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Thursday we went back up to Cheboygan to the dam to do some more fishing after dinner. It was my idea this time. I just wanted to get out and do something and it was a nice warm night, no thunderstorms this time. I didn't catch anything, but Don got a couple small fish. It was just really nice to be outside and as I was standing at the water with my pole I was thinking about how it was so nice to be there instead of at work dealing with endless assholes, which is where I was originally supposed to be before I quit.

Yesterday Don worked and I stayed home. One of our YouTube subscribers, who lives in the Detroit area, but has a cabin up here, Wil Tomei and his wife Becky, stopped by Dan's house to meet Don. That wasn't fair, I didn't get to talk to him, lol! Actually, if the rain doesn't cancel it out (it's just barely sprinkling now), Don and I are going to the races at the Onaway Speedway tonight and so is Wil, so we're supposed to meet up there. That will be cool. Wil and Becky are the ones who shared their Netflix account with us while we were trying to pay the property off and he ordered us some SD card adapters off Amazon, too. He's been on our personal Facebooks for a long while now. It's funny how YouTube can actually make you real life friends.

Back when Lexi was still coming here she kept saying she wanted an iPod, so I gave her my Nano. I thought I could use my iPhone the same way I could use an iPod, but I cannot. She just instantly lost it as soon as she got it home, so I should have never given it to her. Flash forward to now, I want to be able to listen to music when I take walks, but since I dropped my iPhone data plan down from 4gb to 2gb, I don't want to use up all the data doing that. So I advertised on Facebook asking if anybody had an old iPod, any version, didn't matter how old, as long as it worked and had its cord, that they'd be willing to sell for cheap. Well, Mrs. Herring, my old high school English teacher from Onaway, replied and said she has a brand new Nano she won as a prize from something that she has no idea how to use and no desire to use, that she'll give me for free! That's really nice of her! We arranged for her to drop it off to Don at Dan's today, so that's something I'm looking forward to.

Otherwise not a whole lot is going on. We went food shopping in Onaway last night after Don got home from work. Yesterday was my final payday and I paid our cell phone bill and Frontier (internet). Don told me to hold on to the rest of the money. I do know I need to use some of it for gas and some of it to pay for a new driver's license. They don't just change the name on your driver's license for free like they do the address.

Speaking of, as long as Don doesn't have to work, we need to go to Alpena Monday. I have to go to the Social Security office and file for a new Social Security card. I have to go to State Farm and have my name changed on the car insurance, and to Besser Credit Union and have my name changed there. I also have to go to the Verizon Store and have my name changed with them for the cell phones. I also have to change everything with DHS, but I have to do that in Cheboygan County. I'm picking Alpena for the Social Security office over Petoskey because the traffic SUCKS in Petoskey in the summer! Plus, I have all those other places in Alpena I have to go to, so I might as well do it all in one trip. We need to stop by Cathy's to give her 2 shirts, plus a solar dancing owl I found her at Family Dollar yesterday. Crabass Amy won't be there, so I'm glad.

I guess that's all for now. I'm just sitting here wondering why there's so much traffic out on this barren dirt road today, lol.



Jul. 19th, 2017 01:12 pm
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We went up to Cheboygan yesterday and finally got our fishing licenses from Walmart. Then we went to Becky and Troy's and we all ended up going fishing at the Cheboygan dam. I caught a bullhead and a perch, and then Don caught this. WOW!

We didn't know what it was, but 2 people walking by said it's a bowfin, and another guy later confirmed it. Dogfish is another name, and it has other names, too, but I'm not going to look them back up. It was 23 & 3/4 inches long and 7 lbs. Don was pretty proud of that one! It's now cleaned and in the freezer.

Right after we decided to stop fishing a great big thunderstorm came in, so we stopped just in time. It was a really nice day, though.

When we got home we had a package. I knew it would be there because this woman named Joyce Lord messaged me on Instagram asking if I got it yet. She's a YouTube subscriber and sent it. It was a big box of all pretty well new clothes, so that was really nice of her! I don't know who she actually is, though. The address on the box is New York state. She's not on my Facebook like some of our subscribers. I don't know how she got our home address. I'll give it to people who ask, but nobody's asked lately. Google, I suppose, lol. But it's okay, because she did something really nice and wasn't a creeper. Now I have a bunch of clothes I can wear until I re-lose the weight and then I can give it all to Cathy.

Now today Don is at work and I'm relaxing and doing laundry. I need to do the dishes and dust and vacuum, too. It's hot right now, but later in the evening when it cools down I want to take a walk. Yeah, our wedding photos are really nice, but good God, have I ever become a cow again! Ugh! Time to fix that now that I'm no longer working in a place where I'm constantly surrounded by garbage food. That's where I did 95% of my binge eating. I gained 30 lbs. just over this past winter alone, on top of everything else I gained back. I've gained back almost 100 lbs! :(

I have definitely realized how useful to US our YouTube vlog channel is. If I didn't know before, I sure do now. First and foremost it's a video diary for US, not anybody else. If other people watch it, great, but it serves US the best. I keep rewatching the part of our wedding vlog where Don chokes up during the vows because I think it's incredibly romantic that he did that. It shows without a doubt that he loves me with all his soul, and that has never happened in any of my past relationships. To be honest, I don't think any of those guys could have really cared if I was dead or alive. Don isn't like that. He honestly loves me with all he has and I feel the same way about him. He was never been truly loved before, either. He had 2 major exes, Delores Deloy and Ami Root. Both were complete bitches who treated him like shit. Luckily he didn't marry Delores, but she was so abusive to him he had to sleep in his car after work every night because he didn't want to go anywhere near her. And of course, we all know Ami was a bitch to him and cheated like crazy. He dated a little bit here and there, but he said they all sucked, too. So for both of us this is our first real true loving relationship. And it's our last because I never see us divorcing. We don't even argue. It's been months since we did have any kind of argument and the ones we did have were based on my mental unhealthiness from all the abuse I received my whole life. I kept expected abuse when there wasn't going to be any just because that's what I'm used to. It took me a while to heal. I can't say I'm 100% healed, but I'm a whole lot better. Same with Don. He expected me to be like Ami and Delores and it took awhile for him to shake that idea, too. But anyway, I veered off the subject. YouTube is a great way to document our lives for US, because things like our wedding, yeah we would have had pictures and we would have had memories in our heads, but now we have actual footage we can watch whenever we want. Same with all the other videos. A lot of YouTubers are only about attracting fans and making money (most people are monetized, but of course, we can't be.) and they've forgotten all about themselves.

Speaking of vlogs, now that I'm not working they can be daily again like they originally started out as. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't really vlog on the days I worked because I didn't have time and we never went anywhere or did anything, so they had become multi-day ones, some of them as long as 5 days. Now, for the people who ARE subbed to us (and us too) the videos can be a lot better.

Here's yesterday's. You can see Don catch that big fish. :)

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Here's the wedding vlog! I wasn't sure if the sound was good enough during the ceremony. I cranked the volume of that clip all the way up, but I couldn't really listen to it during editing because my laptop can't handle Filmora Wondershare and the high resolution clips from my camera very well, so it doesn't play smooth enough for me to listen to it all while I'm editing. However, now that's it up on YouTube I see the sound is good enough to catch Don choking up during the vows. That's a good way to remember it because it's really special to me. That means he really, really loves me. He kids around a lot, but when it comes right down to it, there's no doubt he loves me with all his heart, and I feel the same way about him!


Jul. 17th, 2017 09:15 pm
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We are married! Don had to go pick up some windows for the house from a seller on one of the Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade groups this morning, but then we got ready and went up to Cheboygan to get married. We stopped at Walmart to try to buy a frame for the new Charles Trippy poster I ordered, but they don't sell the right size anymore. Grrrrrrr!!! We saw Ma and Dad there. They were coming up to come to our wedding. My shoes were really hurting me, so I had Don cut them with a knife and then they were fine. They were too tight across the top of my feet. They were only 5 something, so it's no big deal. The cuts are small and look like they belong there. Then we all met at the courthouse. While we were waiting in the car for Ma and Dad to come down from Walmart we saw Christine come out of the courthouse with her lawyer. I didn't bug her, though, because she was busy talking to him.

So we went in and the secretary at Judge Butts' (yes, that's really his name, lol!) office asked us if we wanted to do it outside and we said yes. They have an arch thing outside to do it at. Ma took photos and shot video for the vlog. The camera can do both at the same time. Her and Dad were also our witnesses. Don cried during the ceremony, which surprised me, but that also lets me know he definitely loves me!

After the ceremony we all went to the park past Speedway to meet up with the girl who was going to take photos of us with my good camera. We all just relaxed on a picnic table in the shade until she got there. She was a really nice girl and did a good job and brought flowers for us to use in the photos. Even though she doesn't know us, she gave us a gift, a bottle with a cork top. She said we could put sand in it since we were at the beach to remember the day, so after the photos were taken and Ma and Dad left Don did indeed fill it with sand. It looks pretty cool. That was really nice of her!

Cathy called me on Facebook video chat while Don was getting the sand. She couldn't come because she had to work and then had to watch Sarah (as always), but that was okay. Then we stopped at Speedway and I got some iced coffee and a little lunch, and then we went back to Walmart and got a small carrot cake and some ice cream.

We came home and Don grilled pork steaks and chicken and we had a nice dinner and then had dessert. We put that skeleton cake topper on the cake that one of our YouTube subscribers got for us.

We just got back from town. We got a little bit to drink to celebrate, and we've just been relaxing and watching movies.

We're happy to be married! I'm still surprised it's really true! I thought for so long he would never want to get married.

Here's all the photos:



Jul. 16th, 2017 01:49 pm
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So Thursday we got up really early to pick up our marriage license and to meet a guy outside the Cheboygan courthouse to buy that tattoo ink. Don needed to work at Dan's, so we left here at 7:26 a.m. to get up there right when the courthouse opened at 8. I think we were the first people in there. Then I took Don to work and came home and took a nap, but it didn't matter because I was still super tired at work. Oh well.

So tomorrow we get married! Yay! Don has to meet up with some people at 8 a.m. to buy 3 windows off the Facebook Onaway Buy Sell Trade group, though. Then we get married at 2:30. Ma and Dad are going to come, but I don't think anybody else is. Then we are meeting up with a girl to take photos of us at the beach. I hope it doesn't rain. It's not supposed to.

Things are going to shit fast at work. First they accused Brad of stealing a whole package of lotto tickets, then found out it was just delivered to to the wrong store. Now they've accused him of stealing $100.00. Do they not like him or something? And Christine went to jail for giving somebody methadone. She denies it, but I don't know what to think since she did mention this winter something about her friend wanting her to fill her prescription and give it to her to get high. She said she didn't do it, but maybe she did. Well anyway, she got out on bail and now has lots of court. But in the meantime, Blarney Castle has suspended her from work and is investigating what's going on. She will most likely be fired since it's drug related. So they have Amy, the new girl, working all her own hours and all of Christine's hours, too. We're not supposed to get more than 28 hours a week, but Amy has well over 40. This week Rich has been working his own shifts AND then going up to the little store to close for Christine. And then, once summer hit, I was too busy to go around the whole store and check for updates. BUT I am NOT the only person who works there. There are usually 2 people working during the day. One of them could check. But no, apparently everybody thinks it's ONLY MY job to do that. I had a woman come up to me last night complaining that all the milk expired on July 5th! That's 10 days expired! WTF? So I said fuck it and left it right where it is. Let's see just how old it gets! That's not JUST MY job! I'm not the only one working there. All the daytime people think everything is up to the closers except running register and making coffee (and sometimes they don't even make coffee and I get there and it's gone, like last night!). I'm sick of it. I will be so glad when this is all over with!

Well, Don just said that now that we have all the little extra bills paid (my back taxes, both phones paid off, paying Dad back) that after tonight I don't have to go back anymore! Thank God for that! I don't want to go to jail! Now that DeLynn keeps coming over from Alpena she's throwing accusations at people about stealing. I don't want to be next! I'd rather not even go tonight, but Don said I should, so one more time and that's enough.

Well, time to take a shower and go deal with that crap one last time.


5 Days

Jul. 12th, 2017 12:44 pm
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5 days until we get married and I can start changing my name on everything to Wilton! I guess we have to go to Alpena to change my social security card because Don said when he tried to go to the one in Petoskey one time for something they chewed him out and told him he was at the wrong one and the one for people in this area is in Alpena. So fine, we'll pick one of my days off and vlog, too. I want to vlog that big 3D fish mural somebody painted downtown since I moved away, and find that geocache on Sportman's Island, and walk on the Pier at Bayview Park like I always used to. That should make for a nice vlog and at least we did more than just go to the social security office and leave. I'll have to have my driver's license changed and change my name at work and at the credit union (I guess while we're in Alpena I'll also go show our marriage license to Besser Credit Union and have them change my last name on their computer). I have a lot of places to change my name on the internet, too. I'm waiting until we're officially married to change it on Facebook. I don't play that dumb game where women change their last name to their boyfriend's last name when they're not even married, like Jasmine did with Tony, and like Ellen Barres did with Bryan VanSumeren. I think it's cheesy and stupid. You're not married, so don't lie and say you are! I could have been a dickhead and had my last name as Wilton on my Facebook ever since we got together on December 11th, 2014, but that's so stupid and babyish!

Don finally went back to work for Dan yesterday, so that'll help us out, especially after August 7th. As long as people keep ordering those spades Don will have the work. Yesterday he asked me to go to work with him. I guess he likes my company, lol. He just shipped some spades out at the UPS office in the Onaway Embroidery Shop and then cut some pipe. I just sat there drinking mint tea and eating Combos and watched him.

Last night we watched Moana on Netflix. That was really good! I know I'm an adult and I shouldn't like what Don calls, "cartoons," but I do! I always wanted to be an animator, and even though it didn't work out, I like watching really good animation, both traditional and computer generated. I hate that really low quality crap from the 80's, though. As an artist all I can see in that crap is their sloppiness. I like the old My Little Pony cartoons, but it really bothers me when they put the wrong dialog on the wrong pony! It's like, "be careful people!" LOL! I know the series and movie were only put out to sell the toys, but that doesn't mean they didn't need to care. They might have sold more ponies if the animation had been better quality. They don't make mistakes like that in MLP-FIM and that's just meant to sell the toys, too, so apparently people had a different mindset in the 80's than they do now.

I need to dye my hair today. It's the only day I can do it thanks to work. I hired a photographer from Cheboygan to meet up with us after we get married at the courthouse and use my camera to take some nice photos for $20.00 and I don't want gray showing. I just bought my own color this time, dark brown. I'm done trying to change the color because it never stays in.

I'm selling that tattoo ink I bought off Amazon. I was going to have Donny Root finish the dragon tattoo and I didn't think he had any colored ink because everything on his Facebook is black and white. Then I decided to give Nate Raymond another chance, but he said he wouldn't use the ink. (Asshole) Then I kept seeing more and more shitty tattoos Nate was doing show up on his Facebook and I said, "nope!" I'm going to have Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan do it, even if I have to wait until I get my tax return. All the guys there do GREAT work. I just need to go there and get an estimate to know what cost I'm looking at. So I don't need this ink. Today a guy in Cheboygan said he'll buy it and we're going to meet at the courthouse tomorrow morning when Don and I go to get the marriage license.

My plan for that since Don is working again is for us to get up early, go up there and get the license, then I'll drop Don off at Dan's and I'll come home and then I'll go to work when it's time. I work at 4:15 so we need to go to Cheboygan early. The clerk's office wants us to make sure there are no mistakes on the license. Then we get married Monday at 2:30. Yay!

Don doesn't want to tell Dan he's getting married because when Dan got married to Rose many years ago Don was supposed to be the best man, but some other guy started whining so Dan let that guy do it instead. Geez, sibling rivalry, lol. I'm sure Dan will find out by word of mouth, and if not, he's sure to wonder why Don is suddenly wearing a wedding ring, lol.

My wisdom tooth holes on the left are healing really well. It's only been a week, but they seem to healing faster then the right side did. The holes are already almost closed up. Good!

So Monday when we were just getting into Cheboygan we saw Christine just leaving it. I texted her and said I saw her. A few minutes later she sent me a weird text saying she had been arrested that morning on a charge the cops, "made up just for her," and that she didn't know what was going on. Come on now! You know what's going on and you know cops don't have the time or the desire to make special charges up for people. She said that same shit when her boyfriend got arrested, too. She did something, probably her and Tommy together, and doesn't want to be honest. If she didn't want me to know, she didn't have to say ANYTHING. She could have said she was shopping before work or something. Why lie? It pisses me off! She claims to be my friend and lies to me. That's bullshit!

My shirt from TeeTurtle finally came. The stupid mailman marked it as delivered on Monday and didn't bother to deliver it until yesterday. Now why the fuck? Don't mark something as delivered until it actually IS! Here I was freaking out thinking he gave the package to who the hell knows who and who the hell knows where!
But anyway, I like the picture on the shirt (that's why I ordered it, lol), but I ordered it in 3X and it's HUGE! I've gained back so much weight that my mind is telling me 3X is what I need again, but maybe I don't. Oh well, lol. I'll find out after I dye my hair and take a shower because I'm going to put it on.

I guess that's all for now. I'm doing laundry today and I need to get my hair dyed and take that shower, lol.


So Far...

Jul. 10th, 2017 09:07 pm
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So far I've knocked $65 off my Verizon Wireless bill. First I paid off my iPhone, which will take almost $16.00 off the bill. Then I switched to what they call, "The New Verizon Plan." All the parts of the bill are lower than they were on whatever plan I was on before, and I dropped it from 4gb down to 2. I never used more than half of the 4gb, so why pay for all that? Friday I will pay off Don's phone, which will take another $3.74 off the bill a month. So that's one big bill knocked way down. Don gave me the money to pay off my back taxes, so that's gone now, too. Next will be paying Dad back that $157.00 I still owe him from October 2014 when he bought me new tires for the LeSabre. I should have paid that off years ago. Then there's the normal bills like car insurance, Frontier and the phone bill one more time, but it will be lower. Don said we will find lower car insurance.

I gave notice at work. I gave them a 1 month notice, which is double what I'm required to give, so they shouldn't be pissed off. I put down August 7th as my last day, but that's a Monday, so if my schedule stays the same as it has been for many months now, my last day will probably be the 6th. Meanwhile, the bullshit from the customers continues. Last night a guy was pissed at me because his card wouldn't slide. We are NOT allowed to type them in by hand anymore. I told him that, and I was never rude through any of it, and that pissed him off. Then he started chewing me out for not having a chip reader installed. I am NOT the owner, those kinds of things are NOT up to me. I told him we're getting the chip reader on July 19th and he snapped, "Well, it's little too late now!!" Fuck you dude, seriously! That horrible attitude just for beer and cigarettes! He tried 3 cards before one would work and I ended up stopping talking to him by the end, I didn't even say, "have a good night," because he was being such a dick to me. I knew he could and probably would use anything I said against me to call corporate and turn me in, so I said nothing. I'm just sick of shit like that!

Today Don and I went to Cheboygan to get our marriage license. We had to stop at Walmart first so we could grab Don some new shoes. His boots were falling apart, plus they're steel-toed and he can't get through security at the courthouse with them on. When he went to pay off the property they made him go to the police station next door to be frisked before they'd let him in because of his boots. Dumb. You can't even take your car keys in there. You have to leave them in your car. They added this garbage just recently.

Anyway, we ran into Uncle Maylon outside Walmart and talked to him for awhile. He welcomed Don into the family. Then we went in and found Don some shoes and then went to the courthouse.

After we got the license application filled out and paid the $20.00 (we can pick the license up on Thursday), we went down the hall and made the appointment to be married at the courthouse. It will be Monday the 17th at 2:30, so 1 more week left and then we will be married! Woo hoo!

Then we went back to Walmart and I bought black flat dress shoes to wear with my yellow sundress and we found Don a nice black button-down shirt and a cool looking red tie. He has a pair of black khakis, so we should both look pretty nice. I'm going to try to fix my hair different and hope it doesn't get all messed up before we get up there, lol. I'll use my hair straighter as a curling iron. I saw something on Facebook on how to do it and the results looked nice. If that doesn't work right I'll just straighten it like normal.

I put up an ad on the Facebook Buy Sell Trade groups when we got home looking for someone who can use my camera to take a few nice photos of us at the park on Lake Huron in Cheboygan afterward. I can't hold the camera myself unless I want a bunch of stupid looking selfies, lol. Becky and Troy MIGHT be there, but there's no way they'll want to mess with my camera, especially Becky. She says she never wants to learn anything new. A girl in Cheboygan answered and we set up to meet at the park around 3 that day and for $20 she'll use my camera and take some nice photos. She's a photographer. We should get some nice pictures out of it and I think it's a great deal. Somebody else could have charged a whole lot more.

Cathy said she can't come, that she has to work and then watch Sarah (as always), and I texted Ma and she said she has to ask Dad if he wants to go. Tony still hates me and has no driver's license or car anyway, so he won't be there. I announced it on Facebook, but I can't imagine anybody else coming. Oh well, that's okay, though. We'll still have a great day. I think Don will look really sexy in those clothes!

We also got some other things from Walmart we needed, like hair dye, tampons, Pantene shampoo and conditioner, some dinner rolls that were on sale, and chicken and beef bullion cubes. After that we went to Burger King and got a couple things for lunch and then came home.

Now the bad news is that I ordered a shirt from TeeTurtle. I got a notification while we were in Cheboygan saying it was delivered today at 3:02...but it was NOT. It is nowhere to be found. It's not at any of the neighbors' houses, either. Don went all over and checked. So I'm really pissed. I checked the tracking number on and it said the same thing, too. Ugh! Who the hell did the dumbass mailman give it to? So I'm out $25.00. I wrote to TeeTurtle and asked them if they ended up with it back, "return to sender," would they send it back to me again? Ugh, what crap!

One side of the mailbox didn't have anything on it, so we went to Family Dollar and got white paint and clear packing tape. I painted "Wilton 5900 Mero" in big letters and Don covered it in packing tape to make it waterproof. Last week UPS gave one of our packages to the neighbor, also. So if USPS, UPS and FedEx can't see that, then I don't know what the fuck.

Now Don is making us homemade mac and cheese with smoked sausage in it for dinner and we're just relaxing.



Jul. 7th, 2017 01:29 pm
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In about a month I'm quitting Blarney Castle. The customers are way too verbally abusive and I can't take it anymore. Last night I made a mistake. I'm human, I make mistakes just like everybody else. At closing time there was 1 pump left pumping. I got confused and thought they were paying with a card at the pump, so I closed the store and I was going to wait until they were done to shut the pumps off. That's how it always goes, night after night. I went back to shut off the lights and when I came back somebody was pounding on the door. Now that's happened before and Dar said ignore those people and don't reopen the store, so that's what I did. I thought they just wanted beer like people always do because once we close they can't get beer in Indian River anymore because Shell across the road doesn't sell it. I went over the turn the coffee pots back on and they kept pounding. So I went over to try to tell them we close at 11 and they were yelling through the glass that they had gas to pay for. Shit! So I unlocked the door and it was one guy who's a regular and his wife and 2 kids. I said since we were closed that he could come in and pay for the gas, but that I couldn't let everybody in (that's policy). Well, the woman flipped the fuck out and insisted that she and her kids come in and buy a bunch of shit, so I let them all in. What the fuck ever. She then waited until the guy went in the bathroom, obviously not wanting him to hear her, and proceeded to chew me right the fuck out. I tried apologizing, but that wasn't good enough for her. She made it perfectly clear that I'm a no good fucking idiot and that the only way to make it okay was to give them the gas for free. She kept saying that since I locked the door, they didn't have to pay for it. I just said fuck it and deleted the gas off their sale. The guy came out and wanted to pay for the gas and I told him no because she wouldn't stop freaking out on me. He stormed out all pissed off, but hey, his nasty bitch got what she wanted. So I left Rich a note saying what happened and that I will be paying the $46.24 for their gas when I go in to work today at 5. I had to wait until today because it's payday and I had no money last night. *sigh* I'm just so absolutely sick of being verbally abused. DeLynn has been calling and doing it, too. So many customers, most of them local regulars, have been treating me like I'm a no good piece of shit just because I'm a cashier, like I'm 5000 levels below them, like I'm not a worthy human being, and like I'm their no good slave, just like at McDonald's. I can't hand it anymore. I don't deserve to be made to feel like a bad person just because I work in customer service.

So Don surprised me and said I can stick it out for another month, we get things paid off, like the $157.00 I owe dad, and get our cell phones paid off, and then I can quit and take a year or 2 off. Wow! That's different!

There are things I need to focus on anyway, like re-losing all this weight. I'm almost back to 300 lbs! Plus, a gas station is a bad place to be with my uncontrollable binge eating. I eat myself sick there every night!

I will never ever EVER work in customer service again. Even if I have to go be a dishwasher at a restaurant, I want to be hidden from all the horrible, hateful, heartless assholes. Almost every person who walks through the doors of that gas station automatically hates my guts and wants me dead JUST because I'm a cashier and they think they are all SO MUCH BETTER than me. I mentally cannot take it anymore. I do not have a thick skin. I take everything straight to heart. It's part of my depression and lack of self esteem. So working with the public is only making me sicker.

I slept like shit last night, having nightmares over and over about the things going on at work. Ugh!

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Yesterday Don and I went to the parade in Onaway. We ran into Ma, Travis, Amber, Auren and Mason and watched it with them. It was fun, it always is. Moran Iron Works unveiled a big iron sturgeon sculpture this year. (Onaway is The Sturgeon Capitol of the World). I think it looks really cool and it's the best thing Tom Moran has made yet. (I'll come back and add photos after the vlog is done uploading, which is taking FOREVER!) After the parade we ran into Don's brother Dave and his wife Nikki, Uncle Jack and Aunt Lois, and my cousins Evah and Shyanne. After Ma and Travis and everybody left to go to the lake we went to the pie and ice cream social at the Methodist Church where they give out free pie and ice cream and Grandpa Schoolcraft and his girlfriend Mavis were there and so were Aunt Marge and Uncle Glenn, so it was nice to see family. Then Don and I went to the front yard of the courthouse where there were a lot of booths with stuff for sale. Don got me some lilac scented body spray and a blueberry candle, both handmade, from the booth his friend Melissa was running. When we went into the courthouse to see the rest of the vendors' booths we ran into Grandpa and Mavis again. Then we came home and Don made brats, chicken, polish sausage, hot dogs and burgers on the grill and we had chips, baked beans and potato salad. It was all really good! Then later we had ice cream for dessert. We went to see the fireworks and then came home for the night. We watched old episodes of Trailer Park Boys all day. It was a really fun day and I'm glad I had the day off!

Now today we just got back from Atlanta where I had my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled. That wasn't so great, but at least it's over now. We also got gas, went to the Atlanta Family Dollar, and into Freddie's Market where we got some of things they have ridiculously on sale. It's too bad we don't live closer to that store because their sales are always just plain crazy.

Now we're home and doing laundry and I'm still numb and still have gauze in my mouth. The novocaine makes me spacey and tired. I'm glad Don didn't have to work today so he could drive me home. I didn't like driving home feeling this way last time. Unfortunately I go right back to work tomorrow. I bought more Ibuprofen to get me through.

Well, that's about all for now. Bye.


Jul. 3rd, 2017 12:34 pm
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It's been an awful weekend at work! Of course, we don't have enough employees, but Rich's bullshit scheduling didn't help, either. DeLynn had this guy named Rick come all the way from Alpena to work at our store for a few days. She also had Patty from the Cheboygan store come a couple times. She hired a girl named Amy, too. I've been trying to train Amy, but when the place is constantly mobbed and we're the only 2, I can't get her away from the register to show her how to do any of the cleaning things. I did manage to show her how to change garbages, fill ice and sweep and mop. At least she's getting lots of register practice, I guess. Most of the customers have been nice, but there was this one woman Friday who was a complete asshole. Her lotto ticket wouldn't scan, so she was going to call corporate and have me fired, as if my getting fired from this job would be the end of my life. Like it would be SO DAMAGING to me and I'd end up living in a ditch somewhere. No, I really don't care if I lose this job. I can find another job, even if it means driving to Cheboygan. Customers always think they're going to basically kill me by getting me fired. Nope, I wouldn't care. This woman had this stupid smug look on her face like, "Ooooooh, I'm going get you good!" Whatever. I have to work today, which I don't normally work Mondays, and then I can get the hell out of there for 2 days. Fuck that place for awhile!

I haven't even been able to put up a vlog since Thursday. I've been filming when I can, but I can't stay up late to edit, export and upload every night. Rich scheduled me to go in at 3 every day all week, which is 2 hours earlier than usual, so I need my sleep after I come home and wolf down dinner.

The exercise bike broke, so that's the end of that. I guess it's no surprise. It's really old, maybe from the 80's, possibly 90's. Oh well. It was free, so whatever.

Tomorrow we both have off work, so we're going to go to the parade and fireworks. We will BBQ and try to have a nice day. Then I have my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled out Wednesday. Yay. Then I go right back to work Thursday. I'll just have Ibuprofen with me.

Part of me no longer wants to vlog on days I work because absolutely NOTHING can happen those days. I feel like it's worthless material. "Hey, it's whatever day now, here's Eevee and Tug, I have to go work, bye." Day after day. Yay. That's quality content all right. :/ BUT if I do that it will mess up the day count and I've stayed consistent with that for over 900 days. Ugh!

Don is in town getting his monthly check and paying bills. He's going to pick up hot dogs, buns and brats for the grill for tomorrow. We have Lay's chips on sale 2 for $3.00, so I'll get those when I'm at work tonight. I have to get in the shower at 1:30 and be to work at 3:30. Amy is supposed to be there again, so I won't be 100% alone. I've already resigned myself to the fact that when I do get left alone I can't do ANYTHING but run register. I will wait until after close, throw the popcorn in the garbage, dump coffees, wipe the coffee bar real quick and leave. If I get fired, I don't care anymore. It would be nice to work somewhere where I will have coworkers. This being alone all the time bullshit sucks. I mean really, I'm expected to clean the whole place from top to bottom every night, and count lotto and cigarettes, when the place is packed tight like a sardine can all night and I can't walk away from the register? I'm not a damn superhero! It can't happen! This is all beyond ridiculous. If they don't have enough employees to run the place, they need to shut it down until they do...or the managers need to stop leaving early and saying fuck you to us all. They need to stay and help us as long as it takes! And Rich going on vacation for a week and a half during the busiest time of the whole year and leaving us in the dust, after making a VERY shitty schedule that had each of us working completely alone every day, is BULLSHIT! All the other gas stations I ever go into have 2, sometimes even 3 employees working ALL THE TIME! So what the fuck is going on with Blarney Castle?!

I'm also sick of getting treated like I'm not a human being by the customers and that I'm the most worthless scum on earth. Just because I ring you up and take your money and give you change does not mean I'm a piece of shit whose 5,000 levels below you in quality! I wish I could work somewhere where I never saw the public. How would they like to be treated like they are not worthy human beings? I thought the days of slavery were long over?

Well, enough ranting. I'm just so beat to hell from this weekend at work! Ugh!


Rings :)

Jun. 28th, 2017 08:33 pm
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Today we went up to Walmart in Cheboygan to look at wedding rings and see what prices we were looking at. Don expected around $300/$350. We were surprised, though. They're only $98 for the whole set! So we went ahead and got them. Don's has to be sent in to be resized, so they still have it, but I have mine. I put the wedding ring away, but I can wear the engagement ring now, so I am. We like them. They are sterling silver with tiny diamonds. Pretty cool! I'll post the wedding rings after we're married, but here's the engagement ring:

Becky and Troy came over and they have the same wedding ring set, lol. Oh well, it's a good deal. Next time we go to Cheboygan we can get the marriage license, which is only $20.00. We're doing it at the courthouse. It's $10.00 to have the judge do it, so $30 total. We don't need a ginormous wedding that costs our lives. I just want some pics taken of us outside somewhere after the ceremony.

I did laundry today and now we're working on dishes. The battery is bad in the Stratus, so Don is going to put the one from the LeSabre in it. He also found out there's a broken spring. We have lots of luck, right?


A Big Nope

Jun. 27th, 2017 03:56 pm
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Today we went to the feed store and guess who was there. Nate Raymond. Ugh! He came right over to the car while Don was inside buying chicken feed and started pestering me about finishing the dragon tattoo. No, dude, just NO! He can't pull it off. He has no talent. And I could smell booze on his breath all the way across the car from the driver's side window. He refuses to work sober. No, no, NO! I'm having the professionals in Cheboygan do it. I didn't tell him that, I just played along, because I'm so worried about causing drama. He said, "You'll give me a chance to finish my art, right?" Ugh! Then Don came back and had to lie to him, too, because Nate asked if Dan is mad at him because he hasn't asked him back to work in a long time. Don had to say no to avoid drama, but yes, Dan is mad at him, fired him, to be exact. He cost them money because he was working drunk and made a bad weld on a spade that ended up being shipped to a customer and just a couple minutes after starting to use it it broke on the customer! The customer was really pissed and demanded his money back and didn't want a replacement. Nate made them look really bad. This guy is an alcoholic who won't put down the bottle to do anything! I don't want him touching my arm anymore. It can be fixed and finished up to be something really awesome by the guys at Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan, but NOT by Nate Raymond!

After the feed store we went to Tom's Market and bought a little bit of groceries and now we're home. Later I'll make dinner.

I still haven't had sugar. Tomorrow will be a week. I still haven't had any leg cramps. That was definitely the problem!

So I haven't wanted to share this because I'm worried people will think we're just greedy assholes who want shit, but I made a wedding registry for us on Amazon. There isn't too much on it, just a few things we need that we don't have yet. IF somebody wants to, they can get us something off it, but nobody HAS to. I will mention it in one of our vlogs and put it in the description just in case somebody there wants to, but I'm afraid to put it on Facebook because I don't want to hear my relatives whine that they're too poor. My Aunt Marge might especially freak out. We don't EXPECT anybody to get us anything, I just made it IN CASE somebody wants to. I'm not holding a gun to anybody's head. :/ The date on it is just a guesstimate. We haven't actually picked one yet, but I know it won't be too far into the future.

Not much else is going on. Eevee feels better. She's more active and isn't constantly sleeping and is barely limping today. She better not run away like that again.



Jun. 26th, 2017 09:33 pm
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Saturday I was on the phone with Ma and I noticed Eevee was at the treeline in the backyard. That shitty chain broke again. I knew yelling for her and chasing her wouldn't work, so I just waited, figuring she'd come in the house when she was done running around like she has before. Don came home and I had to go to work. I kept texting and asking, but Eevee never showed up. Tug was gone, too. He usually comes home, though, so I wasn't worried about him. I got home from work and they still weren't back, so I figured Tug would be on the porch in the morning like he always is, but had no idea where Eevee went. She was dragging her chain, so I thought maybe she was hooked on something somewhere.

In the morning there was still no Tug. Now that IS weird. I got up and was getting dressed and I looked out the bedroom window, hoping to see the dogs, but I didn't. I saw something white moving around in the chicken coop. The rooster is white, so I thought it was him, but I looked closer and it was Tug's face. He was in the chicken coop! So I went out there and sure enough, he was just chilling in there.

How he got in there I don't know because the chicken coop has no door. My guess is Eevee's Jack Russell terrier instincts kicked in and she went under the chicken wire. I did find a spot where the wire was ripped off two of the tent stakes holding it down. Tug must have followed her in, but couldn't figure out how to get back out and sat in there all night. I lifted up the wire and let him out. The bad news is there's only 1 chicken left now. The other chicken is dead and the rooster is just gone. He must be dead, too, because if he was just out he'd be walking around the yard because they never went far from their home. This means Eevee killed them. It's not her fault, JRT's were bred to go after small prey. Tug wouldn't do that. He was even afraid of the kittens when they were little and when the chickens did get out he didn't even pay attention to them.

So anyway, Tug was accounted for, but still no Eevee. I was worried she was out killing everybody else's chickens and ducks and that we'd be in deep shit, but the birds in the coop of the neighbors directly next door looked fine. I was still worried somebody caught her going after their birds and either shot her or called Animal Control. I figured we'd just never see her again.

All of Sunday passed by, and most of today. I decided to try putting a couple posts on 2 of the Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade groups for this area with pictures of her saying she was missing. Not even an hour later 2 young girls probably in their 20's contacted me and said they had her! They brought her right home. She was found about 4 miles away, in the same area Tiger was found in when she ran away for 2 weeks that one time, by Klieber Pond. That means she crossed the river somewhere. She sure couldn't have swam, the river is as wide as a lake in this area because of the 2 dams.

So Eevee is absolutely exhausted. She has mainly just slept since they brought her home. She's in rough shape. She obviously ate nothing all weekend because her sides were sunken in. She is very sore. She can barely walk, just limps. Her paws are all raw and sore. She cried when I tried to put Bag Balm on them. Don and I were watching a movie and she fell off the couch. She's not going to die, but she really beat the hell out of herself! If only she'd stop running away and learn to come when called! This shit wouldn't happen!

So Friday was a weird fucking night at work. Rich scheduled me to work alone. He always does, he always has, and he always will. It sucks, but I'm used to it. If there is somebody else there, it's not for horribly long. As soon as I got there Friday and got clocked in and my drawer in the register Rich pulled his drawer out, counted it, clocked out and ran out the door to begin his 1 1/2 weeks of vacation. I'm used to just being abandoned as soon as I walk through the door with every single cleaning job saved up all day for me. It's nothing new and it will never change.

Well, the night goes on and it's busy as hell. I have a constant line and I know I can never leave the register and clean anything. I had already resigned myself to that. It's happened many, many times. Suddenly the phone rings. I'm barely able to answer while trying to wait on customers. I HATE when the phone rings when I'm alone and it's busy. I feel like customers think I'm an asshole for being on the phone. It's DeLynn, our district manager who lives in Alpena, freaking out that I'm working alone on a busy summer Friday night. She asked if somebody called in and I said no, that I was scheduled that way. Then DeLynn was really pissed, not at me, but at Rich for scheduling that way. She said she was going to send somebody from the Cheboygan store to help out, which made me feel nervous because I don't know them.

Then I was completely confused. How the hell did she know I was alone when she is in Alpena, like 2 hours away? I don't think she can watch our cameras. Then all of a sudden this blond woman showed up. Turns out she is Dawn, the owner's second in command. I had waited on her not knowing who she was. She saw what was going on and went in the back to see if anybody else was here and when she saw I was alone she called DeLynn. That tells you how busy it was, I had no idea she had walked into the back! She said this was terrible and that Rich needs to be retrained on how to schedule when it's busy. I showed her the schedule where I'm alone next Friday, too, and she was really upset because it's getting so close to the 4th of July and called DeLynn again to tell her that. Dawn went into the coolers and stocked them until the 2 women from the Cheboygan store showed up, Tammy, the manager for that store, and Patty, an older woman who is a normal cashier like me. DeLynn called a few more times to apologize and thank me for my dedication. Okay, then, lol. She said she never wanted me to go through this again. Well, you know what, I WILL, ALL THE TIME, and I HAVE BEEN, since I was hired in October 2015. It will NOT change.

So those 2 women cleaned the entire store from top to bottom while I was stayed at the register waiting on the endless crowd of customers. It was an absolutely insane night! Of course I thanked them several times. If it had just been the coffees would have gotten dumped at the end and that's it. I honestly couldn't do ANYTHING.

Tammy left first and Patty stayed until after 9. I was definitely thankful that everything was done. I hope Rich really enjoys his vacation, because he is going to be ripped a new asshole when he gets back. DeLynn and Dawn are his bosses. Ouch.

Oh yeah, and for next Friday DeLynn has a guy named Rick coming all the way from one of the Alpena stores to work from 1 to 9. I don't know him, either, but help will be nice. Tammy was pretty nice, but Patty was really nice. We talked a lot before she left and she seemed like she would be a good coworker. It's too bad she works at the wrong store, lol.

The night before some guy fell outside the door. The people he was with kept claiming he broke his arm. An ambulance was called. I filled out a report and called Rich and let him know and took pictures on my phone of where he fell. That's what I was supposed to do. Well, Friday night after Patty left the guy called yelling that he wanted the store's address so he could send us his hospital bill for us to pay. I told him he'd have to talk to a manager and gave him DeLynn's number and he kept getting meaner and meaner and I had customers, so I told him I had to go. Apparently he called her, because she called me upset that he called her. *sigh* Fine, I will just tell people to go to hell whenever they want to talk to a manager again because every time I give anybody their phone numbers they get pissed. DeLynn said don't give the guy our address and don't talk to him. Well, he tried to call me back again.....and again, and AGAIN. For an hour straight he'd call, let the phone ring like 50 times, hang up for 1 minute, then do it again. We have caller ID so I know it was him. I ended up having to unplug the phone up front, but I could still hear it constantly ringing back in the office. Then he tried to trick me by calling from another number. I had plugged the phone back in hoping he had given up and it started ringing with a different number. I picked up thinking it was somebody else and I was just about to say our scripted greeting when I heard him yell, "This is bullshit!" and I could also hear the woman he had been with the night before yelling in the background, so I just hung up. He tried a few more times from that number and then started back up from the first number again. What a nutball! Two of the policeman who always come in for free drinks came in and I told them what was going on and they said if he showed up, to call them and they'd get rid of him. Both numbers came from other areas according to Google, but who knows where he actually was. Luckily he didn't show up, though. Friday was just way too damn weird of a day! The next day Dar told me he kept calling her, too (I left her a note about it and DeLynn called her about it, too) and that somehow she had gotten him to stop. He can't just send us his hospital bill and we pay it, even though he kept yelling that that was the law. He needs a lawyer and has to go through court. Blarney Castle doesn't just hand out money without putting up a fight. No business does. But apparently he's still bothering them because Dar called today wanting the photos I took sent to DeLynn, but I deleted them this morning, thinking I didn't need them anymore because they never asked for them. They were just pictures of the cement outside the door, and the door from the inside and from the inside.

I think the guy faked it to make some quick cash. There was nothing to cause a fall. The floor was dry, the cement was dry, the rug was not messed up, there was nothing laying on the floor or outside on the cement. When I opened the door to see what happened he was laying on the cement about 3 or 4 feet away from the door, like he took a flying leap. I think it's all bullshit. The guy was really nice when he was buying stuff, too, and I did everything to help that fucker after he fell, and then the next night he was just a pure bitter prick to me! Fuck people like that!

So I had today off and I did nothing, truly, nothing. I guess I just needed to chill. I watched YouTube and made dinner. Don worked and is now sleeping on the couch. Eevee is still sleeping.

I bought a yellow sundress to get married in. I got it from work. Yes, we are selling sundresses this year. I like it. I looked at it for days wondering if I wanted it, and then I realized it would be useful and then I can keep wearing it afterward. Last night some snobby bitch said, "Who buys a dress from a GAS STATION?!" Well, I did, Miss Better Than Everybody Else! I just need a pair of comfortable flat dress shoes (I don't do heels) and a nice shirt for Don. He can wear one of his pairs of jeans that are not wrecked from work. We're doing it at the courthouse, so we don't need a wedding dress and tux that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, but I want us to look nice for the vlog and for photos. I want photos taken on my nice camera. Maybe afterward we can go to the beach for photos or something. I think Becky and Troy will end up standing up for us. I can show Becky how to use the camera. It's not hard at all, she just has to remember to push the button down only halfway first to make sure it's focused before pushing it all the way down to take the pics. I'll make her practice first, lol. We can't afford huge extravagance and we're not snobby enough to want that anyway, but this IS the GOOD wedding, so I want some nice photos to remember it by. Neither of us should have even gotten married before, but this time counts. :)

So otherwise things are good. I'm happy and I'm glad. Don told me he was getting lots of stress headaches about the balloon payment and now he feels so much better. I didn't even know he was having headaches! He didn't say anything. I'm glad he's a lot happier now.

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I thought Don didn't want to marry me. I thought his ex-wife wrecked it and made him hate the idea. That was the signal he kept sending me. The last time it came up, when Becky was saying he should marry me, that night in bed I asked him about it and he said, "I told you I didn't want to get married." So I said screw it and went to sleep and never brought it up again. I had resigned myself to the fact that it would never happen, that I would forever pay for all the bad things Ami did to him.

Then yesterday he went to Cheboygan to meet up with Gary Price and his wife Judy and their lawyer to pay off the property, and then he went to work at Dan's. He came home while I was in the shower and he braided my hair like usual. (He's better at it because he can see it. It always comes out sloppy for me because I'm trying to do it behind my head.)

I got dressed and came out and sat down at the table with him to relax for a few minutes before leaving for work. He said, "I'm going to do this unromantic." And I was like, "Huh?" He said, "I wish I had some money." I said, "For what?" He said, "To get rings so you can have that piece of paper you want so bad." I just sat there for a few seconds staring at him speechless. Then I said, "Really?!" We talked about it a little more and then he said, "So is the answer yes?" Lol, I had forgotten to actually answer him. Of course the answer is yes!

Turns out he had this planned all along. He was tricking me. He planned on asking me to marry him after the property was paid off. I'm really happy! I thought for sure he didn't love me THAT much to want to marry me, but I was wrong.

It won't be too far into the future. We're just going to do it at the courthouse, which is fine with me. Who can afford a humongous $30,000.00 wedding? He just wants us to have rings first, which surprised me, too. I've been married twice before and never had a wedding ring. Chris and I bought cheap sterling silver rings on Mackinac Island back in 1996 before we foolishly got married, but they weren't really wedding rings. There was nothing with Marty. Don said we can get them from Walmart. He still has his wedding rings from Ami, but of course we don't want to use those. That would definitely bring back bad memories for him. I told him he should sell them, but he said they won't be worth anything even though they're white gold with diamonds. Maybe he should have them appraised to make sure.

He said we'll wait on having my name added to the deed so it's the right last name, lol.

He did slip up twice, and the first time was way back right after I moved here with him, so he's had this planned for a long time. One night he called me Wife, then said he was just kidding. Then sometime this winter he made another wife reference, and then said he was kidding. No, he wasn't, he just wanted me to think he was, lol!

But anyway, I'm really happy, and I can't wait to be a Wilton!

Last night at work an old guy fell walking out the door and the 2 people with him thought he broke his arm. The ambulance came and got him and I had to call Rich and fill out an accident report. Ugh, always something crazy at that job!

Well, that's the big news. Now it's time to get ready for work again.


Paid Off!

Jun. 22nd, 2017 12:24 pm
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Gary Price made Don wait to give him the money until this morning at 9:30 at the Cheboygan courthouse in front of a lawyer. Well, fine, it's done now. Don is now working at Dan's, but he texted me saying we finally own our home and he's very happy and relieved. He also said thank you. Well, no, thank MA, but he knows that. He already plans on thanking her next time we go there, but not in front of Dad, of course. It's an even huger load off Don's shoulders than it is off mine. Don has been paying this guy every month for the past 10 years. He said he was, "over it." I'm happy to be able to help him be less stressed out. It's a good feeling to see him relieved.

Now the things I wanted to happen this summer might actually be able to. I might be able to get us supplies for Don to build screens to put over the windows and I can order that screen door thing that closes with magnets for the sliding door that I have had saved on my Amazon wishlist for months. The bugs here suck. I don't want the house filled with flies, mosquitoes, moths, junebugs and every other damn bug known to man anymore. It would be nice to be able to get an air conditioner from Walmart, but I don't know about that one. Don should sell that older air conditioner on one of the Facebook buy/sell groups since he never wants to use it again. It's been sitting on the bedroom floor for a long time, just waiting for us to stub our toes on. Also, a trip to Mackinac Island with Don may actually be able to happen as long as he gets a day off sometime this summer. It's not really that expensive to go there. The worst is the ferry tickets, $28 a person. Then after that it's just lunch and a souvenir or 2. We can very easily enjoy ourselves there just walking around and taking it all in. :) And I'll get those HIM tickets after July's bills are paid and save gas, food and motel money over the next few months so I can see them before they break up and to get Christine away from all those assholes who use her and treat her like shit. She is stuck in a situation like I was in Rogers City and Alpena. I got out of it and I'd love to see her escape all that kind of shit, too. Her boyfriend is a big part of the problem. He is the one bringing all the trailer trash people around. He also accuses her of cheating. She's worried he's going to say she's fucking people while we're in Detroit for the concert. That's ridiculous! We're going to the show, staying in a motel, then leaving the next morning and stopping at the Saginaw mall to have lunch and look around (that's something else she never gets to do) and then coming home. We are NOT going to be talking to guys, let alone fucking them. Every time I go to a concert, all those people standing around me, I don't talk to them. I'm not going to put her in a situation where she will be having sex with people. Tommy needs to chill out. Plus, they can text each other. They can call each other. AND I film everything. It will all be on YouTube. He can go watch it! She needs somebody better than him. AND if he insists on pulling a Marty and coming with us to watch her, which as far as I know he hasn't mentioned yet, but who knows, he's buying his own ticket. Also, I invited Christine, it's all my idea, so I don't expect her to pay for anything. I told her she can bring her own spending money if she wants to, but that she doesn't have to worry about anything else. I just want to be nice and get her out for something fun. She likes concerts, too. And I think it would be fun to go with her. Cathy can't go because she's working now. Don doesn't really like going because his back and hips hurt. He WILL go to a concert if he really likes the band, but he said he isn't a HIM fan.

I can also turn my Sirius back on, but not quite yet. They sent me offer to turn it back on for $30 for 6 months, which equals $5 a month. Sure, I'll take the sale, but I don't have the $30 yet. They're pretty desperate. You leave and they really want you back, lol. I also eventually need a new radio. This Stratus (yes, Don was surprised by that, lol) is 10 years old and sometimes it says, "acquiring signal" and won't come back until I turn it off and back on. It's just wearing out. I want the Stratus 7, which is pretty well the same radio, but the display is blue instead of orange. And I will have mounting hardware again. Ever since the frame broke on the Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight way the fuck back when and I had to pull the mounting bracket off the dash, I haven't had mounting hardware and the radio just sits on the seat. I tried remounting the bracket, but nothing I tried would stick, and then somehow I lost the bracket, so there. The new radio will come with all new mounting parts.

The one I have:

The one I'll get later:

And I can get my dragon tattoo finished by professionals and pay my stupid back taxes.

One piece of bad news that really has Dan and Don pissed off, though, is that after working on the job for 2 days, the asshole who owns the Onaway trailer park decided to fire them and have a backhoe finish laying the waterlines. He's only paying them $1000.00 and that's it. He was supposed to pay them a whole lot more, like $10,000.00. Don was supposed to get $1000.00, now he's only getting $200.00. Dan was going to be able to pay off the Case 560 and now he can't. I don't think it's anything they did wrong, I think this asshole is just cheap. They even spent a lot of money building a special blade for the Case 560 just for this job, and now they got fucked over.

Next week I work the same days, but I come in earlier every day, anywhere from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours early. Then the next week I have an extra day added on and I go in early one of the days. And I picked up an extra day this past Monday working to cover for Erin and tomorrow I go in at 4 instead of 5. So not tomorrow's check, but the next 3, should be bigger than usual, which will help.

We finished season 5 of Orange in the New Black last night. No spoilers of course, but as always, it was very good. I also found out Ma and Dad DID watch Anne with an E and liked it. I think Ma read the first Anne of Green Gables book, but it was many years ago, and I know Dad didn't read any of them, so they didn't know what was supposed to happen and what wasn't.

I have realized sugar gives me leg cramps at night when I try to go to bed, so no more sugar. I don't need it anyway, I'm a cow. Not only does it make that happen, but it makes me feel physically like shit, and causes digestive problems. And MAKES ME FAT! So that's enough. I'm drinking a cup of coffee with no sugar in it now. I can get used to it. It's not that bad.

Well, it's time to ride the exercise bike, then take a shower, then go to work. Don will get the car back here on time. He always does. Oh yeah, yesterday the size 6 plugs I ordered for my ears from came and I have them in. It was a little rough changing them this time, but it's almost over. I just have size 4 to go, then I'll be at size 2, which is where I'm stopping. I'm not stretching my ears enough to be able to put a little Jaegermeister bottle though them like Toxsick Tripp from Blue Felix, lol!

I looked and looked and can't find the photo of him with the bottle through his ear, but this will give you an idea, lol! Yes, I've seen him in concert.



Jun. 20th, 2017 07:20 pm
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So this is the only place I'll talk about this. It's the only place I talk about a lot of things. Some things in my life don't even go in the vlogs.

We weren't going to make it with the balloon payment on the land contract. There was just no way. Don is not getting the 40 hours a week working for Dan that he needed, in combination with his SSD checks and my work paychecks, to be able to make it by August 16th. I posted on Facebook saying so, saying I didn't know what we would do. Ma saw that post. First she decided to lend us the money. It was her idea. Don is going to make $1,000.00 on a job he's doing with Dan laying waterlines for the Onaway trailer park. He was going to give her all of that to start paying her back. Then we were going to pay her $250.00 a month, $125.00 from me and $125.00 from Don. So Don had to work today as always, but Ma and I had it arranged where I'd go over there and the 2 of us would sneak off and get a cashier's check for $5,000.00 from her credit union, made out in Judy Price's name. (Don had the rest of it, $154.21, put aside.) She's the wife of Gary Price, and for some reason, all the money orders for the past 10 years have gone in her name. So as soon as we got in the car to go to the credit union today, Ma told me she decided to have the money be a gift, like an early inheritance! WOW! We're both VERY thankful! It's a huge weight off our shoulders! Now we don't have to worry about it anymore. Don is going to put my name on the deed, so I'll own it, too, just like he put my name on the title to the Stratus so I own that, too. That means he definitely loves and trusts me if he's letting me own his stuff, too. Don called Gary Price and Gary Price called his lawyer and all the final paperwork will be drawn up tomorrow and Don will meet up with him and pay him and get it all done. Then on another day we will go up to the Cheboygan courthouse and have my name put on the deed. Then it will be all done and over with. Now our lives will be a little easier without that monthly payment to Gary Price. No more stress and worrying about if we will be homeless after August 16th or not because of that $4,000.00 balloon payment. No more going without and giving all our money that doesn't have to go to bills to Gary Price. And Gary Price can't come here and yell at us anymore like he has in the past. This was an incredibly nice thing of Ma to do and we are very thankful!

Thing is, it has to be a secret. If Dad finds out, even though it's Ma's money and not his, he will FREAK THE FUCK OUT. So I can't say anything on Facebook, or in the vlogs, or to any of my family members. Don can tell his family because they don't know Dad, but anybody who does know Dad can't know in case somebody can't keep their mouth shut.

But things will be better now. Now I can turn my Sirius Satellite Radio back on in the not too distant future. I asked Christine if she wants to go to The Fillmore in Detroit to see HIM on their final tour and she said yes. So I will get the tickets after July's bills are paid and then I'll save up for the trip. Christine is always around a bunch of fucking dicks who use her and she needs to get out and do something good. And this is the last time to see HIM, they're breaking up, that's it. I saw them in 2010, but I better take this last chance to see them because I can't just say, "I'll see them next time." There is no next time. It will also be easier to save up to get my tattoo finished, too.

Don kept saying he felt like he was working just to give all his money away, and I was feeling that way, too. Now that's over, though, thankfully. Yeah, we still have bills, but the biggest one is gone.

So back to the rest of the story, I visited with Ma and Dad and we went to Rogers City so Ma could pick up her new glasses. Then we went back to their house and ate sandwiches and then I went and picked Don up from Dan's. Now we're home and Don is BBQ'ing on the grill. Oh yeah, we stopped at Family Dollar and got a few groceries, like charcoal. Ma also gave us lots of food and we had to put all that away. My fidget spinner that I ordered from Amazon almost a month ago finally came. Dad gave us a couple fountains, which I set up on the table in the living room, and I brought out my dragon fountain, too, to go along with them, so there are 3 fountains in the living room. I like the sound of fountains.

I had to work last night to cover for Erin because her dad died. That'll make up for one of the days I lost last week.

I'm still dizzy on and off. Some days I am and some days I'm not. I was yesterday, but not today. I just wish it would completely go away.

I guess that's all my news for now.

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Today Don turned 40! I got him a present, and one of our YouTube subscribers got him something off our Amazon wishlist. I can always tell Don is not used to being treated good because he never knows what to do or say on Christmas and his birthday when I get him presents, lol. I got him a stepping stone from work with a deer on it, plus a birthday card with a deer on it and I put a scratch off Lotto ticket in it. He got a cool-looking Walking Dead jackknife from one of our subscribers. He says it's too nice to use, lol. I had to drop him off at work this morning, so I had him open his presents before that so I could film it for the vlog, because when I get home from work tonight he'll be sleeping. After I dropped him off at Dan's for work I stopped at Tom's Market and got him cake and ice cream for when he gets home. He doesn't know about that yet, lol.

Yesterday the plugs I ordered for my ears came, but they're the wrong kind and I can't use them. That was a waste of money. I got them off Amazon and the description wasn't very good. I'll stick with instead. I'm looking on there now for a pair. I need size 6 to keep progressing to get to size 2. There, I found a pair and ordered them. I waited for close to a month for those other plugs and then they were the wrong thing. These will come in just a few days from Bodycandy.

A couple days ago I tried to give Tug a haircut. That was a failure because the clippers aren't sharp enough, so now he just looks goofy. Oh well, hair grows. He needs short hair for the summer because the ticks are really bad and we need to be able to find them, but that plan failed. He always wants to run around in the tall grass and woods and he always has them on him and his hair is so long and thick it makes it hard to find them and remove them.

As for the dizziness, I still had it yesterday when I first got up, but so far today I don't have it, which is good. I don't need to lose any more days of work. Today's check was only half of what they usually are. Blah.

I guess that's all for now. It looks like it could rain. It definitely feels cooler than it was yesterday, but that's good since it gets very hot here in the house and because for some stupid reason, this year, the air conditioning at work only works in the bathrooms. O_o

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I just got done cleaning the bathroom. Ugh, I hate that, especially the toilet! Blech! Once the floor dries from mopping I have to remember the clean the mirrors and then it will be all done. Last night we took all those empty aquariums out to the shed and took the wood box outside for the summer and I vacuumed. The wood box stained up the carpet, and Eevee completely destroyed the carpet, so we have to pull all the carpet out of the house and throw it away and give up on having carpet. The only 2 rooms that have carpet are the living room and bedroom anyway. We don't have the money to have new carpet installed, so I will see if I can find an area rug for the living room and that's that. We have found a way to keep Eevee confined to the kitchen only where it's easier to clean up her messes, so she shouldn't wreck a rug.

Last night I decided to have us eat dinner at Woodwind's so we didn't have to cook in this hot house and we could enjoy some air conditioning. I saw they added a new meal with a chicken breast with cheese, mushrooms and onions on it, so I got that with mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli. I'm sure it was still plenty fattening enough, but it had to be better than the fried chicken I usually go after at restaurants.

After that we came home and did all the dishes and did all that with the living room, then went to bed. Don is at Dan's now getting the Case 560 ready for a big waterline job they might be doing for somebody. Dan is supposed to pay Don $1,000.00 for that if they get the job, so that will help us out.

Skip forward: I took a break from this for awhile and did some more cleaning. Then Don texted me and said he and Dan DID get that big waterline job, so that's great! That's $1000.00 towards getting this place paid off.

Otherwise nothing else is going on. I want to watch some more Orange is the New Black, but I'm waiting for Don to get home so he can see it, too. I'll be making dinner when I find out when Don is coming home.

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Today it's not too bad, but yesterday it sucked. Brad said when I worked Saturday that he would have closed for me, so I asked him if he'd close yesterday and he said yes, so I called Rich and let him know and he said okay. Now I have 3 days off. It's not too bad today, but I'm going to wait on taking the Antivert pill I would have taken tonight at about 8 and see if it comes back. If it does I will go to the walk-in clinic at Thunderbay tomorrow. I missed 2 days of work and we're too poor for me to miss a ton. My ears still don't hurt, so I don't know. Ma called yesterday and said it might not even BE an ear infection, but permanent vertigo like she has. She has to be on meds for it for the rest of her life. Well, I'll find out.

Yesterday afternoon a really big thunderstorm hit northern Michigan. It was especially bad over the Mackinaw City/Mackinac Bridge/Mackinac Island/St. Ignace area, but hit pretty hard here, too. We were without power for about 5 hours. Today we went up to Cheboygan because I wanted some capris for work and Don needed new blades for the lawn mower, and on the way home, through the Black Lake area, we saw lots of big downed trees. There are a couple of downed trees not far from here, too, that we saw last night. It was pretty crazy. Here's one of many photos taken by people. This one is from Mackinac Island:

I did work Saturday and Don had to drive me and then Christine took me home. She needed to stop at Shell for gas, so I got us each a skull bracelet and a fidget spinner. She didn't have any yet and she saw one with skulls on it and loved it, so I got it for her. I found one that lights up. I'm STILL am waiting for the silver one to come off Amazon, then that will make 4. I think that will be enough...EXCEPT, eventually, I DO want this one, lol:

That one I probably wouldn't even spin very much. I'd just want to look at it, lol!

Don worked for a while this morning and then, besides our little trip to Cheboygan, has been mowing lawn all day. It's really hot out, so he needs to be careful.

So at the ER I weighed in at 273 lbs. :( That's an 88 lb. gain since I moved here on Feb. 3, 2015! UGH! As I've said a million times, it's nobody's fault but my own. I'm the one who can't stop shoving food in my mouth. And it's not even the taste I want, it's the action of putting something in my mouth, chewing it up and swallowing it. That's fucked up. I'm sure it's an oral fixation. Food doesn't even taste good anymore. Now I mainly just taste the salt and and the sugar. That's bad. I don't get pleasure out of eating anymore, I just end up feeling sick to my stomach and run down after I eat.......but what do I constantly want to do? Eat some more! Everything is so fucked up!

We started watching season 5 of Orange is the New Black last night. Of course, it's very good. The power outage interrupted us, but we were able to make more progress after that. I did end up finishing Anne with an E and once I firmly convinced myself it is NOT the same story as the one in the books and the old movies, I was able to enjoy it. They only threw in a tiny little bit from the books here and there. Otherwise it was all stuff they made up.

Something good has happened regarding the land contract payments and the balloon payment, but I can't say what (don't worry, it's legal, lol). The person helping doesn't want anything said, but I can say the problem is over, solved, all good, thankfully!

I guess that's all for now. Oh! I got rid of Nate Raymond off my Facebook and that's that. I felt so guilty about not letting him finish the dragon tattoo, so I WAS going to let him, but I have to think about myself. All he'd do is collect the money and walk away. I am the one who has to live with a mangled piece of shit on my arm for life! So I'm going to have Ninja Monkey Tattoo in Cheboygan fix and finish it. I'll save the money for it, I just hope it's not too expensive. I've seen their work, it's amazing! I was keeping an eye on all of Nate's work as it popped up on his Facebook and it was all absolute shit, so sloppy! The people he was tattooing on kept saying it all, "rocked." No! Are you all blind? It's all pure shit! It's early enough to salvage this tattoo, but NOT if I let Nate Raymond continue to mangle it!

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I've been dizzy since Sunday for no reason. Thursday it was gone, that was the only day it was, but it came back with a vengeance yesterday. I had to call into work and have Don take me to the ER in Cheboygan. It wasn't just feeling dizzy, it was feeling REALLY dizzy and losing my balance and almost falling. I DID fall on Sunday, the first time it happened. I went into the dresser to reach for a shirt and it was suddenly like my whole body was being thrown to the left and I fell down on my left knee. I had to just stay that way for awhile until the room stopped spinning. But then it stopped, so I stopped thinking about it. Then the next day it was back, and Tuesday it made me sick as a dog. I worked Thursday and was fine, but I woke up yesterday with it back and it's still here. The ER drew blood and did a CT scan, all of which came back normal. The doctor said maybe it's a viral infection of the ear and that I'll just have to ride it out. He prescribed Antivert pills, which we had filled at Walmart. They don't really do anything, though. This morning I woke up really dizzy and I foolishly bent down to get Sammy's cat food and I almost fell. I missed work last night, I can't call in again, so that will be interesting. I also can't drive on these pills because they cause drowsiness, so Don has to drive to and from work for the next 2 days. Ma called today and said she has vertigo, a permanent problem. I knew that, though. But she said maybe that's what I had too, and not an ear infection. She could be right, since my ears don't hurt. Well, who knows?

That biopsy came back okay, I don't have cancer, so that's one good thing at least.

Christine keeps texting me telling me it's not safe for my to work this way and that I need to call in for the rest of the weekend. I can't though. Yeah. Brad will be there until 7:30, but what about 7:30 to midnight? I'll be all alone and I'm the only one who can be there. We don't have enough employees to cover for people. Luckily Christine was off yesterday and was willing to go in and close for me, or that wouldn't have worked, either. This is just the way life is. I'm the only one there is. There is nobody else. I'll have to have Brad do things like change garbages, which would require me to bend down. Blah!

I guess that's all for now. It's really hot today. It's supposed to be in the 90's I guess. The AC at work is the only thing to look forward to.


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