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Yesterday Don and I went to the parade in Onaway. We ran into Ma, Travis, Amber, Auren and Mason and watched it with them. It was fun, it always is. Moran Iron Works unveiled a big iron sturgeon sculpture this year. (Onaway is The Sturgeon Capitol of the World). I think it looks really cool and it's the best thing Tom Moran has made yet. (I'll come back and add photos after the vlog is done uploading, which is taking FOREVER!) After the parade we ran into Don's brother Dave and his wife Nikki, Uncle Jack and Aunt Lois, and my cousins Evah and Shyanne. After Ma and Travis and everybody left to go to the lake we went to the pie and ice cream social at the Methodist Church where they give out free pie and ice cream and Grandpa Schoolcraft and his girlfriend Mavis were there and so were Aunt Marge and Uncle Glenn, so it was nice to see family. Then Don and I went to the front yard of the courthouse where there were a lot of booths with stuff for sale. Don got me some lilac scented body spray and a blueberry candle, both handmade, from the booth his friend Melissa was running. When we went into the courthouse to see the rest of the vendors' booths we ran into Grandpa and Mavis again. Then we came home and Don made brats, chicken, polish sausage, hot dogs and burgers on the grill and we had chips, baked beans and potato salad. It was all really good! Then later we had ice cream for dessert. We went to see the fireworks and then came home for the night. We watched old episodes of Trailer Park Boys all day. It was a really fun day and I'm glad I had the day off!

Now today we just got back from Atlanta where I had my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled. That wasn't so great, but at least it's over now. We also got gas, went to the Atlanta Family Dollar, and into Freddie's Market where we got some of things they have ridiculously on sale. It's too bad we don't live closer to that store because their sales are always just plain crazy.

Now we're home and doing laundry and I'm still numb and still have gauze in my mouth. The novocaine makes me spacey and tired. I'm glad Don didn't have to work today so he could drive me home. I didn't like driving home feeling this way last time. Unfortunately I go right back to work tomorrow. I bought more Ibuprofen to get me through.

Well, that's about all for now. Bye.

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