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I just got done cleaning the bathroom. Ugh, I hate that, especially the toilet! Blech! Once the floor dries from mopping I have to remember the clean the mirrors and then it will be all done. Last night we took all those empty aquariums out to the shed and took the wood box outside for the summer and I vacuumed. The wood box stained up the carpet, and Eevee completely destroyed the carpet, so we have to pull all the carpet out of the house and throw it away and give up on having carpet. The only 2 rooms that have carpet are the living room and bedroom anyway. We don't have the money to have new carpet installed, so I will see if I can find an area rug for the living room and that's that. We have found a way to keep Eevee confined to the kitchen only where it's easier to clean up her messes, so she shouldn't wreck a rug.

Last night I decided to have us eat dinner at Woodwind's so we didn't have to cook in this hot house and we could enjoy some air conditioning. I saw they added a new meal with a chicken breast with cheese, mushrooms and onions on it, so I got that with mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli. I'm sure it was still plenty fattening enough, but it had to be better than the fried chicken I usually go after at restaurants.

After that we came home and did all the dishes and did all that with the living room, then went to bed. Don is at Dan's now getting the Case 560 ready for a big waterline job they might be doing for somebody. Dan is supposed to pay Don $1,000.00 for that if they get the job, so that will help us out.

Skip forward: I took a break from this for awhile and did some more cleaning. Then Don texted me and said he and Dan DID get that big waterline job, so that's great! That's $1000.00 towards getting this place paid off.

Otherwise nothing else is going on. I want to watch some more Orange is the New Black, but I'm waiting for Don to get home so he can see it, too. I'll be making dinner when I find out when Don is coming home.

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