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Jul. 12th, 2017 12:44 pm
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5 days until we get married and I can start changing my name on everything to Wilton! I guess we have to go to Alpena to change my social security card because Don said when he tried to go to the one in Petoskey one time for something they chewed him out and told him he was at the wrong one and the one for people in this area is in Alpena. So fine, we'll pick one of my days off and vlog, too. I want to vlog that big 3D fish mural somebody painted downtown since I moved away, and find that geocache on Sportman's Island, and walk on the Pier at Bayview Park like I always used to. That should make for a nice vlog and at least we did more than just go to the social security office and leave. I'll have to have my driver's license changed and change my name at work and at the credit union (I guess while we're in Alpena I'll also go show our marriage license to Besser Credit Union and have them change my last name on their computer). I have a lot of places to change my name on the internet, too. I'm waiting until we're officially married to change it on Facebook. I don't play that dumb game where women change their last name to their boyfriend's last name when they're not even married, like Jasmine did with Tony, and like Ellen Barres did with Bryan VanSumeren. I think it's cheesy and stupid. You're not married, so don't lie and say you are! I could have been a dickhead and had my last name as Wilton on my Facebook ever since we got together on December 11th, 2014, but that's so stupid and babyish!

Don finally went back to work for Dan yesterday, so that'll help us out, especially after August 7th. As long as people keep ordering those spades Don will have the work. Yesterday he asked me to go to work with him. I guess he likes my company, lol. He just shipped some spades out at the UPS office in the Onaway Embroidery Shop and then cut some pipe. I just sat there drinking mint tea and eating Combos and watched him.

Last night we watched Moana on Netflix. That was really good! I know I'm an adult and I shouldn't like what Don calls, "cartoons," but I do! I always wanted to be an animator, and even though it didn't work out, I like watching really good animation, both traditional and computer generated. I hate that really low quality crap from the 80's, though. As an artist all I can see in that crap is their sloppiness. I like the old My Little Pony cartoons, but it really bothers me when they put the wrong dialog on the wrong pony! It's like, "be careful people!" LOL! I know the series and movie were only put out to sell the toys, but that doesn't mean they didn't need to care. They might have sold more ponies if the animation had been better quality. They don't make mistakes like that in MLP-FIM and that's just meant to sell the toys, too, so apparently people had a different mindset in the 80's than they do now.

I need to dye my hair today. It's the only day I can do it thanks to work. I hired a photographer from Cheboygan to meet up with us after we get married at the courthouse and use my camera to take some nice photos for $20.00 and I don't want gray showing. I just bought my own color this time, dark brown. I'm done trying to change the color because it never stays in.

I'm selling that tattoo ink I bought off Amazon. I was going to have Donny Root finish the dragon tattoo and I didn't think he had any colored ink because everything on his Facebook is black and white. Then I decided to give Nate Raymond another chance, but he said he wouldn't use the ink. (Asshole) Then I kept seeing more and more shitty tattoos Nate was doing show up on his Facebook and I said, "nope!" I'm going to have Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan do it, even if I have to wait until I get my tax return. All the guys there do GREAT work. I just need to go there and get an estimate to know what cost I'm looking at. So I don't need this ink. Today a guy in Cheboygan said he'll buy it and we're going to meet at the courthouse tomorrow morning when Don and I go to get the marriage license.

My plan for that since Don is working again is for us to get up early, go up there and get the license, then I'll drop Don off at Dan's and I'll come home and then I'll go to work when it's time. I work at 4:15 so we need to go to Cheboygan early. The clerk's office wants us to make sure there are no mistakes on the license. Then we get married Monday at 2:30. Yay!

Don doesn't want to tell Dan he's getting married because when Dan got married to Rose many years ago Don was supposed to be the best man, but some other guy started whining so Dan let that guy do it instead. Geez, sibling rivalry, lol. I'm sure Dan will find out by word of mouth, and if not, he's sure to wonder why Don is suddenly wearing a wedding ring, lol.

My wisdom tooth holes on the left are healing really well. It's only been a week, but they seem to healing faster then the right side did. The holes are already almost closed up. Good!

So Monday when we were just getting into Cheboygan we saw Christine just leaving it. I texted her and said I saw her. A few minutes later she sent me a weird text saying she had been arrested that morning on a charge the cops, "made up just for her," and that she didn't know what was going on. Come on now! You know what's going on and you know cops don't have the time or the desire to make special charges up for people. She said that same shit when her boyfriend got arrested, too. She did something, probably her and Tommy together, and doesn't want to be honest. If she didn't want me to know, she didn't have to say ANYTHING. She could have said she was shopping before work or something. Why lie? It pisses me off! She claims to be my friend and lies to me. That's bullshit!

My shirt from TeeTurtle finally came. The stupid mailman marked it as delivered on Monday and didn't bother to deliver it until yesterday. Now why the fuck? Don't mark something as delivered until it actually IS! Here I was freaking out thinking he gave the package to who the hell knows who and who the hell knows where!
But anyway, I like the picture on the shirt (that's why I ordered it, lol), but I ordered it in 3X and it's HUGE! I've gained back so much weight that my mind is telling me 3X is what I need again, but maybe I don't. Oh well, lol. I'll find out after I dye my hair and take a shower because I'm going to put it on.

I guess that's all for now. I'm doing laundry today and I need to get my hair dyed and take that shower, lol.


Date: 2017-07-15 10:07 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] aien_hime
Ahaha yeah I remember those old cartoons. I noticed it as a kid, it used to bother me (tho not enough to no longer buy ponies lol) but as an adult you suddenly see how cringeworthy it is!

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