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Jun. 22nd, 2017 12:24 pm
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Gary Price made Don wait to give him the money until this morning at 9:30 at the Cheboygan courthouse in front of a lawyer. Well, fine, it's done now. Don is now working at Dan's, but he texted me saying we finally own our home and he's very happy and relieved. He also said thank you. Well, no, thank MA, but he knows that. He already plans on thanking her next time we go there, but not in front of Dad, of course. It's an even huger load off Don's shoulders than it is off mine. Don has been paying this guy every month for the past 10 years. He said he was, "over it." I'm happy to be able to help him be less stressed out. It's a good feeling to see him relieved.

Now the things I wanted to happen this summer might actually be able to. I might be able to get us supplies for Don to build screens to put over the windows and I can order that screen door thing that closes with magnets for the sliding door that I have had saved on my Amazon wishlist for months. The bugs here suck. I don't want the house filled with flies, mosquitoes, moths, junebugs and every other damn bug known to man anymore. It would be nice to be able to get an air conditioner from Walmart, but I don't know about that one. Don should sell that older air conditioner on one of the Facebook buy/sell groups since he never wants to use it again. It's been sitting on the bedroom floor for a long time, just waiting for us to stub our toes on. Also, a trip to Mackinac Island with Don may actually be able to happen as long as he gets a day off sometime this summer. It's not really that expensive to go there. The worst is the ferry tickets, $28 a person. Then after that it's just lunch and a souvenir or 2. We can very easily enjoy ourselves there just walking around and taking it all in. :) And I'll get those HIM tickets after July's bills are paid and save gas, food and motel money over the next few months so I can see them before they break up and to get Christine away from all those assholes who use her and treat her like shit. She is stuck in a situation like I was in Rogers City and Alpena. I got out of it and I'd love to see her escape all that kind of shit, too. Her boyfriend is a big part of the problem. He is the one bringing all the trailer trash people around. He also accuses her of cheating. She's worried he's going to say she's fucking people while we're in Detroit for the concert. That's ridiculous! We're going to the show, staying in a motel, then leaving the next morning and stopping at the Saginaw mall to have lunch and look around (that's something else she never gets to do) and then coming home. We are NOT going to be talking to guys, let alone fucking them. Every time I go to a concert, all those people standing around me, I don't talk to them. I'm not going to put her in a situation where she will be having sex with people. Tommy needs to chill out. Plus, they can text each other. They can call each other. AND I film everything. It will all be on YouTube. He can go watch it! She needs somebody better than him. AND if he insists on pulling a Marty and coming with us to watch her, which as far as I know he hasn't mentioned yet, but who knows, he's buying his own ticket. Also, I invited Christine, it's all my idea, so I don't expect her to pay for anything. I told her she can bring her own spending money if she wants to, but that she doesn't have to worry about anything else. I just want to be nice and get her out for something fun. She likes concerts, too. And I think it would be fun to go with her. Cathy can't go because she's working now. Don doesn't really like going because his back and hips hurt. He WILL go to a concert if he really likes the band, but he said he isn't a HIM fan.

I can also turn my Sirius back on, but not quite yet. They sent me offer to turn it back on for $30 for 6 months, which equals $5 a month. Sure, I'll take the sale, but I don't have the $30 yet. They're pretty desperate. You leave and they really want you back, lol. I also eventually need a new radio. This Stratus (yes, Don was surprised by that, lol) is 10 years old and sometimes it says, "acquiring signal" and won't come back until I turn it off and back on. It's just wearing out. I want the Stratus 7, which is pretty well the same radio, but the display is blue instead of orange. And I will have mounting hardware again. Ever since the frame broke on the Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight way the fuck back when and I had to pull the mounting bracket off the dash, I haven't had mounting hardware and the radio just sits on the seat. I tried remounting the bracket, but nothing I tried would stick, and then somehow I lost the bracket, so there. The new radio will come with all new mounting parts.

The one I have:

The one I'll get later:

And I can get my dragon tattoo finished by professionals and pay my stupid back taxes.

One piece of bad news that really has Dan and Don pissed off, though, is that after working on the job for 2 days, the asshole who owns the Onaway trailer park decided to fire them and have a backhoe finish laying the waterlines. He's only paying them $1000.00 and that's it. He was supposed to pay them a whole lot more, like $10,000.00. Don was supposed to get $1000.00, now he's only getting $200.00. Dan was going to be able to pay off the Case 560 and now he can't. I don't think it's anything they did wrong, I think this asshole is just cheap. They even spent a lot of money building a special blade for the Case 560 just for this job, and now they got fucked over.

Next week I work the same days, but I come in earlier every day, anywhere from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours early. Then the next week I have an extra day added on and I go in early one of the days. And I picked up an extra day this past Monday working to cover for Erin and tomorrow I go in at 4 instead of 5. So not tomorrow's check, but the next 3, should be bigger than usual, which will help.

We finished season 5 of Orange in the New Black last night. No spoilers of course, but as always, it was very good. I also found out Ma and Dad DID watch Anne with an E and liked it. I think Ma read the first Anne of Green Gables book, but it was many years ago, and I know Dad didn't read any of them, so they didn't know what was supposed to happen and what wasn't.

I have realized sugar gives me leg cramps at night when I try to go to bed, so no more sugar. I don't need it anyway, I'm a cow. Not only does it make that happen, but it makes me feel physically like shit, and causes digestive problems. And MAKES ME FAT! So that's enough. I'm drinking a cup of coffee with no sugar in it now. I can get used to it. It's not that bad.

Well, it's time to ride the exercise bike, then take a shower, then go to work. Don will get the car back here on time. He always does. Oh yeah, yesterday the size 6 plugs I ordered for my ears from came and I have them in. It was a little rough changing them this time, but it's almost over. I just have size 4 to go, then I'll be at size 2, which is where I'm stopping. I'm not stretching my ears enough to be able to put a little Jaegermeister bottle though them like Toxsick Tripp from Blue Felix, lol!

I looked and looked and can't find the photo of him with the bottle through his ear, but this will give you an idea, lol! Yes, I've seen him in concert.


Date: 2017-06-23 09:40 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] aien_hime
I'm very glad to hear the payments issue is solved :) It's such a relief knowing that your money is yours, right? :)

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