Jun. 6th, 2017 11:29 pm
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Today Becky and Troy came over and Becky ended up telling Don I'm NOT going to be Ami #2 if he marries me and that he SHOULD marry me. She said she'd even pay for the marriage license from the courthouse ($20). Don just kept laughing and cracking jokes, but didn't say no, so MAYBE he'll marry me someday. We would just have it done at the courthouse because we'll never have money for a huge wedding. I feel like he doesn't want to marry me because of what Ami did to him and it pisses me off because here I am paying for what SHE did and she's off scott-free. Grrrr! Don is definitely the one I want to marry. He IS the one, I don't want anybody else, so why shouldn't we get married? But we'll see; who knows?

Today Don worked for a little while and then came home and put his big stereo system back in the Stratus where it was before he had to park the car in 2013. Now that the car is back on the road he was able to put it back. It's all bassy now.

Today Cathy and Tony turned 20. Of course, Tony still hates me and I don't even have an address for him, so I didn't say anything to him or try to send him anything, but I told Cathy happy birthday and I ordered her present off Amazon awhile back. I hope it won't take too long for it to actually be delivered to her.

Don's birthday is the 16th, so I said something about it in our last YouTube vlog and directed anybody who wants to get him anything to our Amazon wishlist. I added some things to it just for Don. He doesn't know what I added. Today John Burke got him one of the items, a cool Walking Dead-themed jack knife I put on the list. I know, it's JOHN, but oh well. I still look at it this way, he took SO MUCH of my money for those 6 years. If he feels like getting us presents and donating money to help us with our channel, I'm not going to say no. So Don will be getting that stepping stone with a deer on it I got him from work and that jack knife for his birthday so far.

Yesterday I went to the the doctor and had a biopsy. He removed that stupid little growth on my arm to see if it's cancer. He doesn't think it is, but wants to make sure. He put a yucky little hole in my arm. I have to keep it covered and keep triple antibiotic ointment on it for at least 2 weeks. No more work on the tattoo until that's healed. My doctor said that then the tattoo can go right over it to help hide the scar. Hopefully the stupid thing doesn't grow back again. He cut in pretty deep so I think it might all be gone.

After the doctor's appointment I went to Starbucks in Indian River and had lunch, an iced coffee and a veggie gyro. Then I looked around in the Northstar Gardens giftshop part of the building and then went next door to Ken's Market and found sandwich stuff on sale. Then I came home and went and got Don and we went and picked up free food in Onaway and came home.

Tomorrow Don doesn't have to work and he wants to fix on the Stratus some more. Even though it's driveable, it's not done yet. I will do laundry and vacuum and stuff. Then it's back to work Thursday as always.


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