A Big Nope

Jun. 27th, 2017 03:56 pm
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Today we went to the feed store and guess who was there. Nate Raymond. Ugh! He came right over to the car while Don was inside buying chicken feed and started pestering me about finishing the dragon tattoo. No, dude, just NO! He can't pull it off. He has no talent. And I could smell booze on his breath all the way across the car from the driver's side window. He refuses to work sober. No, no, NO! I'm having the professionals in Cheboygan do it. I didn't tell him that, I just played along, because I'm so worried about causing drama. He said, "You'll give me a chance to finish my art, right?" Ugh! Then Don came back and had to lie to him, too, because Nate asked if Dan is mad at him because he hasn't asked him back to work in a long time. Don had to say no to avoid drama, but yes, Dan is mad at him, fired him, to be exact. He cost them money because he was working drunk and made a bad weld on a spade that ended up being shipped to a customer and just a couple minutes after starting to use it it broke on the customer! The customer was really pissed and demanded his money back and didn't want a replacement. Nate made them look really bad. This guy is an alcoholic who won't put down the bottle to do anything! I don't want him touching my arm anymore. It can be fixed and finished up to be something really awesome by the guys at Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan, but NOT by Nate Raymond!

After the feed store we went to Tom's Market and bought a little bit of groceries and now we're home. Later I'll make dinner.

I still haven't had sugar. Tomorrow will be a week. I still haven't had any leg cramps. That was definitely the problem!

So I haven't wanted to share this because I'm worried people will think we're just greedy assholes who want shit, but I made a wedding registry for us on Amazon. There isn't too much on it, just a few things we need that we don't have yet. IF somebody wants to, they can get us something off it, but nobody HAS to. I will mention it in one of our vlogs and put it in the description just in case somebody there wants to, but I'm afraid to put it on Facebook because I don't want to hear my relatives whine that they're too poor. My Aunt Marge might especially freak out. We don't EXPECT anybody to get us anything, I just made it IN CASE somebody wants to. I'm not holding a gun to anybody's head. :/ The date on it is just a guesstimate. We haven't actually picked one yet, but I know it won't be too far into the future.


Not much else is going on. Eevee feels better. She's more active and isn't constantly sleeping and is barely limping today. She better not run away like that again.

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