave me $20 for gas when she was on the phone with Ruby. I didn't need much gas, so I used some of it for a side salad with grilled chicken and low fat Italian dressing from McD's, just like I did the night before, and just like I will tonight. I topped off my gas tank at Shell last night after work and I have enough left for one more salad, so that's what I'll do. I just walk over there while Justin (or Kirsten Thursday night) stays on register. It's just across the road. I can't do it tomorrow night because I will be out of money, but that's okay. I really missed those salads. People think they don't have the side salad anymore because it's not on the menu, but they DO. Just ask for it. I'm glad I'm getting vegetables everyday. The side salad itself only has 20 calories and there's 50 calories in the dressing packet. The chicken breast has approximately 22 calories. I say approximately because it's a guesstimate. It's not a very big piece, so I track a quarter of a chicken breast. On Sparkpeople 1 chicken breast is the WHOLE breast, both sides. Your usual piece of chicken breast is considered half, and what McD's gives you is nowhere near that big, so I say a quarter. It makes a nice light lunch for work and isn't loaded with fat and calories and doesn't give me a headache, indigestion, or make me feel bad about myself. I did it almost every night I worked at McD's that year I lost 150 lbs. Late at night nobody cares if I run over to McD's and grab a salad and bring it back. I just can't do it on days I work alone, obviously. Too bad they don't deliver, lol.

When I took Christine home her boyfriend put a bunch of wood in my trunk, so it will be able to be warm in here for a few days.

I haven't seen much of Don lately. He takes my car to work early in the morning and doesn't bring it back until right when I need to leave for work, so we say, "Hi, bye, I love you," and that's it. Then the past 2 nights he's already in bed by the time I get home. Hmmmmmm... We do text some while I'm at work, but that's all the contact we've had. Just like in the summer of 2015 when he was constantly gone with Dan laying phone lines. Oh well, I'll live, lol.

I've been eating right and riding the exercise bike every day. I better get up early (I have to anyway to take Don to work) and ride the bike BEFORE I get my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday, or I'm not sure I'll be up to it afterward. If Christine makes it on time she's going to go with me and then drive my car home because I'm not sure I should be driving after having teeth pulled. Don has to work, so he can't do it.

I guess that's all for now. It's nice and sunny, but only 50 degrees, so it still feels chilly. I do see a lot more buds on the trees, though, and a lot of people's lawns are really green. Not ours, though, because it's just a mowed-over field. It wasn't done with grass seed and fertilizer and sprinklers and all that. Don said it would have been a waste of time because the ground here is more sand than dirt.


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