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Jul. 10th, 2017 09:07 pm
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So far I've knocked $65 off my Verizon Wireless bill. First I paid off my iPhone, which will take almost $16.00 off the bill. Then I switched to what they call, "The New Verizon Plan." All the parts of the bill are lower than they were on whatever plan I was on before, and I dropped it from 4gb down to 2. I never used more than half of the 4gb, so why pay for all that? Friday I will pay off Don's phone, which will take another $3.74 off the bill a month. So that's one big bill knocked way down. Don gave me the money to pay off my back taxes, so that's gone now, too. Next will be paying Dad back that $157.00 I still owe him from October 2014 when he bought me new tires for the LeSabre. I should have paid that off years ago. Then there's the normal bills like car insurance, Frontier and the phone bill one more time, but it will be lower. Don said we will find lower car insurance.

I gave notice at work. I gave them a 1 month notice, which is double what I'm required to give, so they shouldn't be pissed off. I put down August 7th as my last day, but that's a Monday, so if my schedule stays the same as it has been for many months now, my last day will probably be the 6th. Meanwhile, the bullshit from the customers continues. Last night a guy was pissed at me because his card wouldn't slide. We are NOT allowed to type them in by hand anymore. I told him that, and I was never rude through any of it, and that pissed him off. Then he started chewing me out for not having a chip reader installed. I am NOT the owner, those kinds of things are NOT up to me. I told him we're getting the chip reader on July 19th and he snapped, "Well, it's little too late now!!" Fuck you dude, seriously! That horrible attitude just for beer and cigarettes! He tried 3 cards before one would work and I ended up stopping talking to him by the end, I didn't even say, "have a good night," because he was being such a dick to me. I knew he could and probably would use anything I said against me to call corporate and turn me in, so I said nothing. I'm just sick of shit like that!

Today Don and I went to Cheboygan to get our marriage license. We had to stop at Walmart first so we could grab Don some new shoes. His boots were falling apart, plus they're steel-toed and he can't get through security at the courthouse with them on. When he went to pay off the property they made him go to the police station next door to be frisked before they'd let him in because of his boots. Dumb. You can't even take your car keys in there. You have to leave them in your car. They added this garbage just recently.

Anyway, we ran into Uncle Maylon outside Walmart and talked to him for awhile. He welcomed Don into the family. Then we went in and found Don some shoes and then went to the courthouse.

After we got the license application filled out and paid the $20.00 (we can pick the license up on Thursday), we went down the hall and made the appointment to be married at the courthouse. It will be Monday the 17th at 2:30, so 1 more week left and then we will be married! Woo hoo!

Then we went back to Walmart and I bought black flat dress shoes to wear with my yellow sundress and we found Don a nice black button-down shirt and a cool looking red tie. He has a pair of black khakis, so we should both look pretty nice. I'm going to try to fix my hair different and hope it doesn't get all messed up before we get up there, lol. I'll use my hair straighter as a curling iron. I saw something on Facebook on how to do it and the results looked nice. If that doesn't work right I'll just straighten it like normal.

I put up an ad on the Facebook Buy Sell Trade groups when we got home looking for someone who can use my camera to take a few nice photos of us at the park on Lake Huron in Cheboygan afterward. I can't hold the camera myself unless I want a bunch of stupid looking selfies, lol. Becky and Troy MIGHT be there, but there's no way they'll want to mess with my camera, especially Becky. She says she never wants to learn anything new. A girl in Cheboygan answered and we set up to meet at the park around 3 that day and for $20 she'll use my camera and take some nice photos. She's a photographer. We should get some nice pictures out of it and I think it's a great deal. Somebody else could have charged a whole lot more.

Cathy said she can't come, that she has to work and then watch Sarah (as always), and I texted Ma and she said she has to ask Dad if he wants to go. Tony still hates me and has no driver's license or car anyway, so he won't be there. I announced it on Facebook, but I can't imagine anybody else coming. Oh well, that's okay, though. We'll still have a great day. I think Don will look really sexy in those clothes!

We also got some other things from Walmart we needed, like hair dye, tampons, Pantene shampoo and conditioner, some dinner rolls that were on sale, and chicken and beef bullion cubes. After that we went to Burger King and got a couple things for lunch and then came home.

Now the bad news is that I ordered a shirt from TeeTurtle. I got a notification while we were in Cheboygan saying it was delivered today at 3:02...but it was NOT. It is nowhere to be found. It's not at any of the neighbors' houses, either. Don went all over and checked. So I'm really pissed. I checked the tracking number on and it said the same thing, too. Ugh! Who the hell did the dumbass mailman give it to? So I'm out $25.00. I wrote to TeeTurtle and asked them if they ended up with it back, "return to sender," would they send it back to me again? Ugh, what crap!

One side of the mailbox didn't have anything on it, so we went to Family Dollar and got white paint and clear packing tape. I painted "Wilton 5900 Mero" in big letters and Don covered it in packing tape to make it waterproof. Last week UPS gave one of our packages to the neighbor, also. So if USPS, UPS and FedEx can't see that, then I don't know what the fuck.

Now Don is making us homemade mac and cheese with smoked sausage in it for dinner and we're just relaxing.


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