Apr. 21st, 2017

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So 2 months ago my friend Carrie, who I went to school with, wanted my address because she said, "I watch your vlogs and I want to send you something you need." I didn't know what she meant by that, but that was February 6th, so by now I had just blown it off. There's been a good few times in my life when people said they were going to mail me something and they never did, so I figured it was just another one of those times. It actually went through my mind last night when I was trying to fall asleep.

Then this morning I got this message from her:

"Hi there, I finally mailed your package. You shouldn't have to do a GoFund me once you get it."

Along with this pic with the tracking number:

So I'll rewind a little. We're having a horrible time with our vlogging camera. First it looked like the SD cards and adapters were bad, but now I don't think they are. I'm getting the same error messages again with these new adapters and I know nothing is wrong with the SD cards, so that says the problem is with the camera itself. Everything worked fine for a few days after we got the new adapters, but starting yesterday it's all bad again. It also fell off the table the other day and something broke in the lens and now it makes an awful grinding noise when I turn it on and off and I have to pound it on my hand before it will function properly. So I guess after 2 years of daily use, the camera has just plainly had it. It's $119.00 plus tax for another one from Walmart. I've done some filming on the iPhone 5s, but the microphones are terrible and the sound sucks. I posted on Facebook last night asking if people thought a GoFundMe campaign to raise up the money for a new camera would be successful or a waste of time. That's why Carrie said something about GoFundMe.

So anyway, this now makes me wonder if she has sent a new camera. I also doubt it's a Sony Cybershot DSC W-830, because she said she was originally going to send it in February, before anything went wrong with our camera, and I don't think she knows what kind of camera we've been using. So what kind of camera is this, I wonder? It took $18.85 to send it and she put $50.00 insurance on it, so that makes me think it's not something cheap. It's pretty cool, though! She didn't have to do that! I wonder why she decided to. It's really nice of her, though. She's also one of the ones who pledged to our Patreon page. She lives in California now and we haven't seen each other since 1993 when we were going to school together, but this is all really nice of her! The package is scheduled to be here Monday (and she mailed it this morning, so that means she also paid for faster shipping because regular mail from CA to MI takes at least 5 days), so I will find out what's in it then. I can't imagine it not being a camera from what she said in her message, but I'll find out. I also have a feeling it's not something cheap because she and her husband are very well off. They ended up living in New York City for years before moving to California and they both have extremely high-paying jobs. I've always been kind of amazed by her, having grown up in Onaway, pretty much the jobless, welfare capital of northern Michigan, and ending up so well off. They recently took a trip around the southwest US and took a lot of nice photos and I enjoyed looking through them because I was actually at some of the places they went when I was out there in 95 and 96. Memories. (All my photos got thrown away in 2001.) They even went to see the dinosaurs from Pee Wee's Big Adventure, which I looked for in 96, but didn't find.

I'm hoping I don't jinx it by writing about it, but for some reason I've had some luck lately. We have this whole stupid balloon payment/land contract thing going on, so we can't spend any money except gas and bills, as you know, BUT good things seem to keep happening for some reason. Will Tomei bought us SD cards and sent us his Netflix username and password. People have pledged to our Patreon page and sent us money other ways, too, like through Facebook and PayPal. Thanks to them we can keep vlogging. Now this thing with Carrie, which will also help us continue to vlog. Then Christine needed that money put into my PayPal account from her ex and I went and got it for her, so she gave me a total of $70.00 for my trouble. $10.00 of it is in the balloon payment hiding place and the rest went for things we needed here, including a new, reliable collar for Eevee. Ma gave us lots of food and filled my gas tank. Then yesterday Terrie showed up at work. She is an older woman who is absolutely addicted to gambling. Thanks to always closing, I haven't seen her myself in about a year, but she came in later last night than she usually does. She comes in and spends well over $400 on printed lottery tickets and scratch off's. She always tips. She gave both Kirsten and I $12.00 tips! I had forgotten to bring food, so I ran over to McD's and got a side salad with grilled chicken and low fat Italian dressing and a small caramel iced coffee (that's what I ate every night on my breaks at McD's when I lost that 150 lbs.) and Kirsten sent money with me so I could get her 2 McChickens. Then this family came and picked up a wallet their son lost in the parking lot and the father insisted on tipping Dar $10.00. Dar didn't want it, so she gave me $5 and Kirten $5. So that was a total of $17.00 in unexpected tips. I bought a 2 dollar lottery ticket and won $5, so I ended up with $13.00 left. I gave that to Don this morning to top off my gas tank. I don't know if it will take it all, but I told him to bring back the change IF there was any. If not, that's okay, too. But it seems like little bits of luck keep falling on me regarding money and keeping things going. I hope writing about it didn't jinx it, lol.

Today was my payday, so I paid the phone bill. Now I have $70.12 left. I'll get it out of my savings account Monday and put it in the balloon payment fund. That's what I'm doing every payday, paying whatever bills are due, putting gas in the car (which I didn't have to this time thanks to Ma and that money from last night at work) and putting the rest toward the balloon payment. I don't buy ANYTHING out of my paychecks and I won't all summer. That's what Don is doing, too. I mean, yeah, we buy things we can't go without, like pet food and toiletries, but otherwise, we aren't buying any other junk, especially not things we don't need. As for food, so far going to the food pantry every 2 weeks is working. Plus, we aren't OUT of food yet. There's still meat and a lot of canned food. Things will get harder when all that meat is gone, but we will live. I'm sure one of the first things we will do after all that money on the property is paid off is do major food shopping, lol.

Those jeans Ma got me from Seconds on Third don't fit. :( They're too small even though they're 22's, one size up from what I've been wearing. That is bad, bad, BAD. That means I should be back in 24's or maybe even 26's! I've gained back THAT much weight! Nobody sells anything above size 26, not around here anyway, so I'll be screwed if I continue to explode. I'm already screwed. I have only 1 pair of jeans I can wear. I have tons of other pairs of jeans and they are all too small. So I keep wearing that one same pair. I've worn them out in the thighs and Don tried to sew them up (he can't patch them), but last night at work they ripped back open just from my moving around doing cleaning jobs and this time they're ripped even worse than before he sewed them. I checked Goodwill when we were in Cheboygan and they didn't have anything above size 18. They used to! I looked in Walmart but I can't justify spending $20 or more, not now! So my plan now is to wear a pair of yoga pants under them to work. At least nobody will see my skin. Maybe with those on underneath, being the same color, nobody will even notice. I feel like I deserve this. I deserve to wear rags again as punishment for being so stupid and lazy and such a pig! After working so hard all that time, I can't believe I just let myself fail completely! I suck!

So anyway, I didn't mean to drag this entry down into negativity, but that part is just cold, hard fact. I have to fix it, and if I don't, I'm screwed. The pain is all coming back, too. I tried to turn over in bed last night and I'm so fat and heavy now I could barely haul myself over. The night before last I ended up whimpering when I tried to roll because I was sore from cleaning the house and when I went to turn over pain shot through my hip/lower back really bad. Again, all my fault.

So anyway, back to the what I was saying in the beginning, the package from Carrie is pretty exciting and I'll have to see for sure what it is. Like I said, that was really nice of her. :)

I have to ride the exercise bike and then take a shower and then go to work. It's the usual routine for the weekend. Oh yeah. and then Monday I get my first 2 wisdom teeth pulled, on the right side. I'll find out how that goes.


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