Apr. 17th, 2017

Woo Hoo!

Apr. 17th, 2017 09:35 pm
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avonleadragon has successfully imported! Now everything is here and 2 journals have become 1. YAY! :)

Last night at work was crazy. First off, Justin was supposed to be there until 7, but when I walked through the door at 4 the first thing he said was, "When you get clocked in I'm leaving." Oh goody. So it was busy as hell and I had no help for getting all the closing cleaning jobs done. What an asshole! That put me in a bad mood right away.

Then I heard this weird noise and it was the big c02 tank in the back going nuts. It sounded like somebody was at the pop machine constantly running one of the nozzles, but nobody was. Then an alarm hooked to the tank started to go off and shortly after the tank itself started to ice up. All that noise was driving me nuts! I had to listen to it for about 5 hours. Don texted and said the c02 tank was running out, so finally I decided to shut all the valves on the top of the tank off, which made that stupid noise stop, and put "out of order" signs on the pop machines. Obviously they weren't going to work right without the c02. I left a note for Dar and Rich saying what happened. It took about an hour before that stupid alarm finally shut off. But by then I was highly aggravated from what Justin did and from listening to all that noise for so long that I was just plain crabby as hell.

Today I had to go to the credit union to get Christine's money that was PayPal'ed into my account. Don also had to work. He said he wouldn't have to be there long, so I decided to stay there with him instead of making 2 trips. It turned into like 6 hours, though, so I went and got soap and something small for lunch with my last $7.47, then came back. I watched him work on the trenching spades and played Bingo Blitz on my phone. I ended up getting bored and sat in the car playing more Bingo while my phone charged and almost fell asleep. Then Dan finally came home, so Don was able to go.

We then went to Indian River to where I work to give Christine that money. She gave me $50 for my trouble, so we went to Cheboygan to Wal-Mart and got something for dinner, spray butter, more soap, and I got some hair dye. This will probably be my last chance for hair dye until after August 16th unless by some strange chance somebody gives me some money again.

Now we're home. We had dinner and now we're relaxing. As soon as we walked through the door I had to fully clean the bathroom, though. We left Eevee in there not expecting to be gone so long, so she pooped in there and got it EVERYWHERE. I even had to wash the rugs in the washing machine. Oh well, lesson learned. She needs a new collar from the feed store, though, because the one she came with is crap and is going to break soon. I just gave Don what's left of the money to stop at the feed store in Onaway tomorrow when he goes to work to get her a good one like Tug has. If this cheap thing breaks it will be like pulling fingernails to catch Eevee!

I broke the camera today. It fell off the table and now when I turn it on the lens makes this nasty grinding noise and sometimes it won't focus and a pop up comes on the screen that says to turn it off and back on. It won't focus until I bang it on my hand. I finally pulled a Charles Trippy and broke my camera. It still works, but I don't know for how long. I don't have the $119.00 plus tax (they raised the price by $10.00!) to buy another one right now. Why do all these things that cost money have to happen NOW?

Well, that's all for now. For some reason I have the desire to write more entries now than I was before. Maybe it's the newness of Dreamwidth, lol.


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