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Saturday I was on the phone with Ma and I noticed Eevee was at the treeline in the backyard. That shitty chain broke again. I knew yelling for her and chasing her wouldn't work, so I just waited, figuring she'd come in the house when she was done running around like she has before. Don came home and I had to go to work. I kept texting and asking, but Eevee never showed up. Tug was gone, too. He usually comes home, though, so I wasn't worried about him. I got home from work and they still weren't back, so I figured Tug would be on the porch in the morning like he always is, but had no idea where Eevee went. She was dragging her chain, so I thought maybe she was hooked on something somewhere.

In the morning there was still no Tug. Now that IS weird. I got up and was getting dressed and I looked out the bedroom window, hoping to see the dogs, but I didn't. I saw something white moving around in the chicken coop. The rooster is white, so I thought it was him, but I looked closer and it was Tug's face. He was in the chicken coop! So I went out there and sure enough, he was just chilling in there.

How he got in there I don't know because the chicken coop has no door. My guess is Eevee's Jack Russell terrier instincts kicked in and she went under the chicken wire. I did find a spot where the wire was ripped off two of the tent stakes holding it down. Tug must have followed her in, but couldn't figure out how to get back out and sat in there all night. I lifted up the wire and let him out. The bad news is there's only 1 chicken left now. The other chicken is dead and the rooster is just gone. He must be dead, too, because if he was just out he'd be walking around the yard because they never went far from their home. This means Eevee killed them. It's not her fault, JRT's were bred to go after small prey. Tug wouldn't do that. He was even afraid of the kittens when they were little and when the chickens did get out he didn't even pay attention to them.

So anyway, Tug was accounted for, but still no Eevee. I was worried she was out killing everybody else's chickens and ducks and that we'd be in deep shit, but the birds in the coop of the neighbors directly next door looked fine. I was still worried somebody caught her going after their birds and either shot her or called Animal Control. I figured we'd just never see her again.

All of Sunday passed by, and most of today. I decided to try putting a couple posts on 2 of the Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade groups for this area with pictures of her saying she was missing. Not even an hour later 2 young girls probably in their 20's contacted me and said they had her! They brought her right home. She was found about 4 miles away, in the same area Tiger was found in when she ran away for 2 weeks that one time, by Klieber Pond. That means she crossed the river somewhere. She sure couldn't have swam, the river is as wide as a lake in this area because of the 2 dams.

So Eevee is absolutely exhausted. She has mainly just slept since they brought her home. She's in rough shape. She obviously ate nothing all weekend because her sides were sunken in. She is very sore. She can barely walk, just limps. Her paws are all raw and sore. She cried when I tried to put Bag Balm on them. Don and I were watching a movie and she fell off the couch. She's not going to die, but she really beat the hell out of herself! If only she'd stop running away and learn to come when called! This shit wouldn't happen!

So Friday was a weird fucking night at work. Rich scheduled me to work alone. He always does, he always has, and he always will. It sucks, but I'm used to it. If there is somebody else there, it's not for horribly long. As soon as I got there Friday and got clocked in and my drawer in the register Rich pulled his drawer out, counted it, clocked out and ran out the door to begin his 1 1/2 weeks of vacation. I'm used to just being abandoned as soon as I walk through the door with every single cleaning job saved up all day for me. It's nothing new and it will never change.

Well, the night goes on and it's busy as hell. I have a constant line and I know I can never leave the register and clean anything. I had already resigned myself to that. It's happened many, many times. Suddenly the phone rings. I'm barely able to answer while trying to wait on customers. I HATE when the phone rings when I'm alone and it's busy. I feel like customers think I'm an asshole for being on the phone. It's DeLynn, our district manager who lives in Alpena, freaking out that I'm working alone on a busy summer Friday night. She asked if somebody called in and I said no, that I was scheduled that way. Then DeLynn was really pissed, not at me, but at Rich for scheduling that way. She said she was going to send somebody from the Cheboygan store to help out, which made me feel nervous because I don't know them.

Then I was completely confused. How the hell did she know I was alone when she is in Alpena, like 2 hours away? I don't think she can watch our cameras. Then all of a sudden this blond woman showed up. Turns out she is Dawn, the owner's second in command. I had waited on her not knowing who she was. She saw what was going on and went in the back to see if anybody else was here and when she saw I was alone she called DeLynn. That tells you how busy it was, I had no idea she had walked into the back! She said this was terrible and that Rich needs to be retrained on how to schedule when it's busy. I showed her the schedule where I'm alone next Friday, too, and she was really upset because it's getting so close to the 4th of July and called DeLynn again to tell her that. Dawn went into the coolers and stocked them until the 2 women from the Cheboygan store showed up, Tammy, the manager for that store, and Patty, an older woman who is a normal cashier like me. DeLynn called a few more times to apologize and thank me for my dedication. Okay, then, lol. She said she never wanted me to go through this again. Well, you know what, I WILL, ALL THE TIME, and I HAVE BEEN, since I was hired in October 2015. It will NOT change.

So those 2 women cleaned the entire store from top to bottom while I was stayed at the register waiting on the endless crowd of customers. It was an absolutely insane night! Of course I thanked them several times. If it had just been the coffees would have gotten dumped at the end and that's it. I honestly couldn't do ANYTHING.

Tammy left first and Patty stayed until after 9. I was definitely thankful that everything was done. I hope Rich really enjoys his vacation, because he is going to be ripped a new asshole when he gets back. DeLynn and Dawn are his bosses. Ouch.

Oh yeah, and for next Friday DeLynn has a guy named Rick coming all the way from one of the Alpena stores to work from 1 to 9. I don't know him, either, but help will be nice. Tammy was pretty nice, but Patty was really nice. We talked a lot before she left and she seemed like she would be a good coworker. It's too bad she works at the wrong store, lol.

The night before some guy fell outside the door. The people he was with kept claiming he broke his arm. An ambulance was called. I filled out a report and called Rich and let him know and took pictures on my phone of where he fell. That's what I was supposed to do. Well, Friday night after Patty left the guy called yelling that he wanted the store's address so he could send us his hospital bill for us to pay. I told him he'd have to talk to a manager and gave him DeLynn's number and he kept getting meaner and meaner and I had customers, so I told him I had to go. Apparently he called her, because she called me upset that he called her. *sigh* Fine, I will just tell people to go to hell whenever they want to talk to a manager again because every time I give anybody their phone numbers they get pissed. DeLynn said don't give the guy our address and don't talk to him. Well, he tried to call me back again.....and again, and AGAIN. For an hour straight he'd call, let the phone ring like 50 times, hang up for 1 minute, then do it again. We have caller ID so I know it was him. I ended up having to unplug the phone up front, but I could still hear it constantly ringing back in the office. Then he tried to trick me by calling from another number. I had plugged the phone back in hoping he had given up and it started ringing with a different number. I picked up thinking it was somebody else and I was just about to say our scripted greeting when I heard him yell, "This is bullshit!" and I could also hear the woman he had been with the night before yelling in the background, so I just hung up. He tried a few more times from that number and then started back up from the first number again. What a nutball! Two of the policeman who always come in for free drinks came in and I told them what was going on and they said if he showed up, to call them and they'd get rid of him. Both numbers came from other areas according to Google, but who knows where he actually was. Luckily he didn't show up, though. Friday was just way too damn weird of a day! The next day Dar told me he kept calling her, too (I left her a note about it and DeLynn called her about it, too) and that somehow she had gotten him to stop. He can't just send us his hospital bill and we pay it, even though he kept yelling that that was the law. He needs a lawyer and has to go through court. Blarney Castle doesn't just hand out money without putting up a fight. No business does. But apparently he's still bothering them because Dar called today wanting the photos I took sent to DeLynn, but I deleted them this morning, thinking I didn't need them anymore because they never asked for them. They were just pictures of the cement outside the door, and the door from the inside and from the inside.

I think the guy faked it to make some quick cash. There was nothing to cause a fall. The floor was dry, the cement was dry, the rug was not messed up, there was nothing laying on the floor or outside on the cement. When I opened the door to see what happened he was laying on the cement about 3 or 4 feet away from the door, like he took a flying leap. I think it's all bullshit. The guy was really nice when he was buying stuff, too, and I did everything to help that fucker after he fell, and then the next night he was just a pure bitter prick to me! Fuck people like that!

So I had today off and I did nothing, truly, nothing. I guess I just needed to chill. I watched YouTube and made dinner. Don worked and is now sleeping on the couch. Eevee is still sleeping.

I bought a yellow sundress to get married in. I got it from work. Yes, we are selling sundresses this year. I like it. I looked at it for days wondering if I wanted it, and then I realized it would be useful and then I can keep wearing it afterward. Last night some snobby bitch said, "Who buys a dress from a GAS STATION?!" Well, I did, Miss Better Than Everybody Else! I just need a pair of comfortable flat dress shoes (I don't do heels) and a nice shirt for Don. He can wear one of his pairs of jeans that are not wrecked from work. We're doing it at the courthouse, so we don't need a wedding dress and tux that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, but I want us to look nice for the vlog and for photos. I want photos taken on my nice camera. Maybe afterward we can go to the beach for photos or something. I think Becky and Troy will end up standing up for us. I can show Becky how to use the camera. It's not hard at all, she just has to remember to push the button down only halfway first to make sure it's focused before pushing it all the way down to take the pics. I'll make her practice first, lol. We can't afford huge extravagance and we're not snobby enough to want that anyway, but this IS the GOOD wedding, so I want some nice photos to remember it by. Neither of us should have even gotten married before, but this time counts. :)

So otherwise things are good. I'm happy and I'm glad. Don told me he was getting lots of stress headaches about the balloon payment and now he feels so much better. I didn't even know he was having headaches! He didn't say anything. I'm glad he's a lot happier now.

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